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Monday, May 08, 2006

Nice Parenting Skillz

"In the fall of 2004, we enrolled our son in kindergarten...To counteract any God-and-country indoctrination he received in school, we began our own informal in-home instruction about Bush, Iraq and Washington over the evening news....In simple language, I told my son that our President had started a war with a country called Iraq. I said that we were bombing cities and destroying buildings. And I explained that families just like ours now had no money or food because their parents didn’t have offices to go to anymore or bosses to pay them. ‘America did this?’ my son asked, incredulous. ‘Yes, America,’ I answered. He paused, a long silent pause, then burst out: ‘But Mommy, I love America! I want to hug America!’"
— Former Time reporter Nina Burleigh fretting over the "patriot-ization" of her young son on Salon.com, April 17.

Man, some of these moonbats are pretty twisted. What kind of fucked up parent does this to their kid? I was a child in the 60's and my mom never once mentioned the Vietnam War or nuclear holocaust. You know why? Because we were small children and back then adults didn't believe in burdening innocent minds with the ugliness of the world. Fortunately, her child is more enlightened then she will ever be. Unfortunately, she will take that away from him too.
Hard to believe that Nina used to work for Time.


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