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Friday, March 09, 2007

Dishonest HuffPo Headline #238

Time for the bed-wetting liberals to attack FOX NEWS again. I mean, it's been like nearly 24 hrs since they threw out their last lame spitball that was once again smashed out of the park by FOX.
Exactly how did FOX NEWS besmirch Obama?

1. FOX used his full name. Liberal media NEVER mentions his full name. And you know why.
2. During discussion on FOX and Friends morning show, they mentioned he smokes. This is a big deal to a lot of people. Smoking exhibits a lack of control, willpower, and intelligence. And the libtards HAVE tried to keep it under wraps. Ever seen a picture of Barack Hussein Obama smoking?
3. FOX showed a pic of Barack Hussein Obama in a bathing suit at the beach. Every other network did the same but FOX is guilty of something? GASP. If I was Obama, I would want that pic showed everywhere. The guy looks pretty buff.
4. Then the HUFFPO clips showed numerous comments from various guests who have nothing to do with FOX NEWS.
5. Then to show just how EEEVILLL the FOX corporation is, the HUFFPO played a bit from the Daily Show w Jon Stewart where Jon and and guest were making fun of Obama.

NEWS FLASH TO THE MOONBATS: Jon Stewart and the Comedy Network are NOT FOX NEWS.

By they way, FOX NEWS hasn't said anything about Obama that other networks haven't already said. Liberals love to pretend that FOX NEWS broke the story about Obama's supposed enrollment in a muslim school, but that story was broken and reported first by a Big Three Network.

Liberals aint much for facts and all....

And the terrorist joke about Obama made by Ailes? It was more of a slam on George Bush, not Obama:
"And it is true that Barack Obama is on the move. I don't know if it's true that President Bush called Musharraf and said, 'Why can't we catch this guy?"

If that's calling Obama a terrorist then the libs are off their meds....

If they want to know what partisan hatred looks like, they are already there. It's called the Huffington Post and clearly the liberals are making NO ATTEMPT to reach across the aisle and end all of the partisan backstabbing that they falsely promised would happen. In fact, they haven't really done shit yet, have they? They continue to poke the bear and when the bear growls, they all whine, "THE BEAR ISN'T SUPPOSED TO GROWL"

People like Arianna and her crew of America-Hating miscreants know that this is the coin of the realm. Any attempt to show America BOTH SIDES of a story is construed by the Left as an ATTACK and an attempt to DISCREDIT THEM. We are hurting the poor 'lil babies self esteem....

I URGE YOU TO SEE THIS RIDICULOUS VIDEO YOURSELF. Then tell me that anything said comes even close to the offensive vitriol put forth each day by lard ass gasbags like Rosie or Keith Olbermann. Then get back to me.


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Blogger Chuck Williams said...

Dude, do you expect any less?

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