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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


The HuffPo got a BIG slapdown from Rush Limbaugh today.
Arianna had posted a story about the assassination attempt on VP Cheney in Afghanistan. The HuffPo readers comments section was CHOCK FULL of remarks lamenting the fact that the VP of The United States was not killed in the attack.

Rush read comment after deranged comment from the HuffPo moonbats who were quite explicit in their displeasure over the VP's unfortunate survival. Not the kind of comments they want the average MAINSTREAM American to hear....the last thing the Left needs is for Americans to see them for what they really are; hating America, hating capitalism, and hating Christians, hating our leadership.

Not just disagreeing.....but, HATING.

Here's the great part:
Notice that there are only 12 comments listed and there is a message stating that 'COMMENTS ARE CLOSED".
They actually had to delete HUNDREDS of lunatic messages and they only wound up with TWELVE that were keepers. They are laughable; "Thank God Cheney wasn't hurt".

Arianna knew that this made her and her sicko Hate-Bush readership look like the leftist extremists that they are.

So, Arianna got the crew out there quick, pulling down the dirty laundry before the rest of America could see the skidmarks in their 'truthiness'.

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