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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Moonbat Logic

First of all, the HuffPo headline is another lie. This program is not 'secret'. The U.S. is currently taking bids from contractors for border defense. Judging by the reactions of the HuffPo readers, you'd think this was a terrible thing. Can you imagine the chutzpah of this administration to actually believe that technology can be employed to stem the flow of the invasion from south of the border? It doesn't really matter what Bush does, the reaction from the Left will be less than positive.
Check out some of the postings from the moonbats at the HuffPo in response to this story:
Seriously, this might be a reasonable idea if it wasn't coming from these clowns.
(Ed. Note: This is the mantra of the left. A 'good' idea is not a 'good idea' if it comes from Bush.)

Of course he's going to have a heck of time explaining the increased cancer rates on our side of the border.

And there we have it, Bush is suddenly paing attention to the border FIVE YEARS LATER because it's a business opportunity for defense contractors.

Those planes are loaded with hispanicides.

You all may laugh, but Mr. McChimpyFlightsuit will have the last laugh as he tries to placate the snake-handling religious right, the trailer trash "american" soldiers, and the FAUX news folks, as he pretends to placate these racist jingoistic morons and attempts to reassure the secure-borders crowd.
(Ed. Note: What, no mention of SUV's or black helicopters?)

If the US was a worker oriented non-materialistic, safe place for immigrants from the south, this conversation would not even take place. Viva Fidel.
(Ed. Note: If only we were communists, things would be great, right, comrade?)

at least it sounds as if they are going to BID on this. not that it makes any difference as they all are corrupt.

...so, the chicken hawk sics the new global hawk on the illegal aliens....hmmmmm

The thugs are profiteering again.

This is border issue is now nothing more than a military testing ground, to perpetuate the monetary interests of the military industrial complex, now that Iraq will be winding down.

Do you folks realise that tight borders have been historically used rather for keeping people IN than out ?:)

That tethered whatsit only has one testicle... which is one more than any of the chickenhawk Bushpigs seem to have.

An underfunded pile of shit that ain't gonna work.

Your future, and those of your descendants, still lies in the hands of mass murderers who don't really give a flying crap if you or your family or your kids literally live or die.

Protecting America from Hector the gardener. Xenophobic bastards.

These are the voices of The Left. They want to lead the country. They really believe that their views are mainstream. Remember that this fall.


Blogger Matt Vella said...

I dunno why they don't use the helicopters that the coast guard use to find people at sea. If there's someone down there, the FLIR will pick em up...

8:59 PM  

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