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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Culture Of Corruption

Our congressional leaders make me want to puke. It seems that most of them really do think that laws apply only to us little people. Democrats and Republicans should be ashamed of themselves, circling the wagons for the likes of William Jefferson, the bribe taking criminal from Louisiana.

Great article from Andrew McCarthy today titled, Who's 'Trampling' The Constitution?
Here are a couple highlights from it:

The speech-and-debate clause (Art. I, Sec. 6) is all the shield an honest public servant should ever need. It ensures that if a member of Congress is tending to legislative business—not just by speeches on the floor but through engagement in any legitimately legislative activity—that member need never fear prosecution or other legal fallout based on anything said or done. No resulting remark or action, however egregious—and no matter how quickly a similar transgression would subject a private citizen to crushing liability—can be used to threaten jail time or damages against one of the people’s representatives.

For congressional leaders, however, that is not enough. When it comes to their perks, nothing ever is.

They demand, instead, to be immunized from even being investigated. With stunning hauteur, they insist that “their” office space—space that actually belongs to the American people, and in which legislators enjoy the high privilege of serving the American people—has somehow transmogrified into their very own private felony safe harbor: An exclusive, members-only club, where evidence of bribery, fraud, obstruction, and any other violations of law and betrayals of the public trust can be hidden beyond the prying eyes of the public’s enforcement officers.

Before he could authorize the search warrant, federal district judge Thomas Hogan had to make three findings that, naturally, congressional leaders prefer to ignore. There had to be (a) probable cause that a crime had been committed, (b) probable cause that evidence of that crime was inside the office, and, significantly, (c) particularity. This last owes to the Framers’ revulsion against so-called “general warrants” and “writs of assistance” which permitted indiscriminate searches of private property. The Fourth Amendment calls for search warrants to describe specifically the premises to be searched and the items to be seized.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

WHO Lied About WMD's?

As Memorial Day approaches, 51 percent of Americans, according to a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll, think the commander in chief "deliberately misled" us about Iraq and weapons of mass destruction. "Deliberately misled"? Once again, let's go to the videotape:

Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, February 1998: "Iraq is a long way from [here], but what happens there matters a great deal here. For the risks that the leaders of a rogue state will use nuclear, chemical or biological weapons against us or our allies is the greatest security threat we face."

Clinton National Security Adviser Sandy Berger, February 1998: "He will use those weapons of mass destruction again, as he has 10 times since 1983."

Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, October 2003: "When [former President Bill] Clinton was here recently he told me was absolutely convinced, given his years in the White House and the access to privileged information which he had, that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction until the end of the Saddam regime."

French President Jacques Chirac, February 2003: "There is a problem -- the probable possession of weapons of mass destruction by an uncontrollable country, Iraq. The international community is right . . . in having decided Iraq should be disarmed."

President Bill Clinton, December 1998: "Other countries possess weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles. With Saddam, there is one big difference: He has used them, not once, but repeatedly -- unleashing chemical weapons against Iranian troops during a decade-long war, not only against soldiers, but against civilians; firing Scud missiles at the citizens of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Iran. Not only against a foreign enemy, but even against his own people, gassing Kurdish civilians in Northern Iraq. . . . I have no doubt today that, left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will use these terrible weapons again. . . . "

Clinton, July 2003: " . . . [I]t is incontestable that on the day I left office, there were unaccounted for stocks of biological and chemical weapons. We might have destroyed them in '98. We tried to, but we sure as heck didn't know it because we never got to go back there."

Gen. Wesley Clark, September 2002, testimony before the House Armed Services Committee: "There's no question that Saddam Hussein is a threat. . . . Yes, he has chemical and biological weapons. . . . He is, as far as we know, actively pursuing nuclear capabilities, though he doesn't have nuclear warheads yet. If he were to acquire nuclear weapons, I think our friends in the region would face greatly increased risks, as would we."

Vermont Gov. Howard Dean [D], September 2002: "There's no question that Saddam Hussein is a threat to the United States and to our allies."

Dean, February 2003: "I agree with President Bush -- he has said that Saddam Hussein is evil. And he is. [Hussein] is a vicious dictator and a documented deceiver. He has invaded his neighbors, used chemical arms, and failed to account for all the chemical and biological weapons he had before the Gulf War. He has murdered dissidents and refused to comply with his obligations under UN Security Council Resolutions. And he has tried to build a nuclear bomb. Anyone who believes in the importance of limiting the spread of weapons of mass killing, the value of democracy and the centrality of human rights must agree that Saddam Hussein is a menace. The world would be a better place if he were in a different place other than the seat of power in Baghdad or any other country."

Dean, March 2003: "[Iraq] is automatically an imminent threat to the countries that surround it because of the possession of these weapons."

Robert Einhorn, Clinton assistant secretary of state for nonproliferation, March 2002: "How close is the peril of Iraqi WMD? Today, or at most within a few months, Iraq could launch missile attacks with chemical or biological weapons against its neighbors (albeit attacks that would be ragged, inaccurate and limited in size). Within four or five years it could have the capability to threaten most of the Middle East and parts of Europe with missiles armed with nuclear weapons containing fissile material produced indigenously -- and to threaten U.S. territory with such weapons delivered by nonconventional means, such as commercial shipping containers. If it managed to get its hands on sufficient quantities of already produced fissile material, these threats could arrive much sooner."

Sen. Bob Graham, D-Fla., and others, in a letter to President Bush, December 2001: "There is no doubt that . . . Saddam Hussein has invigorated his weapons programs. . . . In addition, Saddam continues to redefine delivery systems and is doubtless using the cover of a licit missile program to develop longer-range missiles that will threaten the United States and our allies."

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., December 1998: "Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction technology, which is a threat to countries in the region, and he has made a mockery of the weapons inspection process."

Sen. John Rockefeller, D-W.Va., ranking minority Intelligence Committee member, October 2002: "There is unmistakable evidence that Saddam Hussein is working aggressively to develop nuclear weapons and will likely have nuclear weapons within the next five years."

Any questions?

Larry Elder is an accomplished attorney, radio personality, syndicated columnist, best-selling author and host of daytime television's The Larry Elder Show

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More Fakery

Jessie Macbeth, a Former Army Ranger and Iraq War Veteran Tells All. This 20 minute interview will change how you view the US occupation of Iraq forever. ...

So claims many moonbat sites that are hosting this video.

"She was begging me, begging me to save her and to save her kids, but, I didn't you know. I wanted to be , ah, I killed them. You know?"

Funny thing, though.....turns out this is all bullshit and Jessie is a hoax. The anti-war crowd has been in overdrive hyping this moron since he first appeared. Nobody thought to ascertain the veracity of his claims. Why bother? The agenda is to get the bad news out there as quickly as possible and worry about whether it's true or not later. According to Army spokesman John Boyce on 5/22/06:
“Initial research by the U.S. Army Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg shows no Soldier with the name of Jesse Macbeth having ever been assigned to the Special Forces or the Army Rangers — which are, in fact, two separate disciplines. This appears to be some sort of hoax. No Soldier by that name at Fort Lewis to our knowledge, in the past, either. Of course, the line about “go into the Army or go to jail” is vintage TV script not heard since the 1960s. There are also numerous wear and appearance issues with the Soldier’s uniform — a mix of foreign uniforms with the sleeves rolled up like a Marine and a badly floppy tan beret worn like a pastry chef. Of course, the allegations of war crimes are vague, as are the awards the Soldier allegedly received.”

Harry Reid and the End of Liberal Thought

The highest-ranking Democrat in America, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, described the Senate bill making English the national language of the American people as "racist." And the New York Times editorial page labeled the bill "xenophobic."

Welcome to the thoughtless world of contemporary liberalism. Beginning in the 1960s, liberalism, once the home of many deep thinkers, began to substitute feeling for thought and descended into superficiality.

One-word put-downs of opponents' ideas and motives were substituted for thoughtful rebuttal. Though liberals regard themselves as intellectual -- their views, after all, are those of nearly all university professors -- liberal thought has almost died. Instead of feeling the need to thoughtfully consider an idea, most liberal minds today work on automatic. One-word reactions to most issues are the liberal norm.

Here is a list of terms liberals apply to virtually every idea or action with which they differ:


And here is the list of one-word descriptions of what liberals are for:

The poor
The disenfranchised
The environment

Harry Reid, as noted above, supplied a classic one. Instead of grappling with the enormously significant question of how to maintain American identity and values with tens of millions of non-Americans coming into America, the Democratic leader and others on the Left simply label attempts to keep English as a unifying language as "racist."

Read Dennis Prager's full column at Townhall.com

Monday, May 22, 2006

I Doubt It Too, George

In case you didn't know, this is where hurricanes begin....see the evil swirl from the smokestack? Gore's new scare-America film lacks integrity in much the same way The Day After Tomorrow lacked it. Remember how Gore hyped the shit out of that pile of crap and claimed its scientific premise was valid? In fact, he said it could happen in a span of the next 15 years.A recent satellite study determined that world sea levels have not risen at all in the last decade.
It's called Junk Science, Al. There are just as many scientists who doubt these claims as there are scientists who embrace them.

Bush says he "doubts it" when asked if he plans to see the film. Of course, the HuffPo headline, meant to deceive, insinuates that Bush doubts global warming. Al claims that this film he is pimping is the real, honest deal. Nobody would deny that the temperature of the world has risen by 1 degree in the last century.

Guess what? It's been much much hotter than that before. And it's been a lot cooler than that before.

When I lived in Austin, Texas, I used to go to a dry creekbed behind my house and hunt for fossilized shark teeth and bones. And I found a lot of them, because there used to be an ocean there at one time. And it wasn't humans that made it disappear.

Al Gore once shouted at the top of his lungs that "This president is preying on our worst fears!!!"And what do you call what you are doing, Al?

Dems Culture of Corruption

Rep. William Jefferson, (D-Corruption), under investigation for bribery was caught on videotape accepting $100,000 in $100 bills from an FBI informant whose conversations with the lawmaker also were recorded, according to a court document released Sunday. Agents later found the cash hidden in his freezer.

Here's the good part: He told the undercover FBI agent he was going to use all the money to bribe a Nigerian vice-president. When the FBI agent called him later, Jefferson told him that all the money had been given to the bribee.
But he didn't do that. It was in his freezer.

Nancy and Harry: Looks like you have plenty of corruption of your own to worry about...

Sidenote: Expect the honorable congressman to play the race card.


Friday, May 19, 2006

Two Faced Leahy on NSA Wiretapping

In 1994 Sen. Pat "Leaky" Leahy co-wrote a law that forced telecommunications carriers to build convenient wiretap features into their networks enabling the kind of telephone records collection now at the heart of the controversy over the National Security Agency's terrorist surveillance operation.

In recent days Leahy has called the NSA's actions troubling and potentially illegal - saying they show that the Bush administration is treating Americans like terrorists.

"'The secret collection of phone call records of tens of millions of Americans?" he exclaimed after USA Today blew the lid off the program last week. "Are you telling me that tens of millions of Americans are involved with al-Qaeda?"

But according to the Rutland Herald, Leahy was singing a different tune 12 years ago, when he was pushing the Senate to pass his bill, the Communication Assistance for Law Enforcement Act [CALEA].

"I suggest to senators if anybody does want to hold [CALEA] up, I hope that at this time next year, neither they nor their constituents, nor anybody they know, is a kidnap victim or victim of a terrorist, and have somebody ask why nothing can be done, and be told because a law that had probably 99 percent support in the House and the Senate did not pass."

Analyzing CALEA in 2003, the Rutgers Computer & Technology Law Journal explained:

"CALEA requires a telecommunications provider to make 'its equipment, facilities, or services ... capable of ... enabling the government ... [without a warrant] to intercept ... all wire and electronic communications carried by the carrier.'"


Democrats. When it's their idea it's the best idea in the world. When it comes from a Republican there is much weeping and gnashing of teeth.


Harry Reid, what a tool. I for one, find it ridiculous that ballots are printed in 100 different languages. I don't like it when I use my card at the ATM and it asks me to select English or Spanish. I don't like it when I phone a business and voicemail instructs me to 'press two for espanol'. I don't like it when I see a "Now Hiring" sign that includes the words "Must speak Spanish". America is and always has been an English speaking country. Immigrants assimilate and become Americans. In France they speak French. In China they speak Chinese. Is this really so difficult to comprehend?

But leave it to the Dems to play the race card. Open borders for all, future votes for the Dems.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Moonbat Logic

First of all, the HuffPo headline is another lie. This program is not 'secret'. The U.S. is currently taking bids from contractors for border defense. Judging by the reactions of the HuffPo readers, you'd think this was a terrible thing. Can you imagine the chutzpah of this administration to actually believe that technology can be employed to stem the flow of the invasion from south of the border? It doesn't really matter what Bush does, the reaction from the Left will be less than positive.
Check out some of the postings from the moonbats at the HuffPo in response to this story:
Seriously, this might be a reasonable idea if it wasn't coming from these clowns.
(Ed. Note: This is the mantra of the left. A 'good' idea is not a 'good idea' if it comes from Bush.)

Of course he's going to have a heck of time explaining the increased cancer rates on our side of the border.

And there we have it, Bush is suddenly paing attention to the border FIVE YEARS LATER because it's a business opportunity for defense contractors.

Those planes are loaded with hispanicides.

You all may laugh, but Mr. McChimpyFlightsuit will have the last laugh as he tries to placate the snake-handling religious right, the trailer trash "american" soldiers, and the FAUX news folks, as he pretends to placate these racist jingoistic morons and attempts to reassure the secure-borders crowd.
(Ed. Note: What, no mention of SUV's or black helicopters?)

If the US was a worker oriented non-materialistic, safe place for immigrants from the south, this conversation would not even take place. Viva Fidel.
(Ed. Note: If only we were communists, things would be great, right, comrade?)

at least it sounds as if they are going to BID on this. not that it makes any difference as they all are corrupt.

...so, the chicken hawk sics the new global hawk on the illegal aliens....hmmmmm

The thugs are profiteering again.

This is border issue is now nothing more than a military testing ground, to perpetuate the monetary interests of the military industrial complex, now that Iraq will be winding down.

Do you folks realise that tight borders have been historically used rather for keeping people IN than out ?:)

That tethered whatsit only has one testicle... which is one more than any of the chickenhawk Bushpigs seem to have.

An underfunded pile of shit that ain't gonna work.

Your future, and those of your descendants, still lies in the hands of mass murderers who don't really give a flying crap if you or your family or your kids literally live or die.

Protecting America from Hector the gardener. Xenophobic bastards.

These are the voices of The Left. They want to lead the country. They really believe that their views are mainstream. Remember that this fall.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

10 Steps To Posting Like A Liberal

Yes, you too can post comments like a real liberal if you follow these simple rules:

1. Compare the administration to the Third Reich (it doesn't matter that you know nothing about WWII). Make references to Hitler, Goebbels, Mussolini, Nazi's, facism, and dictatorship.
2. Remind everbody that Republicans drive SUVs. Liberals don't.
3. Make accusations that all Republicans are racists. They don't want to protect the borders, they just don't like brown people.
4. Any tactic to fight the war on terror is a violation of humanity. Make numerous claims that the entire bill of rights no longer exists. Don't tell anybody that you didn't vote last time....
5. Remember, the election was stolen in 2000 by the Supreme Court and the the election was stolen in 2004 by Diebold.
6. Always mention Halliburton. Never mind that you are invested in Halliburton via your 401k.
7. Support and push the movie, "Loose Change". This movie clearly proves that the U.S. staged 9-11 so they could wage war on brown people overseas.
8. Make accusatory statements regarding Fox news. Always spell it "Faux News".
9. George Bush looks funny. Like a monkey. Run with it! Pretend you are in 3rd grade again.
10. When you make a ridiculous statement (see 1 through 9) and somebody calls you on it, make a stink that conservatives are trying to squelch dissent and discredit you. This is a GREAT tactic, one employed by Joe Wilson; make a false statement and if somebody from the govt tries to correct your erroneous claims, they are just trying to discredit you!

This will get you started! Follow this simple template and soon you will be posting like a true moonbat!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Helping the Enemy

This is scary Big Brother stuff to the left. I can't imagine why the government would feel the need to ferret out the traitors who are leaking highly classified top secret documents to the media, can you? The media thinks they are immune from printing classified secrets that endanger American interests.

Wanna hear something scary? I just got my phone bill and it lists every call I have made for the last month. Who I called, their phone number, what time I called, how long we talked.
Can you imagine the audacity of Verizon? They've been SPYING on me and collecting data!!! If you *69 somebody that calls you are you violating their rights?

Hey, how do you suppose the uninformed goons over at the HuffPo are responding to this completely legal move by the government?
If this is true even the most devout Bushpigs will have trouble saying it's not a gross violation of the law. Bushpigs aren't thinking human beings, they're robots made out of bullshit.

Call your senators and your congress men and women to stop this evil injustice!

Rove has studied every despot in history. This time he is borrowing from Mussolini.

Welcome to fascist America. And when they come for you, don't say we didn't warn you.

ABC should pull the plug on the President's address, just to let the White House wolves know, that ABC is off limits to being spied upon.

We must fumagate the Congress. Rid the Hill of those that will not stand for the constitution and the priciples of our fore-fathers. (SIC)


That's what the media whore media gets for being Bushist lapdance lapdog whores.

This is the most shocking example yet of Bushco's disregard for the spirit, if not the letter, of the Constitution.

Sheesh, with two terms of chimpy, our country in unrecognizable.

Fuck be to you, Bush and your motherfucking Republican party. It must burn your soul to know that whatever bullshit you're posting, the American public STILL loves President William Jefferson Clinton, and it hates the miserable cocksucker that you would call Bush.

I have to admit I loved that he used the word 'Clinton' and 'miserable cocksucker' in the same sentence! Clinton knows all about that....

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Red Meat for The Digital Brownshirts

Ask yourself: Why would the HuffPo even post this story?

Answer: Because Arianna's goons know that her readers need some red meat to get them amped up. The mere mention of anything 'christian' sends a chill through the weak spine of the libtards.

And that's why this story was posted. Arianna knows they could give a shit less about any of the Back Street Boys. But she knows the Left is Godless and that this will generate some hits from her digital brownshirts.
And it did. Remember, all the story did was report that Brian Littrell has decided to pursue Christian music.

How did the HuffPo readers respond? Predictably...
Read on:

He's either preparing himself for the Rapture or about to run for office as a republican.

Once a worthless pussy, always a worthless pussy!

The Backstreet Boys have proven that no matter how low you go, it is always possible to go lower.

Many "Christians" are very troubled people who turned to religion to help them get out of drugs, booze, crime, poverty, etc.

If I sing about Jesus to you will you send me money? Jesus needs money.

Betcha his agent talked him into this: "jesus SELLS kid, so get out there and gurgle bible dross and the bux will start rolling in again!"

probly taking it up the butt form Kirk Cameron.

BackShiiteBoys, now performing with PRUSSIAN BLUE

Get it? Christians are evil. The Left thinks that anybody who does believe in God is an idiot, a phony, a racist, a liar, a homophobe, a bible-thumper, or just out to steal money from somebody. Never mind that 87% of Americans believe in God. That should give you an indication of how mainstream they really are.

And that's why the HuffPo so prominently positioned this non-story.

HuffPo Still Lacking Integrity

What a surprise. The HuffPo isn't exactly known for its pursuit of the truth. The Fed raised the prime rate TO 5%. They didn't raise the rate 5%.
That's not going to stop the idiots at the HuffPo from reporting it their way, though.

Through The Eyes of a Libtard

Gary goes to use the copier at work and discovers that the toner cartride hasn't been replaced.
"Our CEO in Chicago should resign, this is incompetence.", he mutters.

Gary knows that Mikey G. is cheating on his expense reports.
"Our CEO in Chicago should resign. This is a culture of corruption", he whines.

Gary finds out that the V.P. he reports to has been monitoring his internet usage and reading some emails.
"This is spying and it violates my rights! Our CEO in Chicago should resign", he moans.

Gary discovers that somebody spilled their coffee and didn't clean it up.
"This CEO doesn't care! He should resign."

Gary calls in sick the next day so he can go see "Loose Change".

Things Sure Do Suck

Man, things sure do suck in America.
That is, if you are listening to the libtards.
The stock market is about to smash all previous records.
Home ownership at an all time high.
Unemployment at its lowest rate in DECADES.
GNP is UP, UP, and AWAY.
Largest one month receipt of tax revenue on the nations history.
Five and half million new jobs.
Gas prices going back down...

And all of this while we are fighting a war and recovering from the worst natural disaster in U.S. history.
Man, somebody better impeach that man.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Nice Parenting Skillz

"In the fall of 2004, we enrolled our son in kindergarten...To counteract any God-and-country indoctrination he received in school, we began our own informal in-home instruction about Bush, Iraq and Washington over the evening news....In simple language, I told my son that our President had started a war with a country called Iraq. I said that we were bombing cities and destroying buildings. And I explained that families just like ours now had no money or food because their parents didn’t have offices to go to anymore or bosses to pay them. ‘America did this?’ my son asked, incredulous. ‘Yes, America,’ I answered. He paused, a long silent pause, then burst out: ‘But Mommy, I love America! I want to hug America!’"
— Former Time reporter Nina Burleigh fretting over the "patriot-ization" of her young son on Salon.com, April 17.

Man, some of these moonbats are pretty twisted. What kind of fucked up parent does this to their kid? I was a child in the 60's and my mom never once mentioned the Vietnam War or nuclear holocaust. You know why? Because we were small children and back then adults didn't believe in burdening innocent minds with the ugliness of the world. Fortunately, her child is more enlightened then she will ever be. Unfortunately, she will take that away from him too.
Hard to believe that Nina used to work for Time.


Ummmm....it must have taken a group of rocket scientists to arrive at this startling conclusion. Just guessing here, but I'd wager that a Katrina-size hurricane is gonna be a problem no matter where it happens. I wonder how much this study cost and which pork-laden bill it was earmarked to.
That's all I wanted to say...you may return to your cubicles...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Fox News Most Trusted News Source In U.S.

The Fox News Channel is the most trusted news source in America, according to a new poll released by the BBC and Reuters that surveyed 10,000 news consumers around the world.

Asked which news source they most trusted, 11 percent of Americans named Fox News - more than any other news source in the U.S.

Fox News led the broadcast networks by substantial margins, with ABC coming in at 4 percent, NBC - 4 percent and CBS - 3 percent.


Pelosi Claims 'Culture of Corruption' From GOP

Chief Democrat On House Ethics Panel Faces Corruption Charges
The Democratic co-chairman of the House Ethics Committee, Congressman Alan B. Mollohan-D, stepped down from his position April 22 after two weeks of attacks by the press and congressional Republicans over the apparent link between appropriations which he steered to five non-profit groups in his congressional district and the sudden growth of his personal real estate fortune.

Democrat Official Charged with Public Corruption

The chairman of the Democratic Party organization in Rockland County was charged today with public corruption after prosecutors said he had enriched himself by almost $375,000 through a series of real estate transactions tainted by fraud, bribery and extortion.

Paul W. Adler, the party chairman, was one of the county's earlier and most ardent supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton in her race for the United States Senate. Rockland is expected to be an important swing region in the contest.


Louisiana Democrat Faces Conspiracy and Bribery Charges
Washington, DC –Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has prepared an ethics complaint against Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) regarding his role in a conspiracy and bribery scheme as well as for misusing federal resources in the wake of hurricane Katrina. Last fall, CREW named Mr. Jefferson as one of the 13 most corrupt Members of Congress.

McKinney Staffers Subpoenaed

The Associated Press reports that more House aides have been subpoenaed to testify in the grand jury investigation in the incident where Rep. Cynthia McKinney assaulted a Capitol Police officer.

Democrat Lawmakers Husband Sentenced To Jail
The husband of an Illinois congresswoman was sentenced Wednesday to five months in federal prison for a check-kiting scheme and failing to pay withholding taxes.

Robert Creamer, 58, also faces 11 months of house arrest once he finishes his sentence. His wife, U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., has not been accused of any wrongdoing.

Democrat Loses Appeal In Illegal Taping Scheme
WASHINGTON (AP) - A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that Rep. Jim McDermott violated federal law by turning over an illegally taped telephone call to reporters nearly a decade ago.

In a 2-1 opinion, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia upheld a lower court ruling that McDermott violated the rights of House Majority Leader John Boehner, who was heard on the 1996 call involving former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

The lower court had ordered McDermott to pay Boehner more than $700,000 for leaking the taped conversation. The figure includes $60,000 in damages and at least $600,000 in legal costs.

McDermott, D-Wash., leaked to The New York Times and other news organizations a tape of a 1996 cell phone call The call included discussion by Gingrich, R-Ga., and other House GOP leaders about a House ethics committee investigation of Gingrich. Boehner, R-Ohio, was a Gingrich lieutenant at the time and is now House majority leader.

Looks to me like the Democrats have plenty of corruption in their own house that needs cleaning....


Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dems Oppose ID To Vote

"National and state Democrats are planning to appeal a federal court ruling upholding Indiana's new law requiring a photo ID to vote.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean told The Associated Press that the law will keep some people from voting. But supporters of the new law, including Indiana Republican Party Chairman Murray Clark, say the state's voter identification law will help secure elections in Indiana."

This is pretty interesting. It's always democrats that oppose legislation requiring a voter to show an I.D. They count on voter fraud to spike their numbers. You have to show an ID to rent a hotel room, buy cigarettes, buy booze, enter a nightclub, rent a DVD, write a check, use a credit card....

But the Dems scream bloody murder at the thought of verifying that somebody who is voting is actually who they say they are. A state ID costs less than $5. If somebody is so irresponsible that they can't go through the steps to secure a valid ID then maybe they shouldn't be voting. Why are Dems so insistent on making sure that felons and illegals get the right to vote? Isn't it obvious?

Friday, May 05, 2006

I Told You Wilson Was A Fraud

Lewis Libby defense lawyer Theodore Wells told a federal judge a short time ago that the Libby defense team has located “five witnesses who will say under oath that Mr. [Joseph] Wilson told them his wife worked for the CIA.”
ABC News

Just last week, Howard Dean had pronounced Rove guilty of this crime. "There's no question that Rove was the one that leaked the information about the CIA agent's name," said Dean the Scream.

And I've been saying it's common knowledge in D.C. circles that Wilson used to brag (after a few stiff drinks) at parties about his wife being in the CIA...

Valerie Plame, the former CIA operative whose unmasking led to a federal investigation and the indictment of a top vice presidential aide, has agreed to a book deal with the Crown Publishing Group.

I knew dollar signs were involved somewhere.....in this case, 2.5 MILLION of them.

Fox Scores

The 'data' was done by 2 economists. That seems pretty valid and newsworthy, right? Of course Fox News influenced peoples opinions. Just as ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, and CNN have been doing for decades.

The difference is that Fox News actually presents both sides of the story, something the old media networks never did. I rarely see discussions on Fox that don't represent both sides of the story. Thats why you always see democrat strategists debating Fox news correspondents.

In the old days, a story like the one involving the esteemed Patrick Kennedy would have been swept under the rug.

Remember the swift boat vets? Dan Rather and CBS simply ignored the story, refusing to even report on it until the uproar eventually forced them to mention it in a biased way.

If this had been 1980, Dan Rather's attempt to influence a presidential election with forged documents just days before the election would have succeeded. Nobody would have sorted it out until after the election. Thanks to the internet and news sources like FOX NEWS we get to hear both sides of a story and this sort of criminal behavior is countered. Isn't that what news is supposed to do, report both sides and let the viewers decide?

It really disturbs The Left that the old glory days are over. I love it when the Left cries how unfair Fox is, yet they claim to never watch it, so how would they know?

Because thats what they 'hear'.

Its Great To Be A Drunken Kennedy

First he said, "Following the last series of votes on Wednesday evening, I returned to my home on Capitol Hill and took the prescribed amount of Phenergan and Ambien, which was also prescribed by the Attending Physician some time ago and I occasionally take to fall asleep. Some time around 2:45am, I drove the few blocks to the Capitol Complex believing I needed to vote. Apparently, I was disoriented from the medication. At that time, I was involved in a one-car incident in which my car hit the security barrier at the corner of 1st and C St., SE. At no time before the incident did I consume any alcohol."

Now he is saying,
"I simply do not remember getting out of bed, being pulled over by the police, or being cited for three driving infractions," Kennedy said. "That's not how I want to live my life. And that's not how I want to represent the people of Rhode Island."

This is simply laughable. Oh, did I mention that the hostess at the Hawk and Dove bar says Kennedy was drinking before the accident?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Booze, Cars, and Coverups - The Kennedy Tradition Lives On

If you or I were involved in a drunken driving incident, I seriously doubt the police would drive us home as they did for Rep. Kennedy....

Thu May 04 2006 17:12:05 ET

Police labor union officials asked acting Chief Christopher McGaffin this afternoon to allow a Capitol Police officer to complete his investigation into an early-morning car crash involving Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.), son of Sen. Ted Kennedy.

ROLL CALL reports: According to a letter sent by Officer Greg Baird, acting chairman of the USCP FOP, the wreck took place at approximately 2:45 a.m. Thursday when Kennedy's car, operating with its running lights turned off, narrowly missed colliding with a Capitol Police cruiser and smashed into a security barricade at First and C streets Southeast.

“The driver exited the vehicle and he was observed to be staggering,” Baird’s letter states. Officers approached the driver, who “declared to them he was a Congressman and was late to a vote. The House had adjourned nearly three hours before this incident. It was Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy from Rhode Island.”

Baird wrote that Capitol Police Patrol Division units, who are trained in driving under the influence cases, were not allowed to perform basic field sobriety tests on the Congressman. Instead, two sergeants, who also responded to the accident, proceeded to confer with the Capitol Police watch commander on duty and then “ordered all of the Patrol Division Units to leave the scene and that they were taking over.”

A source tells the DRUDGE REPORT: "It was apparent that the driver was intoxicated (stumbling) and claimed he was in a hurry to make a vote.

"When it became apparent who it was, instead of processing a normal DWI, the watch commander had the Patrol units clear the scene. The commander allowed other building officials drive Kennedy home."

This morning's incident comes just over two weeks after Kennedy was involved in a car accident in Rhode Island.



Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Life With No Parole

"America, you lost. ... I won."

I hope he gets the chance to mingle with the general prison population.
Allah Akbar, you piece of shit.

Cutting Out the Profit

In a recent poll, 8 out of 10 Americans say Bush isn't doing enough to contain gas prices. That means an unbelievable 80% believe the president actually has the ability to control the price of gas.

But he doesn't. You see, we are a free enterprise capitalist society. That means supply and demand dictates the price of goods.

But for the sake of argument, let's ignore the laws of economics and assume that the government mandates that oil companies are not allowed to be profitable. How much would you save at the pump if the greedy oil pigs were to make NOTHING?

Well, they make on average about 8 to 9 cents per gallon (meanwhile the govt imposes 45-60 cents tax per gallon) so what would your savings be when you fill up the car?

With Greedy Oil Pig Prices: 20 gallons * 2.75 = $55.00
With Zero Profit : 20 gallons * 2.66 = $53.20

Yea, Big Oil is really profiteering, aren't they? Nancy Pelosi recently called them 'robber barons'.
Congress and the taxes they impose are the real robber barons.

The cost to build a new refinery? About 3 billion dollars. The problem is, we arent' allowed to build them. We aren't allowed to drill in the Arctic, Florida, Gulf Coast, California, Colorado, and many other places. We sit atop some of the richest oil reserves in the world and remain completely dependent on the Mideast.

Howard Dean - Different Standards For Terrorists

"There's no question that Rove was the one that leaked the information about the CIA agent's name," Dean told MSNBC's Nora O'Donnell on Friday.

Isn't that interesting? I wasn't aware that Rove had been charged with anything, let alone found guilty of anything.
But, Howard Dean has different standards of justice when it comes to Osama.

"I still have this old-fashioned notion that even with people like Osama, who is very likely to be found guilty, we should do our best not to, in positions of executive power, not to prejudge jury trials," he told the Concord Monitor in Dec. 2003.

Hey, those terrorists have rights you know! Those same rights need not be extended to conservatives.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Why We Have High Gas Prices

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Great American Turnoff

By Debra Saunders

I am one American who will be moved in the direction not intended by sponsors of the May 1 National Day Without Immigrants Great American Boycott demonstrations.

When supporters of illegal immigration threaten to boycott all stores, it makes me feel like shopping. When I see TV reporters interview demonstrators, who announce that they are undocumented, I can only surmise that illegal immigrants have nothing to fear from immigration authorities.

When demonstrators say that Americans should welcome them because they are willing to work at low wages, I notice that they have depressed wages for other low-skilled workers and made it harder for less-educated Americans to earn a living wage. I salute anyone who wants to work hard, but I cannot feel good about the fact that they do so by dragging down other people's ability to earn a decent living.

When I read Mexican American Political Association flyers for the May 1 event that demand "immediate legalization without conditions," that tells me activists don't want the earned citizenship in the Senate Judiciary Committee immigration bill, because it requires would-be citizens to learn English, attend civics classes, pay a fine and back taxes, and pass a criminal background check.

When I read, "no escuela" (no school) on MAPA flyers, and that the Los Angeles Times reported that in Southern California some 40,000 students may have skipped school to join in past protests, I think of the 18 percent of Latino high school seniors who have not yet passed the state exit exam.

When I read, "no trabajo" (no work), I see activists who are ready to stick it to their most potent lobby, American employers, which makes them ingrates.

Then, when MAPA President Nativo Lopez calls for "no employer sanctions and no guest-worker programs," that tells me he wants no laws whatsoever governing who can come to and work in America.

When the California Senate passes a resolution in favor of the May 1 boycotts, and doesn't even bother to tell children to go to school, I am grateful for term limits and yearn for reapportionment.

When Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa go public to bemoan stupid racist threats and letters they have received, I know I can match them epithet for epithet, except I wouldn't give the nut jobs who send such missives the satisfaction.

When organizers in Mexico call for a "Nothing Gringo" boycott of American goods on May 1, I know that racism visits all sides of this debate.

The bottom line is that while these demonstrations, I am told, are supposed to make me feel better about illegal immigrants, I feel angry when I see thousands of people who knowingly break American law, yet somehow feel entitled to do so and outraged that they have not been sufficiently rewarded for it.

And I'm someone who wants to find a compromise that accommodates working families that have put down roots in California.

Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Calif., represents a district that includes suburbanites angry about the lack of enforcement, as well as agricultural interests desperate for guest workers. As he sees it, the recent protests, especially marches that featured the Mexican flag, "really did harden up people's positions. It really politicized the whole issue. It took away any hope we have of having a workable policy."

Now: "I don't think that there's a political solution that makes sense from a policy standpoint that can possibly come out of this."

Even Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer has told demonstrators that while she supports their right to boycott, the demonstrators have made their point, and now it's time to cool it.

I can only say that when I read, "no trabajo" and "no escuela" and "no compra" (no shopping) and "no venta" (no selling), my response is: "No mas." No more.