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Monday, April 17, 2006

In Your Dreams....

Another faux headline from the intellectuals over at the HuffPo. The article doesn't read anything like the headline. In fact, the article says,

"Republican officials acknowledge Bush's problems but predict they will not translate into significant setbacks this fall. "I don't think that intensity is going to be a problem at all" in key House races, said Carl Forti, spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee."

Both parties will spend heavily on those races, he said, "so every person who's going to vote will have seen TV ads, gotten phone calls, gotten mail." That will give them ample information to base their decision on the candidates, not on their feelings toward Bush, Forti said. He noted that polls continue to show that most Americans approve of their own House member even if they dislike Congress as a whole, and that bodes well for the party in power.

"They may be upset nationally," Forti said. "But clearly that does not mean they're not going to go vote for their congressman." House elections will turn mainly on local issues and nominees, he said.

Truth. You won't find it at the HuffPo, but dreams are in full bloom there.


Blogger joe said...

You really just didnt read the Washington Post Article did you?

Allow me to quote the very first line:

"Intense and widespread opposition to President Bush is likely to be a sharp spur driving voters to the polls in this fall's midterm elections, according to strategists in both parties, a phenomenon that could give Democrats a turnout advantage over Republicans for the first time in recent years."

Yep that huffpo, always misleading the "intellectuals". Thankfully we have folks like you to point out their dishonesty.

8:14 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

LOL. Look at the map, Joe. Its all blue. The want people to believe that the entire country has intense opposition to the president. Not true at all. Even I would respond 'not doing a great job' if asked in a poll right now.

That doesnt mean I'm not glad he's in there instead of Kerry. And it doesnt mean I will vote democrat because of it. Neither will the others. Expect another chorus of the 'rigged diebold machines' when the dems get trounced once again this fall.

8:30 PM  
Blogger joe said...

My point is simply that you were wrong, the article not only reads that way, it reads Exactly that way.

What their intentions might be has nothing to do with what I said, nor does it look the way you portrayed it. The headline however, is completely accurate in accordance with the story.

You are correct that it doesnt mean everyone will vote democrat, nor did they say that. That's Your spin.

Historically, the "values voters" dont vote democrat, if they disagree with the Republicans they just dont vote. Which will in effect mean the same thing.

As for the election fraud which absolutely happens, and did happen right here in North Carolina, we are voting on paper ballots this year precisely becuase of the documented cases of diebold machines dumping democratic votes and over-reporting republican votes. We are cleaning up our back yard. Ohio is also working on cleaning up theirs, Florida's failing Senate race by Katherine Harris (who gave the electoral votes to Bush in 2000) is a good example of the backlash against such electoral and voting irregularities.

Just becuase you didnt see it doesnt mean it isnt happening. Every voter in NC has to deal with it this year, and yes, many of us are quite upset that our predominently democratic county overwhelmingly voted for republicans. So overwhelmingly that there were more republican votes than actual registered republicans. Maybe that doesnt look like election fraud to you, but it looks awful suspicious to me.

One thing that personally disturbs me, is that the Democrat and Republican run electoral boards disenfranchised every single Libertarian in this state by removing us as a valid party, which not only means that we dont get to vote for Libertarian candidates, but nobody in NC gets to vote for anyone not democrat or republican.

Our Demnocratic primaries are rapidly approaching, do you think I'll be able to vote in them as an independant? what about the republican primaries? Something tells me that just like last time, I'll be turned away at the polls for not being a Dem or Repub. That is voter disenfranchisement at its most obvious. It is fraudulent in the sense that I'm being denied my voice in the electoral process.

Sure I could change my registration to read Democrat or Republican, but neither represents me, so why would I do that? Wieghting either side will only propagate this type of disenfranchisement.

9:37 PM  
Blogger Jason Ward said...

hey joe,

I live in NC and if there is anyone perpetrating fraud in North Carolina, then it is certainly Easly, Black and gang.

I'm not a registered Republican, but I do vote for some. Now if you want to see about voting over registered numbers take a look at Chicago, Philly, etc.

The Democrats are all about fraud. In 2000, I went to a Dem meeting in NJ, and rather than focusing on Gore's positions, the entire 'strategy' session was how to supress the Bush campaign (ie. pull up signs, pull down literature, distribute outright deceitful material).

I walked out and I will never support the Democrats like that again. I will vote for some now and then, but your are supporting a sinking ship.

Think about it... The Dems are so exciting because Bush has made some mistakes. That is their only strategy - to bring down the other guy and the Democrats have a long history of doing nothing once they do get power again.

Ideas. Ideas. Ideas. Bush may have some crazy ones, but at least he has a position. Trying to put democracy in the Middle East isn't teh worst idea anyone has ever had, but you leftists act like the 'sky is falling'. Hey Joe, how can army engineers manage to build abridge in the middle of Baghdad during a civil war? Ass

4:01 AM  
Blogger joe said...

I'm not sure where you get the idea I am supporting democrats. I do support people I agree with, just like you do, and so far as voting is concerned I've probably voted for more republicans than democrats with the exception of our city council vote last year, but that's because I didnt like any of the republicans running, and they were almost all incumbant, so I already knew I didnt agree with almost any of their past decisions. We also got rid of the incumbent democrats, Though one is now mayor, a black woman whom I've seen in action working for both equality and honesty in government, It's probabnly too early to tell if that was a good descision, but I've not seen much to disagree with her about just yet.

Our State government and representatives in Washington are pathetic, we need to lose everyone now in office, Easley, Black, Taylor, Burr, Dole... every one has got to go. We need to show them we wont stand for this kind of corruption and constant money talks bullsh*t.

The only reason I mentioned that I live in a predominantly democratic county is the disparity in votes, not becuase I am a democrat. It was just a point of fact, not an endorsement.

How exactly am I acting like the sky is falling? Is it becuase I point out the crap that's going on? Do YOU agree with everything this administration has brought us? I hope not. Bringing Democracy to another country may not be the worst idea anyone has ever had, but you simply cannot impose democracy at the end of a gun, and I dont think democracy is that great an idea anyway, Had we tried to set up something like we have, a democratic republic, with all the attendant checks and balances, I might be a little more behind it. But we didnt and we arent, and that's becuase the folks now in power do think we are a democracy, a democracy of the rich and powerful, where only they have a say in what goes on. Believe me I wish that werent the case.

I dont like George W, but not only did I like Bush Senoir, I respected him as an intelligent man. Even if I often disagreed with his politics. For that matter, I respect Jeb Bush for his intelligence, though some of the things he does are absolutely nuts, like his endorsement of the shoot first ask questions later law, which makes it legal for someone with a gun permit to shoot anyone he thinks might be threatening him, which seems insane considering it wasnt that long ago florida passed the road rage laws.

You keep saying things about civil war and how can they do this and that and the other, but how many times did our troops build bridges in Southeast Asia during their cilvil war? I think there was even a movie about that. To say our military is incapable of building a bridge in a warlike situation is a huge disservice to those troops that have been doing exactly that since we founded the army corp of engineers. You might want to check up on that before you actually join the AF.

I'm sorry these posts are so long, but I am at a loss as how to shorten them and still touch on the points I wish to make. Maybe i need to take some journalism courses.

One last point: I may be an ass, but at least I know what I'm talking about. As soon as a democrat has the power to do something stupid you may be sure I will be ripping on them as well. We need more choices, this republican democrat thing obviously has you fooled, and you seem like a generally smart kid. Once you actually see some of the world and how other people live their lives maybe you'll understand the limits this 2 party system has placed on our once great country. I can only hope.

5:34 PM  
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