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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hey, Joe

Just click on the banner to visit Joe
Joe is a good customer.
He stops by for coffee most everyday and partakes in our little verbal sparring sessions. He likes SouthPark so that's an automatic plus.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that most people, regardless of their political affiliation, are nice people and I would enjoy kicking back and having a beer with them. And as long we don't talk about politics, nothing should spoil our afternoon with the strippers.

He's one of 4 people that actually read my blog. The other 100 per day are all sucking at the teat of Blogmad and they are forced to visit me, heheh.

Joe and I are complete opposites when it comes to politics, but he at least has an opinion and is willing to share his thoughts (no matter how completely bizarro they may be....j/k Joe).

So here's a plug out to Joe and his blog, TYRANT. Check it out, cuz I know you lazy bastards won't go through the archives here to read all his crazy, crazy posts (again, j/k Joe). You may even be a bird of the same feather.
His interests include:
Who ISN'T into world domination? I play RISK, baby, and kick ass at it.
Okay, now the bait has been cut and the trap set.

Will Joe disagree with this post?
Will Joe dare to say he could beat me at RISK?
Will Joe's visitor counter explode from the amount of traffic this sends his way?

Stay tuned to this frequency...


Blogger mwgrl5 said...

Risk rocks! I also love Civilization which is just a more complex drawn out conquering of the world. There is also the game Populus that lands somewhere inbetween the two. Either way, I love Risk too!

6:57 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

I LOVE Civilization. Also love Age of Empires.

7:43 PM  
Blogger joe said...

First off, thanks for the ad, lol, now I feel obligated to return the favor... as for hit counter's I dont have one. I dont really care how many people read so long as somebody answers now and again. I kind of preffer the forum format, but I've not seen many good forums since blogs really took off, so you go where the action is.

I'm not much of a gamer myself, though it seems everyone I know is. I do generally try a new game if it looks interesting but I rarely play anything more than a day before I just delete it. (with the exception of solitaire, which I play any time I'm watching tv.)

I'd really just rather babble on about just about anything with just about anybody. It's probably just becuase I work alone, even contact with most of my customers is generally only once or twice a week.

If I didnt have some good freinds I can see 2 or 3 times a week I'd probably go even crazier than I already am. lol, if you think some of the things I say here are crazy you should see me in person.

12:19 PM  

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