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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dishonest Headline #231

I'm going to do it everyday, Arianna. I'm going to continue exposing the lies you spin on your web of deceit.

And today is no different. Another day, another made up headline meant to feed Bush-Derangement-Syndrome.Arianna, as usual, lies with the headline. The tourists aren't staying away because of Bush's low ratings. Quite the contrary, whenever The Commander In Chief is in town, tourism is wayyyyyyy up.

So, what has caused the decline in tourist dollars? The article spells it out very clearly, but the HuffPOS decided it would be better to fabricate a headline. The decline in tourist dollars is directly related to the arrival of the Great Unwashed, the Cindy Sheehan libtardos who descend upon the town of Crawford like a locust plague of biblical proportions.

Tie-dyed hippies who haven't bathed in week, asking to use the restrooms of the local businesses, and spending nothing....that's what keeps the tourists away.
To quote from the article itself:

The Crawford Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture said it had no figures on how many visitors the city gets.

Crow suggested that the anti-war demonstrations that Cindy Sheehan started in Crawford in 2005 have led some tourists to stay away.

"When the president would be home, more people would come hoping to get a glimpse of him," she said. "But with the frustrations caused by the protesters, it wasn't as popular to come to Crawford and pick up trinkets."

Yup, you and the kids travel all the way to Crawford hoping to catch a glimpse of the President of The United States, when all of a sudden you find traffic blocked by a clan of stinkie hippies lying in the roadway having a 'dead in' protest.

"Honey...keep driving. Step on it."

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