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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hate LockDown At The HuffPo

It's very rare and very telling when the Huffington Post features a story that does not allow readers to post comments. The Share/Comment button leads to a dead end.

The reason Arianna does this from to time to time is because she knows how her Digital Brownshirts will react.

This all started when the media reported on an attempted assassination of VP Cheney during a recent trip to Afghanistan. The moonbats at the HuffPo went beserk, posting vile comments that expressed their disappointment that the Vice President of their country was not killed. Lot's of bad press with that one.

So, Arianna is taking no chances this time.
No comments allowed on this story.

You see, real Americans tend to question your patriotism when you root for the enemy to kill our elected leaders.

And Nobody is going to question Arianna's patriotism.

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