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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Flashback in Hypocrisy - Clinton Fires All 93 US Attorneys

The moonbats are howling over the Bush Admins decision to fire EIGHT (8) US States Attorneys. Somehow this is seen as scandalous by the Left.

Flashback to 1993 when Clinton fired ALL 93 US Attorneys upon taking office.
Double standard, anybody? How about we take a look at the memos and emails leading up to Clinton's dismissal of all 93 attorneys?
The liberal media couldn't be bothered....

March 24, 1993, Wednesday
Late Edition - Final, Section A, Page 1, Column 1, 1053 words

DISPLAYING ABSTRACT - Attorney General Janet Reno today demanded the prompt resignation of all United States Attorneys, leading the Federal prosecutor in the District of Columbia to suggest that the order could be tied to his long-running investigation of Representative Dan Rostenkowski, a crucial ally of President Clinton. Jay B. Stephens, the ...


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