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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dems Oppose ID To Vote

"National and state Democrats are planning to appeal a federal court ruling upholding Indiana's new law requiring a photo ID to vote.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean told The Associated Press that the law will keep some people from voting. But supporters of the new law, including Indiana Republican Party Chairman Murray Clark, say the state's voter identification law will help secure elections in Indiana."

This is pretty interesting. It's always democrats that oppose legislation requiring a voter to show an I.D. They count on voter fraud to spike their numbers. You have to show an ID to rent a hotel room, buy cigarettes, buy booze, enter a nightclub, rent a DVD, write a check, use a credit card....

But the Dems scream bloody murder at the thought of verifying that somebody who is voting is actually who they say they are. A state ID costs less than $5. If somebody is so irresponsible that they can't go through the steps to secure a valid ID then maybe they shouldn't be voting. Why are Dems so insistent on making sure that felons and illegals get the right to vote? Isn't it obvious?


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