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Friday, May 05, 2006

Fox Scores

The 'data' was done by 2 economists. That seems pretty valid and newsworthy, right? Of course Fox News influenced peoples opinions. Just as ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, and CNN have been doing for decades.

The difference is that Fox News actually presents both sides of the story, something the old media networks never did. I rarely see discussions on Fox that don't represent both sides of the story. Thats why you always see democrat strategists debating Fox news correspondents.

In the old days, a story like the one involving the esteemed Patrick Kennedy would have been swept under the rug.

Remember the swift boat vets? Dan Rather and CBS simply ignored the story, refusing to even report on it until the uproar eventually forced them to mention it in a biased way.

If this had been 1980, Dan Rather's attempt to influence a presidential election with forged documents just days before the election would have succeeded. Nobody would have sorted it out until after the election. Thanks to the internet and news sources like FOX NEWS we get to hear both sides of a story and this sort of criminal behavior is countered. Isn't that what news is supposed to do, report both sides and let the viewers decide?

It really disturbs The Left that the old glory days are over. I love it when the Left cries how unfair Fox is, yet they claim to never watch it, so how would they know?

Because thats what they 'hear'.


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