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Monday, April 10, 2006

Hollyweird Idiot Of The Week

Bennifer decided to put his limited intellect on display for the world to see. He mistakenly believes that Bush's declassification and 'leak' of information to the NYT is treason. He, like many others, refuse to understand that what the president did is completely legal. That and they just dont want to believe it.

So they won't.

Furthermore, he says Bush should be hung. Hey, Ben, criminals are 'hanged', not 'hung'.

Bush didn't leak Plames name, but then again, Bennifer isnt the sharpest knife in the drawer. You want to know who leaked Plames name more than anybody? Joe Wilson. It's said he would brag about it on the D.C. party circuit. It was an 'open' secret.

Isn't it funny that when a republican leaks info it's treason, and when a democrat leaks info it's a heroic action against an unjust government.
Ben Affleck - the male version of the dumb blonde.


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