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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fair And Balanced

If at first you don't succeed in getting your Bush Bashing message across, employ PHOTOSHOP! Overnight the HuffPos did a pretty bad photoshop hack job to add the FOX logo to the conference room backdrop.

This stance by the Left over Tony Snow being announced as the new WH Press Sec shows their childish hypocrisy.
Several days ago they were throwing a fit that Tony Snow, noted columnist and FOX contributor, was being considered for the slot. They howled that Bush was hiring another "YES" man to fill the ranks. Now, they have dug up quotes to show that Snow has made more than one unflattering comment regarding Bush, a move that destroys their credibility.

Good. This kind of blows a bigass hole in their theory that FOX News is a propaganda wing of the GOP. We've been hearing for years that FOX NEVER criticizes conservatives and it makes one realize that no matter who the president was to choose, there was going to be bashing from the Left.

Turns out FOX is pretty fair and balanced afterall. And the Left is still as petty and shallow as ever.

Let's take a look at how the digital brownshirt readers over at the HuffPos responded to the news:

But if Snow gets the job, his face will be covered with Bush jizz every morning

Why does Snow have to leave the Fox Network to become the White House Press Secretary? Fox News does good enough spewing the Bush propaganda just where it is.

As with all Fox News pundits, he will just deny he ever said anything.

Gee, do you think this Fox whore will change his tune when he sings for Bush?

He will pull a Lush Bimbo, and deny he ever made those statements. That or god appeared to him and revealed that Chimper is the second coming.

Snow is another Fox doucebag who thinks "Christians are under attack".

Oh great. this is one of the republican shitheads that was pounding on the doors of the Florida recount, dirupting it. (sic)

Anyone who would accept (or even seriously consider) the job as Press Secty for Bush has defined himself as having no judgement, no credibility, no self esteem, no morality, no ethics, no honor, no intelligence.

Lots of people survive cancer. Does that make them some kind of saint?

Just because he survived cancer doesn't mean he isn't a lying piece of shit. Like saying John McCain being a fucking war hero (actually thats WAR CRIMINAL) makes him qualified to be anything. In fact, that cocksucker should have had a couple of rounds put in his head at the Hanoi Hilton.

excreting bushco's toxic shit on a daily basis is hardly a wise career choice for a guy with colon cancer...

Tony Snow will be the perfect press secretary for Dumbya......one lying asshole covering for another lying asshole.

His quotes just show how far Hillbilly Hitler has gone from "traditional" conservative values.


To Tony Snow,
Hey asshole can you say impeachment?

It's pretty obvious the Left is largely comprised of ugly, mean spirited trolls. Snow hasn't even accepted the job yet, but the Left is on full tilt and showing their true colors. They are afraid of Tony.
In a big way.


Blogger Aurelius said...

I feel for you, brother. You must get up every morning, read the Huffington Post, and then get all mad and gnaw your teeth.

I'm sure I could go to 'Little Green Footballs' or a site like that and find a vulgar comment to match up with each of yours.

The fact that Mr. Snow and FOX have criticized conservatives does not disqualify them as 'propaganda'. (Although this word is overused these days.) Bias is more subtle than that.

Wern't 'brownshirts' the thugs of the nazi party? Fascism is all about strong ties between government and industry, religion and a fanatical loyalty to leadership - that's the right wing.

11:37 AM  
Blogger Jason Ward said...

I feel for you, fellow moonbat. Seems that you get up every morning, read the Huffington Compost, and get all mad before your granola breakfast.

I'm sure anyone could go to 'Atheist Seeker' and find plenty of vulgar comments, no need to look further.

The fact that aurelius named an article 'why Democrats suck' does not disqualify his obvious parinoid leftist tendencies. Idiocy is not subtle at all.

Aren't leftist always using sensational 'Third Reich' terms to deamonize thei opponents. Leftism is all about strong ties between government, industry (state-owned) and a fanatical loyality to the idea of collectivism - that's the left wing...

8:13 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

lmao, Jason.

8:53 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

I've heard of gnashing ones teeth, but never 'gnawing' ones teeth. I'm not so old that I have dentures to take out and gnaw on. I still have them all so I just gnash like everbody else.

5:12 PM  

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