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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Blogger Matt Vella said...

What exactly is there left to "win" at this point?

9:44 AM  
Blogger Senor PeerPressure said...

The war against the insurgents. Remember them? There's fewer of them breathing each month, the troop surge is working....libs need to cut this war off quick before we can finish it.

Ask the average liberal to pick one:

A: complete and measurable success that brings us home victorious and has people saying "Bush was right"

B: a loss and surrender, and Bush hung out to dry.

You know which one they'd pick, Matt. You know which one YOU'D pick.

2:27 PM  
Blogger Matt Vella said...

The one choice that's preferable, and not on the list is this:

Thou shalt not invade Iraq in the first place.

Ask yourself if we'd be in better or worse shape if we hadn't. If you're an oil company (esp. a Saudi oil company) the answer of course is yes. If not, esp. for the poor commuting slobs back here in the states who have no public transportation infrastructure who are paying $3.50 a gallon even tho gas is now back down to $65 a barrel - the answer of course is no.

We had and have no business there. We took a big fat left hook at the tar baby (haha!) and connected right on the button.

Do I want out simply because Bush is an idiot and deserves to be hung for war crimes just as much as Saddam? No, that's not all of it but it does factor into it.

11:28 PM  
Blogger Senor PeerPressure said...

Yeah, I guess when despots fire upon our planes in the no fly zone thats alright. We had a treaty with them after the Gulf War. They didnt abide by it.

They snubbed their noses at 17 UN resolutions.

They paid money to the families of suicide bombers in Palestine.

They used the Oil for Food program as a bribe highway to circumvent funds to weaponry.

At some point you have to say one of two things: "That's enough, Saddam, we warned you", OR "carry on".

How nice would that be to have Saddam in power right now, Syria sponsoring terror, and Iran building a nuke.

The UN authorized military action and the US congress approved it and has funded it for years.
Illegal war?

7:22 AM  
Blogger Matt Vella said...

And yet, none of these reasons were deemed important enough to present to the American public as reason to go to war.

And of the 3 (Saddam in power, Syria sponsoring terrorism and Iran building a nuke) - two are still in full effect.

Saddam, as much of a nut case as he was, actually brought a certain level of stability to the region.

Illegal war - I don't know about that. Immoral and just poor decision making - seems to be pretty much the case so far.

11:36 PM  
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