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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Who's Really Getting Drilled?

While Exxon made $8.4 billion this first quarter and the networks screamed greed, the federal government took $7 billion from Exxon at the same time plus another $7.6 billion in excise taxes.
EXXON MAKES: 8.4 Billion
U.S. GOVT MAKES: 15.1 Billion

This is just one oil company in one quarter. The idiots in Congress are pulling a con job on it's citizens. While they are grandstanding for photo-ops at gas stations and complaining about the high cost of gas, we are taking it in the ass, entirely because of their inaction.

Now China is going to set up shop off of Cuba and use slant drilling to extract the oil from areas where we aren't allowed to drill. Our entire government is comprised of fools. Our nation is comprised of gullible fools.

How To Win The Hearts Of Americans

If all goes as organizers plan, major American cities will be disrupted Monday by what's being called "The Great May 1st Boycott," or "A Day Without an Immigrant.""Millions of workers, men and women without documents will heed the call to not go to work," said Juan Jose Gutierrez, national coordinator of Latino Movement USA and one of the lead organizers of Monday's planned boycott. At first they said this was going to be a day where they (the ILLEGALS) all were to stay home, not work, and not spend any money (will this apply to WIC and food stamps as well??). This was going to show the rest of us Americans how much we need and depend on the 'skillz' of the border crashers.

So, now this will make three days of work you have missed in the last month. I'm going to have to let you go.

But, the border crashers realized that this tactic wasn't going to work. Our lives would really be unaffected if they all stayed 'home' for the day so now they have decided that they are going to 'shut down all major cities' and become disruptive.

Very interesting. They crash the border, demand rights equal to legal citizens, rewrite our national anthem, and now they threaten to disrupt our daily lives and the commute to our jobs unless we cede to their demands.
What happens next? What happens if Congress refuses to grant these gate crashers immediate amnesty? Riots? Millions of illegals taking to the streets and burning the city down?

This is nothing more than any angry mob that believes they can get what they want by intimidating and threatening the American public.
A lot of frustrated motorists commuting from their jobs will encounter stand-still traffic jams because of the demonstrators and they are going to be thinking to themselves, "If none of these illegal people were here, I could be home by now."

Friday, April 28, 2006

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Byrd Threatens Bush

In a speech on the Senate floor on Tuesday, former Ku Klux Klansman, Sen. Robert Byrd, pledged to put President Bush on trial in the Senate if the House impeaches him.
The ex-Klansman then added: "If the House impeaches you, the Senate will try you. The Senate, don't forget it, serves as a court of impeachment and has an equal say with the House on legislation."
pic courtesy of strangecosmos.com


Katie Couric 8 yrs = 160+ million in salary
Matt Lauer 8 yrs = 115+ million in salary
Exxon Chairman 8 yrs = 400 million

At least one of them worked for a living. The other 2 report on what a greedy overpaid pig he is.

Showing Up In Gas Guzzlers To Debate Gas Prices

"Since George Bush and Dick Cheney took over as president and vice president, gas prices have doubled!" charged Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), standing at an Exxon station on Capitol Hill where regular unleaded hit $3.10. "They are too cozy with the oil industry."

She then hopped in a waiting Chrysler LHS (18 mpg) -- even though her Senate office was only a block away.

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) used a Hyundai Elantra to take the one-block journey to and from the gas-station news conference. He posed in front of the fuel prices and gave them a thumbs-down. "Get tough on big oil!" he demanded of the Bush administration.

At about the same time, House Republicans were meeting in the Capitol for their weekly caucus (Topic A: gas). The House driveway was jammed with cars, many idling, including eight Chevrolet Suburbans (14 mpg).

Sen. John Sununu (R-N.H.) hopped in a GMC Yukon (14 mpg). Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) climbed aboard a Nissan Pathfinder (15). Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) stepped into an eight-cylinder Ford Explorer (14). Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) disappeared into a Lincoln Town Car (17). Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) met up with an idling Chrysler minivan (18).

Next came Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), greeted by a Ford Explorer XLT. On the Senate floor Tuesday, Menendez had complained that Bush "remains opposed to higher fuel-efficiency standards."

Also waiting: three Suburbans, a Nissan Armada V8, two Cadillacs and a Lexus. The greenest senator was Richard Lugar (R-Ind.), who was picked up by his hybrid Toyota Prius (60 mpg), at quadruple the fuel efficiency of his Indiana counterpart Evan Bayh (D), who was met by a Dodge Durango V8 (14).

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) emerged from the lunch looking for his ride when he spied The Washington Post's Shailagh Murray. Reconsidering, he set out on foot. "I need the exercise," he reasoned.

Wash. Post

I have an idea for a new bill....

Part One:Nobody is allowed to run for public office who makes more than twice what the average American makes in a year.

Part Two: The annual salary of a congressperson or senator shall not exceed 3 times what the average American makes in a year.

Part Three: Anybody who has served as a congressperson or senator may not serve as a registered lobbyist, or be employed by a lobbyist in any capacity upon retirement.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Kerry's Tire Slashers Sentenced

Tossing aside a plea agreement that called for probation, Milwaukee Circuit Court Judge Michael Brennan sentenced four Democratic Party workers today to jail for slashing the tires of 25 vans rented by Republicans to take voters to polls for the 2004 presidential election.

Calling the vandalism more than harmless hijinks, Brennan admonished the four men, including the sons of two prominent Milwaukee politicians, for disenfranchising voters. The judge said he had received letters from Milwaukee County citizens upset over the crime.

"They see you tampering with something they consider sacred and that's the ballot box," Brennan said during a two-hour sentencing this morning.

Michael Pratt, 33, and Lewis Caldwell, 29, were each sentenced to six months in jail while Lavelle Mohammad, 36, got five months and Sowande Omokunde, 26, got four months. Each was also fined $1,000. They will be eligible for work release and were allowed to surrender to begin their sentences within two weeks.

milwaukee journal

Fair And Balanced

If at first you don't succeed in getting your Bush Bashing message across, employ PHOTOSHOP! Overnight the HuffPos did a pretty bad photoshop hack job to add the FOX logo to the conference room backdrop.

This stance by the Left over Tony Snow being announced as the new WH Press Sec shows their childish hypocrisy.
Several days ago they were throwing a fit that Tony Snow, noted columnist and FOX contributor, was being considered for the slot. They howled that Bush was hiring another "YES" man to fill the ranks. Now, they have dug up quotes to show that Snow has made more than one unflattering comment regarding Bush, a move that destroys their credibility.

Good. This kind of blows a bigass hole in their theory that FOX News is a propaganda wing of the GOP. We've been hearing for years that FOX NEVER criticizes conservatives and it makes one realize that no matter who the president was to choose, there was going to be bashing from the Left.

Turns out FOX is pretty fair and balanced afterall. And the Left is still as petty and shallow as ever.

Let's take a look at how the digital brownshirt readers over at the HuffPos responded to the news:

But if Snow gets the job, his face will be covered with Bush jizz every morning

Why does Snow have to leave the Fox Network to become the White House Press Secretary? Fox News does good enough spewing the Bush propaganda just where it is.

As with all Fox News pundits, he will just deny he ever said anything.

Gee, do you think this Fox whore will change his tune when he sings for Bush?

He will pull a Lush Bimbo, and deny he ever made those statements. That or god appeared to him and revealed that Chimper is the second coming.

Snow is another Fox doucebag who thinks "Christians are under attack".

Oh great. this is one of the republican shitheads that was pounding on the doors of the Florida recount, dirupting it. (sic)

Anyone who would accept (or even seriously consider) the job as Press Secty for Bush has defined himself as having no judgement, no credibility, no self esteem, no morality, no ethics, no honor, no intelligence.

Lots of people survive cancer. Does that make them some kind of saint?

Just because he survived cancer doesn't mean he isn't a lying piece of shit. Like saying John McCain being a fucking war hero (actually thats WAR CRIMINAL) makes him qualified to be anything. In fact, that cocksucker should have had a couple of rounds put in his head at the Hanoi Hilton.

excreting bushco's toxic shit on a daily basis is hardly a wise career choice for a guy with colon cancer...

Tony Snow will be the perfect press secretary for Dumbya......one lying asshole covering for another lying asshole.

His quotes just show how far Hillbilly Hitler has gone from "traditional" conservative values.


To Tony Snow,
Hey asshole can you say impeachment?

It's pretty obvious the Left is largely comprised of ugly, mean spirited trolls. Snow hasn't even accepted the job yet, but the Left is on full tilt and showing their true colors. They are afraid of Tony.
In a big way.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Monday, April 24, 2006

Five Quick One Hitters...and then I'm good...

The media is running full speed ahead with a story about an alledged NH Republican plot to jam the lines on Election Day at five Democratic get-out-the-vote banks during the 2002 New Hampshire state elections.
"Republicans broke the law to prevent people from voting,'' said Christy Setzer, communications director for the Senate Majority Project.

If it's true they should be prosecuted. But, I don't recall a similar headline or outcry from the HuffPo or mainstream media when the following story was brought to light:

MILWAUKEE — Four out-of-state Democratic operatives testified that five of their fellow local campaign workers boasted about slashing the tires of 25 vans rented by the Republican Party in the early morning hours before the 2004 presidential election.
"I heard the group come in and they were saying, 'We got 'em! We got 'em! They won't be moving their vans in the morning. We got 'em. We slashed their tires,'" Smith, a campaign worker from Virginia, said.
Who do you think had a harder time getting to the polls that day?
court tv.com
2nd Hit - Bush Wants to Nuke The World
On April 18th, the HuffPo ran a headline stating, Bush Does Not Rule Out A Nuclear Attack To Stop Iran From Building Atomic Weapons...

The headline was yet another example of the fear tactics utilized by the left. What Bush really said is that "all options remain on the table." To the Left, this was a completely irresponsible thing to say and they claimed it signaled Bush's intent to use nukes, which was a proposterous claim.

Contrast that with comments Russ Feingold made this week:
HuffPo blogger RJ Eskow writes: "I asked Feingold about the danger of a new war starting in Iran, and his answer was measured. "We must never take any option off the table," he said, "because the danger is real.

Get it? When Bush says it, Armageddon is looming. When a democrat says it, it's a 'measured answer' and makes perfect sense. Go figure.
3rd Hit - Greedy Oil Companies
Ted Kennedy
and crew bloviated about the cost of gas this week and claim it's the result of greed from the oil companies.
Really? The oil companies make 3 cents a gallon profit. Th
e State of California makes SIXTY cents a gallon in taxes and they don't have to produce anything, tag on Federal taxes and it starts to add up to a lot.
Meanwhile, we haven't built a new refinery in this country in 28 years. We are sitting on oil
deposits that rival or surpass those of the middle east, yet the left throws up roadblocks at every turn to thwart drilling, the building of refineries, and nuclear plants. The real pigs that drive up the cost of gas are in CONGRESS, not the oil companies. Supply and demand, people. That's what it's all about and we have to depend on OTHERS to supply our demand.
And to all the idiots who claim the Iraq War is over oil, I have one question: Where is al
l this fucking oil we went over there to steal? Huh?
I will say that compensation packages of 400 million dollars to one employee are beyond fucking ridiculous.
4th Hit - Kerry Says It's Alright To Leak, As Long As It's True.
When a Kerry supporter leaks
CLASSIFIED information to the press it's whistleblowing. When conservatives do it, it's treason. John Kerry seems to think it's alright to leak classified material as long as it is the truth. Well, actually he kind of flip flops on the issue. He says it's wrong but it's alright.
"I'm glad she told the truth but she's going to obviously -- if she did it, if she did it, suffer the consequences of breaking the law,' Kerry explained to ABC THIS WEEK.

So, he's glad she d
id it, but she should suffer the consequences. She is a hero, a martyr. (humorous sidenote: she used to work for Sandy Berger, you know, Mr. Stuff-The-Classified-Docs-From-The-National-Archives-Down-Your-Pants-Berger, that guy)

Let's say an intelligence agent decided to reveal to the media our plans for the D-Day invasion duri
ng WWII, mostly because he didn't think we should be fighting Hitler, since Hitler wasn't an imminent threat to us, only our allies. Not only that, but he thinks the invasion plan is going to cost too many lives and is poorly planned.

I guess that would be alright with the Left, after all, he wasn't saying anything that wasn't true.....he's just a whistleblowing patriot.
Endangering national security is to be encouraged as long as w
hat you divulge is true. Isn't that nice to know? And before you lefties cry this bullshit of "Bush Leaked", Bush is the President, he can declassify documents. Commander In Chief, baby. He did so to counter lies from Joe Wilson, a Kerry supporter and potential Kerry cabinet member who went to the NYT with an axe to grind against Bush, with a bullshit story in hand that hurt the country. My boss can release confidential company information as he sees fit. I can't. Why can't I? Cuz, he's the boss. I work for him.
5th Hit

Al Gore once screamed about Pres. Bush, "

Funny, now Gore makes a living fearmongering on global warming. All of his tactics utilize fear, unsubstantiated junk science, exaggeration, hyperbole, and demagogy.

Who is preying on whom?

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Scandal Makers

George Bush hasn't been able to take a shit for the last 6 years without the Dems and the mainstream media trying to make a scandal of it. Even with all the help they get from the media, nothing seems to stick....There is a reason for that.

The mainsteam media and the left have worked hand in hand to bash Bush at every turn. And yet NOTHING sticks. But they really believe that if they repeat the lies often enough, people will believe them. Here are just some of the supposed 'scandals' of the Bush admin. Sadly for the left, none have proven to be true.....

1. Stole the 2000 elections - Recounts by every major media outlet prove otherwise. Had the Supreme Court decided in Gore's favor, the Dems and the media would have nothing but the highest praise for the courts decision. The media did everything they could to sway the election, announcing that Gore had won while polls in the Western U.S. were still open.

2. Bush lied about WMD - Still, no proof of that whatsoever, just accusations. Being wrong is apparently now the same as lying. When John Kerry said he didn't own any SUV's was he mistaken or lying? Our intelligence agencies may have been mistaken, or Saddam may have ferried them out of the country as several of his former generals have testified. Funny isn't it, that 6 retired U.S. generals criticize the President and it's an instant media circus, but former Iraqi generals are completely ignored by the press.

3. Niger and Yellowcake - Bush never used the words "Niger" or "Yellowcake" in the 2003 SOTU. He did say, "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quanities of uranium from Africa". British Intelligence to this day stands behind this intel report. Joe Wilson lied about how he got the assignment and lied in his report. He did this right before the election, an election in which he was an advisor and contributor to the Kerry campaign, and had been promised a high level position in the Kerry Regime. Note that not a single member of the mainsteam media has questioned Wilson's version of events.

4. Plame Gate - There is still no proof whatsoever that Bush or Cheney leaked Plames' name. No indictments pertaining to Plame. No convictions. Furthermore, Plame was not a covert op and Joey use to brag about her CIA credentials at D.C. parties.

5. Looting of the Baghdad Museum - Remember how the media crucified Bush and Rumsfeld for the looting of the Iraq Museum during the initial invasion? The media and the Dems howled for weeks only to find out that the aniquities had been safely stashed before the invasion.

6. Abu Ghraib - The actions of a few bad apples was all it took for the media and the Dems to claim that the U.S. used torture on a level equal to that of the Nazi's. No connection, no secret memo has ever shown that torture was ordered by higher-ups. Those that committed torture are being tried, convicted, and punished, as they should be. But the U.S. is not a purveyor of torture. The left knows it, the media knows it, but it wont stop them from telling the world that and inflaming more hatred against the U.S.

7. Bush AWOL - Lots of accusations, lots of forged documents just weeks before the presidential election. This one gets the Gold Medal for deceit. A major media organization makes a concerted effort to defame Bush and influence an election. Shameful. All they got was a black eye and a public that no longer trusts them. Dan Rather and his troupe of ass-clowns lost their jobs, but the president didn't.

8. Bush Visits Iraq - 2004 - Bush flies to Baghdad to join the troops for Thanksgiving. Anxious to undercut the Baghdad trip's impact with the public, liberal journalists began circulating the false story that the bird Bush had been photographed holding was a fake. This claim was endlessly retailed; John Kerry and Michael Moore repeated it, which should have been recognized as proof that it wasn't true, but so did many more respectable journalists. The media also played up the fact that Bush flew in secretly without notifying them. The Times was forced to print a retraction
"An article last Sunday about surprises in politics referred incorrectly to the turkey carried by President Bush during his unannounced visit to American troops in Baghdad over Thanksgiving. It was real, not fake."

9. Missing Weapons Cache - Shortly before the election, the media reported that the U.S. had bungled the job and allowed a huge cache of Iraqi weapons to disappear. The NYT reported, "Huge Cache of Explosives Vanished From Site in Iraq"
Except for one small thing: The story turned out to be completely bogus.

10. Stolen 2004 Elections - Ohio-Gate was the big scream from the left, yet after several investigations there is still not one shred of proof that anything out of the ordinary occurred in Ohio. In fact, Bush lost many states by smaller margins and didn't contest any of the results. The Dems are the sorest losers on the planet. The media tried hard to keep GOP voters from the polls, announcing in early exit polls that Kerry was winning in a landslide.

11. Flushed Korans - The left and the media pounced on this story about how U.S. soldiers were flushing the Koran to intimidate terrorists being held at Gitmo. Turned out to be a BOGUS story.

12. Killer Flu Virus - Remember the big flu virus right before the 2004 elections? There was a shortage of flu vaccines and their was going to be a flu pandemic. Kerry even made campaign commercials about it, claiming it was all Bush's fault. Turned out to be a non-story, no huge uptick in flu deaths that year, and no pandemic.

13. Mission Accomplished Banner - The banner was for the crew of the Lincoln which had just completed its tour of duty. It was not a banner for Bush. In fact, Bush said in his speech on the Lincoln, that while major combat operations had ended, there was much work remaining to be done regarding the recontruction, election of a new govt, and stabilizing the radical forces. To this day they are still whining about him wearing a flight suit.

14. Leaking Classified Docs To Media - Another non-scandal that hasnt' gained any traction. As Commander In Chief, as the Chief Executive, as the President of the United States, Bush has inherent priviledges that allow him to declassify information as he sees fit. It bothers the Dems and the media to no end that the President has powers that don't require approval from them.

15. NSA Wiretaps - Wiretaps to monitor calls to and from suspected terrorists. Something every president has done. Remember, it was the Kennedy's admin that was tapping MLK's phone. Yet, had there been an attack on the U.S. because we chose to ignore intelligence gathering operations, the left would be screaming bloody murder that Bush didn't do enough to stop the terrorists.

16. Katrina - Calls for Bush's head over what turned out to be the worst natural disaster in U.S. history. And it's all Bush's fault. Any honest person would admit that it would not have mattered who was in the White House, the result would have been the same. The federal govt is a clusterfuck of bureauacracy. Ignore the fact that the mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of LA were inept fools who did nothing to alleviate suffering, this was Bush's fault because Bush doesn't like black people.

17. Global Warming - It wasn't a problem until Bush got elected. Now in the last 5 years the world is coming to an end, glaciers melting, temperatures rising, more hurricanes. All because of George.

18. The Economy is in shambles - Home ownership at it's highest lever ever. Lowest unemployment rates in decades. CPI and GNP both up. Booming stock market, new jobs being created, tax cuts, and all during war time. What a failure this president is.

19. Dubai Port Deal - turns out most of our ports are ALREADY foreign owned. Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, and Reid had no problems with the Chinese taking over the Long Beach ports. But the thought of arabs owning it was a scandal. Forget the fact that these same politicians approved the sale of 60 F-16 fighters to the UAE, numerous munitions and weapons technology, AND Dubai services most of our warships in that hemisphere. The Dems were heartbroken when DP World pulled their bid, another non-scandal slipping through their fingers.
Everyday it's another manufactured scandal from the left. They think this is the way to win elections, by deceiving America. It hasn't worked so far. Why do suppose they haven't gotten the message?

Friday, April 21, 2006

Best of Hasselhoff

Check out the reviews over at Amazon.com for David Hasselhoff's CD, Best of Hasselhoff.
I pissed myself laughing.



From godhatesfags.com

Schools in the western United States can forbid a high school student from wearing a T-shirt that denigrates gay and lesbian students, a sharply divided federals appeals court in San Francisco ruled today.

In a 2-1 decision, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said that a T-shirt that proclaimed "Be Ashamed, Our School Embraced What God Has Condemned'' on the front and "Homosexuality Is Shameful'' on the back was "injurious to gay and lesbian students and interfered with their right to learn.'' The court said that the shirt can be barred on a public high school campus without violating the 1st Amendment.

I feel dirty and need to take a shower. I didn't think it possible, but the U.S. 9th Circus Court actually rendered a decision that is constitutional. What kind of sick, twisted parent allows their kid to wear a shirt to school that says 'god hates fags'?

And this is in San Francisco...they are lucky nobody pounded their pathetic asses into the ground (no pun intended).

No Rights For You


“A professor at Northern Kentucky University said she invited students in one of her classes to destroy an anti-abortion display on campus Wednesday evening.

Sally Jacobsen, a longtime professor in NKU’s literature and language department, said the display was dismantled by about nine students in one of her graduate-level classes.

“I did, outside of class during the break, invite students to express their freedom-of-speech rights to destroy the display if they wished to,” Jacobsen said.

Asked whether she participated in pulling up the crosses, the professor said, “I have no comment.”

She said she was infuriated by the display, which she saw as intimidating and a “slap in the face” to women who might be making “the agonizing and very private decision to have an abortion.’”

"Any violence perpetrated against that silly display was minor compared to how I felt when I saw it. Some of my students felt the same way, just outraged," Jacobsen said.

This is interesting to know. I can, according to the lefties, destroy anything I want if it offends me and I am merely exercising my right to free speech.

There is only one kind of speech allowed on campuses today: Liberal Speak.
Anything else will not be tolerated by the party of tolerance and diversity.

You don't like it that your neighbor has a Bush sticker on his car? Key his car, you have the right.

You don't like that Bush sign on your neighbors yard? Tear it down, how dare they put up a sign on private property that you disagree with...

You don't want all those Republican nazis voting? Slash the tires of their 'get out the vote' vans.

You don't like miltary recruiters on campus? Block access to them, threaten violence until they leave.

You don't like the conservative speakers on your campus? Shout them down or throw a pie in their face.

They are the tolerant ones? Their views are mainstream?

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Brits Turn Toilets for Muslim Prisoners

"British authorities are spending taxpayers’ money to rebuild prison toilets so Muslim inmates don’t have to face Mecca while using them.

The Islamic religion prohibits Muslims from facing or turning their backs on the Kiblah — the direction of prayer — when they use the toilet, according to the Sun newspaper in London. Muslim inmates complain that they have to sit sideways on prison toilets to comply with that prohibition."

Look, I try to be respectful of all religions but this is ridiculous. If your religion dictates which direction you must face while taking a shit...well, all I can say is WTF.


It's their best ad to date at moveOn.org, at least that's what they say. It is a 'critical' part of the 'big' plan to win in November. The ad features Republicans with 'red' hands and revolves around Abramhoff. The only problem is, when this ad airs it will surely be followed up by an embarrassing ad from the GOP that shows the Dems partaking in the exact same kind of behavior. Does anybody believe that Democrat politicians are more honest than others?

The Democrats still won't tell us what they will do to run the country more efficiently. Their 'big plan' is to crank up the attack machine, a tactic that has failed repeatedly for them since 1998.

Is there a far-right leaning website that gathers millions of dollars to churn out ads disparaging the left? If there is, can somebody please point me to it because I have never seen one.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The GOP Is Doomed In November

Here are some highlights of a great article today from Jim Geraghty at the National Review.

I don’t doubt that the GOP base is cranky and dissatisfied, and that most Democratic voters are as angry as the lovely lady the Washington Post profiled on Saturday.

I look at the Post this morning, and I read:

Anger at Bush May Hurt GOP At Polls; Turnout Could Favor Democrats

Santorum Facing Multiple Obstacles In Reelection Bid; Ties to Bush May Hurt GOP Leader

Pink Is The New Red; As President Bush's Popularity Falls, the Nation's Color Divide Adds a Few Hues

You’ll recall that in 1996, Dick Gephardt and Tom Daschle were saying, “We’re going to win back the House and Senate!” But they didn’t.

And in 1998, Dick Gephardt and Tom Daschle were saying, “We’re going to win back the House and Senate!” But they didn’t. (Credit where it’s due, they closed the margin a bit.)

And in 2000, Dick Gephardt and Tom Daschle were saying, “We’re going to win back the House and Senate!” But they didn’t, until Jeffords switched parties.

And in 2002, Dick Gephardt said, “We’re going to win back the House!” And Daschle said, “We’re going to expand our majority in the Senate!” But they didn’t.

In 2004, Pelosi and Daschle said, “We’re going to win back the House and Senate!” But they didn’t.

So I’m not really all that surprised to hear Pelosi and Reid and Schumer saying this year, “We’re going to win back the House and Senate!”

In 2002, the storyline was, “Democrats were very motivated, their base was mobilized, and they’re set for some big wins.”

In 2004, the storyline was, “Democrats were very motivated, their base was mobilized, and they’re set for some big wins.”

Are we starting to detect a pattern here?

Just Look The Other Way

I don't know where the HuffPo finds these contributing 'journalists'. Case in point, Cenk Uygur (that's gotta be a stage name), who today posts a piece titled, "Why Isn't Genocide On The Table?". It reads like it was written by a high school sophmore.
He makes his case that Iran can't possibly hurt us, that the U.S. might use nukes against Iran, that up to 3 million people could die as a result of such an attack, and that if Bush goes this route he might as well go for complete genocide. Get it? Bush is Hitler....

He opens his post with this zinger:
"President Bush says he won't take nuclear war off the table. He reserves the right to use nuclear weapons against a country that didn't attack us - and couldn't possibly build the weapons to attack us for another 5-10 years."

Bush has said no such thing. He has said that 'all options are on the table'. This is how you deal with crazy fucko nations who are building nuclear weapons, Cenk. You remind them that we already have them. It's why we have them. As for your assertion that Iran 'couldn't possibly' produce nukes for 5-10 years, is that a risk you are willing to take? Other intelligence sources say it could be next month. And the fact remains that if you are correct they will have them in 5 years. What then, Cenk?

Another quip from Cenk:
"I am given to understand that the only way to appear "strong" on national defense is to promise to wage bigger and nastier wars on our enemies (real or imagined)."

Now you are getting it, Cenk. It's called 'technology'. It's what makes us the biggest and baddest mo-fo's on the planet. Wanna mess with us? You better think twice.

Cenk writes, "We will do anything against our enemies, even if they have no capacity to harm us."

Then wouldn't be our enemies if they didn't have the capacity to harm us, Cenk. That is the definition of 'enemy'.

Cenk says, "I understand that the nuclear weapons we are contemplating using in Iran would - according to a Pentagon simulation -- kill 3 million people and spread radiation as far down as India, and contaminate up to 35 million people with cancerous nuclear fallout."

Again, we aren't contemplating the use of nukes. The example Cenk cites is the end result of a 1 megaton nuke. What do you think will happen when Iran nukes Israel? And make no mistake, if they can they will.

Cenk sarcastically suggests that if we are willing to use nukes, we should go to the next step, genocide:
"Listen, if we're going to be brutal, mass killers, we should do it right. "

Ummm....we aren't brutal, mass killers, Cenk. We never have been. It's amazing that somebody could be so blinded by their hatred for Bush that they are willing to let a rogue nation like Iran get The Bomb.
This is just another lefty propoganda piece to sow fear that Bush has his finger on the button and wants to kill dark people.

We all know what's going to happen when Iran gets The Bomb. What do we do then, when one of our allies gets nuked?
Look the other way?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hey, Joe

Just click on the banner to visit Joe
Joe is a good customer.
He stops by for coffee most everyday and partakes in our little verbal sparring sessions. He likes SouthPark so that's an automatic plus.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that most people, regardless of their political affiliation, are nice people and I would enjoy kicking back and having a beer with them. And as long we don't talk about politics, nothing should spoil our afternoon with the strippers.

He's one of 4 people that actually read my blog. The other 100 per day are all sucking at the teat of Blogmad and they are forced to visit me, heheh.

Joe and I are complete opposites when it comes to politics, but he at least has an opinion and is willing to share his thoughts (no matter how completely bizarro they may be....j/k Joe).

So here's a plug out to Joe and his blog, TYRANT. Check it out, cuz I know you lazy bastards won't go through the archives here to read all his crazy, crazy posts (again, j/k Joe). You may even be a bird of the same feather.
His interests include:
Who ISN'T into world domination? I play RISK, baby, and kick ass at it.
Okay, now the bait has been cut and the trap set.

Will Joe disagree with this post?
Will Joe dare to say he could beat me at RISK?
Will Joe's visitor counter explode from the amount of traffic this sends his way?

Stay tuned to this frequency...

Mexico Harsh To Undocumented Workers

Check out this AP wire story titled:
Mexico Harsh To Undocumented Workers

It is enlightening to say the least. Vicente Fox has some major cajones to dictate our border policy while his own is a bastion of corruption, cruelty, and thuggery.

Meanwhile on this evenings news, they report that up to 4,000 illegals per day are being stopped at the border right now. The rush is on to get here before Congress grants yet another amnesty.

Monday, April 17, 2006


Is this not the greatest show ever? This is capitalism at its best and it's awesome! I love it when they get greedy and wind up with $25.....

In Your Dreams....

Another faux headline from the intellectuals over at the HuffPo. The article doesn't read anything like the headline. In fact, the article says,

"Republican officials acknowledge Bush's problems but predict they will not translate into significant setbacks this fall. "I don't think that intensity is going to be a problem at all" in key House races, said Carl Forti, spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee."

Both parties will spend heavily on those races, he said, "so every person who's going to vote will have seen TV ads, gotten phone calls, gotten mail." That will give them ample information to base their decision on the candidates, not on their feelings toward Bush, Forti said. He noted that polls continue to show that most Americans approve of their own House member even if they dislike Congress as a whole, and that bodes well for the party in power.

"They may be upset nationally," Forti said. "But clearly that does not mean they're not going to go vote for their congressman." House elections will turn mainly on local issues and nominees, he said.

Truth. You won't find it at the HuffPo, but dreams are in full bloom there.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Fair and Balanced

Honesty. It's not the HuffPo's forte. They dutifully follow the mainstream medias lead. They fail to understand that you aren't considered a miltary leader if have RETIRED. I would at least have some inkling of respect for the story if the headline had read 'Retired Military Leaders.."

If you are the president of a corporation and you quit that job, you cease to be a leader at that company.

There are over 9,000 retired military generals and when SIX of them gripe that's headline news to the leftwing media.

Isn't it interesting that over 200 decorated swiftboat veterans were virtually ignored by the mainstream media and when they weren't being ignored they were being lambasted and ridiculed by the press.But SIX retired generals spout off and it's like Moses returning from the mountain with the stone tablets.

Friday, April 14, 2006

The Taxman

Let me tell you how it will be;
There's one for you, nineteen for me.
'Cause I’m the taxman,
Yeah, I’m the taxman.
Should five per cent appear too small,
Be thankful I don't take it all.
'Cause I’m the taxman,
Yeah, I’m the taxman.
(if you drive a car, car;) - I’ll tax the street;
(if you try to sit, sit;) - I’ll tax your seat;
(if you get too cold, cold;) - I’ll tax the heat;
(if you take a walk, walk;) - I'll tax your feet.
'Cause I’m the taxman,

Yeah, I’m the taxman.
Don't ask me what I want it for, (ah-ah, mister Wilson)
If you don't want to pay some more. (ah-ah, mister heath)
'Cause I’m the taxman,
Yeah, I’m the taxman.
Now my advice for those who die, (taxman)
Declare the pennies on your eyes. (taxman)
'Cause I’m the taxman,

Yeah, I’m the taxman.

And you're working for no one but me.

The Beatles -

at the time they wrote this song, the Beatles were paying the U.K. a whopping 95% of their earnings in taxes.

The Party of The Downtrodden

The top 5 wealthiest Senators (2004)

John Kerry, D-Massachusetts: $163,626,399

Herb Kohl, D-Wisconsin: $111,015,016

John Rockefeller, D -West Virginia: $81,648,018

Jon Corzine, D-New Jersey: $71,035,025

Dianne Feinstein, D-California: $26,377,109

Thanks to Jason over at Arktinen Jenkki

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Most Liberals Don't Know Dick - I Was Once One

Most liberals don't know jack squat. Before you get all worked up, I said most. Most of what they say is hyperbole and conspiracy theories that are so oft repeated in liberal circles that they come to believe them as true. There IS a difference between lying and being mistaken. It's just as plausible that Iraq ferried its WMD's to Syria in the lead up to the war. It's just as plausible that Saddam outwitted the intelligence agencies of the world while we had our thumbs up our asses debating Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy, and Co. It's just as plausible that all of our intelligence was wrong. It's a lot more plausible than the president lying.

But a couple moonbats start the "He Lied" chant and it builds to a high pitched shriek that won't die.
I know most liberals don't know shit.
Because I was once a liberal...
I voted for Bill Clinton twice.
I am still a registered Democrat
(I moved to Georgia where they don't ask your political party preference when you register to vote. Open primaries. So I still get ridiculous letters from the Kerry camp)

In 1980 I was selling "No Rea-Gun" and "Solar Power" t-shirts and playing guitar in Central Park. My roomies and I were pretty much your typical liberal stoners from the 70's. I didn't know ANYTHING about Ronald Reagan. Not one iota. But I knew he was evil. I knew he was going to start World War III. I knew he was an actor who wasn't very smart. And I knew he was a racist.

How did I know? Because everybody of my ilk kept saying so. And I believed it to be true. I knew nothing about the man. We couldn't Google back then.

I always voted Democrat. Because Republicans were the rich people and I wasn't rich. Because I knew they were the 'establishment'. How did I know? Because everybody around me kept saying so.

And then I voted for Clinton twice. I didn't know dick about him either. But I liked him. He played sax on MTV, admitted smoking mary jane (but was too much of a pussy to inhale?), and he just seemed different than your average stuffed-shirt politician.

And then it happened. I was visiting my parents while on vacation and the Monica scandal broke. I was furious at that lying little tramp. When Clinton gave his little "I did not have sexual relations..." speech my parents and I ate it up. (they are still kool-aid drinkers). I believed Bill. And when I found out he lied, I was like "oh well, who wouldn't lie about that" (this was before he perjured himself in court).

But it started to bother me. Then one day in 1998 I was on a business flight with one of our technical directors, Eric.
At a layover in Salt Lake City, he asks me, "so Kevin, would you describe yourself as more of a conservative or a liberal"
"Really? Cuz you seem pretty conservative..."
"How so? I enjoy a little of the chronic bud now and then, I have lots of gay friends, I'm pretty opened minded."
"You have guns though, right?"
"Yeah, I like guns. I would never give them up to anybody", I reply.
"Would you shoot a burglar?"
"In a heartbeat."

"Do you believe in the death penalty?", he asks.
"Absolutley. I think it should apply to murderers, rapists, and child molesters"

"What about illegal immigrants?", he asks.
"The death penalty? That's a bit harsh dont you think? Oh, wait, you mean what do I think about them? They shouldn't be here. They are illegal."

"What about welfare?", he asks.
"It should be temporary for emergency situations only. Kids shouldn't go hungry just because their parents are worthless bums."

"What about the Gulf War?"
"We should have gone all the way to Baghdad."

"Dude", he says, "You are so conservative it's not funny."

And thank God for the internet. The more blatant manipulation I saw by the mainstream media the more I believed my friend. I researched every political story at that time, checking multiple sources, getting both sides of any given story. And the more research I did, the more I realized I was no liberal and that liberals didn't know dick about truth. And now I was going to fight their agenda.

I am older now. I realize now that I was once a young know-it-all about nothing when it came to politics. I was young and let's be honest: if you aren't a liberal when you are young, then there is probably something wrong with you.

I was talking to my 17 yr old high school dropout nephew recently and he said, "Bush is a dumbass."
I asked, "What do you base that on?"
He replied "Everybody knows it..."

Ahhhh, memories come flooding back. My nephew, the lemming. He really is a good kid, he just has that youthful exuberance that drives us to learn lifes harsher lessons. I hope he enjoys these carefree years while he can because somedoay he will likely grow up, gain some stature in life, wake up one day and realize he is really a conservative.

I once was blind but now I see.
click to enlarge

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Your 15 Minutes Is Up

CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) -- Peace activist Cindy Sheehan returned to Texas on Wednesday for another war protest near President Bush's ranch, although he was to spend the weekend at Camp David.

The picture says it all. Full moonbat regalia. Man, she is soooo cool. Just keeping it real....in a ditch by the side of the road....

A Big Middle Finger From The Left

UC Santa Cruz police officers make sure military recruiters have room to load their van after abandoning their on-campus efforts. Chronicle photo by Frederic Larson


From the San Fran Chronicle

Four military recruiters hastily fled a job fair Tuesday morning at UC Santa Cruz after a raucous crowd of student protesters blocked an entrance to the building where the Army and National Guard had set up information tables.

Members of Students Against War, who organized the counter-recruiting protest, loudly chanted "Don't come back. Don't come back" as the recruiters left the hilltop campus, escorted by several university police officers.

"The situation had degraded to the point where there was a possibility of injury to either a student or law enforcement officer. We certainly didn't want that to happen,'' said Capt. Will Griffin, one of the Army recruiters.

These are the tactics of The Left. You don't see this kind of crap from the conservative ranks. The Left will shout you down, block your entrance, throw pies, key your car, makes asses of themselves. They don't believe that the Constitution applies to the very soldiers who protect their freedoms.

I'm simply astonished at the audacity of these protesters actions. The SUPREME COURT recently handed down a decision that says military recruiters have a right to be on campus. Potential enlistees have a fundamental right to meet with these recruiters and to join the armed services if that is their wish. Your Constitutional Rights mean NOTHING to The Left. If you don't agree with them, then you don't deserve your rights.

Take a look at the Army recruiter in this picture. This guy could break any one those limpwristed protesters into about a million worthless pieces. You can't miss the disgusted look on his face. This soldier has probably put his life on the line for his country and what does he get for it?

A big middle finger from The Left.

They think their views are mainstream....

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Race Baiting and Fox Bashing From The HuffPo

This is the front page of the integrity-deficient Huffington Post today. They get two birds with one stone: Playing the race card and bashing Fox News with a deceitful headline.

Today is April 11. This Fox News story took place on March 24 so it has taken the HuffPo 18 days to report on this blockbuster scoop.

The insinuation is that Brit Hume was describing the 'protesters' who had taken to the streets this week, when in fact he was describing the protesters from 18 days ago. Furthermore, the Race Baiting HuffPo headline insinuates that Brit was describing 'immigrants', when in fact he was referring to the angry illegal aliens who were waving Mexican flags and demanding that we convey upon them all the rights and priviledges of full-fledged American citizens.

Fox News anchor Brit Hume stated that the sight of "tens of thousands of people demonstrating, waving foreign flags, on behalf of illegal immigration and against the idea that America should enforce its own laws" was a "repellent spectacle."

I think you will find that more Americans agree with his statement than disagree. Apparently the HuffPo is supportive of illegal immigration. To even compare these border crashers to legal immigrants, who waited their turn and certainly had to deal with a lot of frustration, is a slap in the face. Their mob mentality is that we have to give them what they want....or else.
It IS repellant.

You won't find the mainstream press reporting that protesters who arrived with Mexican flags this week were told by organizers to put them away. They were then given U.S. flags and a voter registration card.
I kid you not.
The folks who have organized this assault on America are very organized. They know that Americans found the protests of last month to be repellant, so it's on to Plan B.

This kind of garbage from the HuffPo is the entire reason I write this blog. They know that what they are doing is fundamentally dishonest and that they are lying to their readers.

The truth doesn't matter to the moonbat left, they just want red meat and the HuffPo is all to happy to accomodate their twisted thought process.

Who Are You Kidding

She should know. Bill is getting a cool quarter million per speech. They both make millions from book deals.

I love it when the very rich pretend that they are just like us...

Monday, April 10, 2006

Hollyweird Idiot Of The Week

Bennifer decided to put his limited intellect on display for the world to see. He mistakenly believes that Bush's declassification and 'leak' of information to the NYT is treason. He, like many others, refuse to understand that what the president did is completely legal. That and they just dont want to believe it.

So they won't.

Furthermore, he says Bush should be hung. Hey, Ben, criminals are 'hanged', not 'hung'.

Bush didn't leak Plames name, but then again, Bennifer isnt the sharpest knife in the drawer. You want to know who leaked Plames name more than anybody? Joe Wilson. It's said he would brag about it on the D.C. party circuit. It was an 'open' secret.

Isn't it funny that when a republican leaks info it's treason, and when a democrat leaks info it's a heroic action against an unjust government.
Ben Affleck - the male version of the dumb blonde.

A Nation of Laws or Mob Rule?

Let's be honest for a moment. Exactly what are all the protesters protesting? It's really quite simple: the possibility that the U.S. might actually enforce its laws.

The protesters believe that we are a country of MOB RULE. Laws don't apply if you can get enough people into the street and garner some media attention. It's amazing that 12 million people can waltz into America, take to the streets and demand that we convey upon them all the rights and priviledges of being a legal citizen. In their opinion, a show of force trumps the law in America.

Gone were the Mexican flags for these demonstrations...protesters were urged to put them away and they were given U.S. flags. What a charade.

You are being duped.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

That Rag, Blogzilla!, Beat Me To A Story I Wanted To Do

I was just getting my daily dose of Blogzilla! (a great blog, even if he is a left wing whackjob) and today The Vellanator is ranting, rambling, and musing (hehe) about certain words and themes he is tired of seeing on other peoples Blogs. Blogzilla! has called for a Moratorium Monday whereby all bloggers in the blogosphere (hehe) will refrain from using certain words. Check it out, it's pretty funny and not a bad idea.

I've been participating in that Blogmad nonsense and after seeing a few thousand blogs I thought I would throw my 2 cents in on this one too:

1. Enough cat blogs and dog blogs. Nobody believes your pet companion is writing a blog. Putting a funny hat on a pet is something we've all seen before.
2. Weight loss blogs....does the world really need to know that you are down to 285 and would kill for a Snickers?
3. Mom Blogs...You have three unruly teens and you want to share your insightful stories. Try spending more time with them instead of 4 hrs a day on the internet.
4. Porn Blogs...Isn't there enough porn already without having to blog it?
5. Short stories you've written....Get published. Until then, add some funny pictures to go along with your musings cuz I aint reading no books on the internet.
6. Jesus Blogs...uh uh. Not even going to sit through the 30 secs to get my Blogmad credit.

I could hop in my car and drive all the way from the west coast to the east coast and never pass through a blue county. Likewise, I could start at our southern border and drive all the way to Canada without ever passing through a blue county.
You know why? Because mainstream America extends from coast to coast. The Democrats power is derived from large population centers where a high percentage of constituents are dependent on the state (welfare, etc).

One need only look at the map to see this is true.
Happy Driving.