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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Race Baiting and Fox Bashing From The HuffPo

This is the front page of the integrity-deficient Huffington Post today. They get two birds with one stone: Playing the race card and bashing Fox News with a deceitful headline.

Today is April 11. This Fox News story took place on March 24 so it has taken the HuffPo 18 days to report on this blockbuster scoop.

The insinuation is that Brit Hume was describing the 'protesters' who had taken to the streets this week, when in fact he was describing the protesters from 18 days ago. Furthermore, the Race Baiting HuffPo headline insinuates that Brit was describing 'immigrants', when in fact he was referring to the angry illegal aliens who were waving Mexican flags and demanding that we convey upon them all the rights and priviledges of full-fledged American citizens.

Fox News anchor Brit Hume stated that the sight of "tens of thousands of people demonstrating, waving foreign flags, on behalf of illegal immigration and against the idea that America should enforce its own laws" was a "repellent spectacle."

I think you will find that more Americans agree with his statement than disagree. Apparently the HuffPo is supportive of illegal immigration. To even compare these border crashers to legal immigrants, who waited their turn and certainly had to deal with a lot of frustration, is a slap in the face. Their mob mentality is that we have to give them what they want....or else.
It IS repellant.

You won't find the mainstream press reporting that protesters who arrived with Mexican flags this week were told by organizers to put them away. They were then given U.S. flags and a voter registration card.
I kid you not.
The folks who have organized this assault on America are very organized. They know that Americans found the protests of last month to be repellant, so it's on to Plan B.

This kind of garbage from the HuffPo is the entire reason I write this blog. They know that what they are doing is fundamentally dishonest and that they are lying to their readers.

The truth doesn't matter to the moonbat left, they just want red meat and the HuffPo is all to happy to accomodate their twisted thought process.


Blogger FleshPresser said...

What YOU fail to understand is that Brit Hume SHOULD NOT be inserting his OPINION in his NEWScast. The whole notion of Fox News being objective in ANY sense of the word is laughable, as are you for defending the comments.

As for the immigrants, I ask a simple question, which I defy you to answer. Would anyone come to this country illegally if there were no jobs for them to have, low wage or otherwise? If you want to enforce the law so badly, how about arresting and deporting all those Americans who break the law by hiring the illegal immigrants in the first place?

Yeah... I didn't think you'd go for that idea...

2:15 AM  
Blogger Senor said...

I think they definitely should be arresting the employers. Oh, and they are not 'immigrants'. They are illegal border crashers. Mexico guards it southern border with military. It arrests illegals and then deports them.

As for Humes NEWScast, the last 15 minutes are roundtable discussion with other journalists and thats what they do: express opinions.

6:42 AM  

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