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Monday, April 24, 2006

Five Quick One Hitters...and then I'm good...

The media is running full speed ahead with a story about an alledged NH Republican plot to jam the lines on Election Day at five Democratic get-out-the-vote banks during the 2002 New Hampshire state elections.
"Republicans broke the law to prevent people from voting,'' said Christy Setzer, communications director for the Senate Majority Project.

If it's true they should be prosecuted. But, I don't recall a similar headline or outcry from the HuffPo or mainstream media when the following story was brought to light:

MILWAUKEE — Four out-of-state Democratic operatives testified that five of their fellow local campaign workers boasted about slashing the tires of 25 vans rented by the Republican Party in the early morning hours before the 2004 presidential election.
"I heard the group come in and they were saying, 'We got 'em! We got 'em! They won't be moving their vans in the morning. We got 'em. We slashed their tires,'" Smith, a campaign worker from Virginia, said.
Who do you think had a harder time getting to the polls that day?
court tv.com
2nd Hit - Bush Wants to Nuke The World
On April 18th, the HuffPo ran a headline stating, Bush Does Not Rule Out A Nuclear Attack To Stop Iran From Building Atomic Weapons...

The headline was yet another example of the fear tactics utilized by the left. What Bush really said is that "all options remain on the table." To the Left, this was a completely irresponsible thing to say and they claimed it signaled Bush's intent to use nukes, which was a proposterous claim.

Contrast that with comments Russ Feingold made this week:
HuffPo blogger RJ Eskow writes: "I asked Feingold about the danger of a new war starting in Iran, and his answer was measured. "We must never take any option off the table," he said, "because the danger is real.

Get it? When Bush says it, Armageddon is looming. When a democrat says it, it's a 'measured answer' and makes perfect sense. Go figure.
3rd Hit - Greedy Oil Companies
Ted Kennedy
and crew bloviated about the cost of gas this week and claim it's the result of greed from the oil companies.
Really? The oil companies make 3 cents a gallon profit. Th
e State of California makes SIXTY cents a gallon in taxes and they don't have to produce anything, tag on Federal taxes and it starts to add up to a lot.
Meanwhile, we haven't built a new refinery in this country in 28 years. We are sitting on oil
deposits that rival or surpass those of the middle east, yet the left throws up roadblocks at every turn to thwart drilling, the building of refineries, and nuclear plants. The real pigs that drive up the cost of gas are in CONGRESS, not the oil companies. Supply and demand, people. That's what it's all about and we have to depend on OTHERS to supply our demand.
And to all the idiots who claim the Iraq War is over oil, I have one question: Where is al
l this fucking oil we went over there to steal? Huh?
I will say that compensation packages of 400 million dollars to one employee are beyond fucking ridiculous.
4th Hit - Kerry Says It's Alright To Leak, As Long As It's True.
When a Kerry supporter leaks
CLASSIFIED information to the press it's whistleblowing. When conservatives do it, it's treason. John Kerry seems to think it's alright to leak classified material as long as it is the truth. Well, actually he kind of flip flops on the issue. He says it's wrong but it's alright.
"I'm glad she told the truth but she's going to obviously -- if she did it, if she did it, suffer the consequences of breaking the law,' Kerry explained to ABC THIS WEEK.

So, he's glad she d
id it, but she should suffer the consequences. She is a hero, a martyr. (humorous sidenote: she used to work for Sandy Berger, you know, Mr. Stuff-The-Classified-Docs-From-The-National-Archives-Down-Your-Pants-Berger, that guy)

Let's say an intelligence agent decided to reveal to the media our plans for the D-Day invasion duri
ng WWII, mostly because he didn't think we should be fighting Hitler, since Hitler wasn't an imminent threat to us, only our allies. Not only that, but he thinks the invasion plan is going to cost too many lives and is poorly planned.

I guess that would be alright with the Left, after all, he wasn't saying anything that wasn't true.....he's just a whistleblowing patriot.
Endangering national security is to be encouraged as long as w
hat you divulge is true. Isn't that nice to know? And before you lefties cry this bullshit of "Bush Leaked", Bush is the President, he can declassify documents. Commander In Chief, baby. He did so to counter lies from Joe Wilson, a Kerry supporter and potential Kerry cabinet member who went to the NYT with an axe to grind against Bush, with a bullshit story in hand that hurt the country. My boss can release confidential company information as he sees fit. I can't. Why can't I? Cuz, he's the boss. I work for him.
5th Hit

Al Gore once screamed about Pres. Bush, "

Funny, now Gore makes a living fearmongering on global warming. All of his tactics utilize fear, unsubstantiated junk science, exaggeration, hyperbole, and demagogy.

Who is preying on whom?


Blogger Brad said...

I'm sure those 98 percent of scientists would be amused to find you consider global warming "junk science". Since your opinion really matters to the 6 people who read this silly little site.

I thought I blocked this piece of shit already.

11:00 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

And yet...here you are.
Thanks for stopping by to make my point that when the left can't debate ideas, they become angry and hurl profanity laced insults.

By the way, 98% of scientists do not believe that global warming is the catastrophe that Gore makes it out to be. In fact, many scientists say this is more of a political issue than an urgent environmental issues.

5:44 AM  

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