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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dishonest Headline #237

Arianna....Thanks for another blatantly misleading headline that screams, "Arianna Huffington is a con artist!".

The headline said that Vermont voted to impeach Bush.
No, it didn't.

Some moonbat stood up at the end of a town meeting in Middlebury, Vermont and proposed that they impeach Bush and Cheney. The state Governor, Jim Douglas, was the moderator of the town meeting and he was kind enough to explain to the libtard that it was a town meeting, not SanFran Nan's living room.

But, he let the libtards have their vote (he's a Republican and isn't in the business of shutting voices down like the other side does) and the village of Middlebury has made it clear that George is finished. How much time he has been given to vacate the White House was not mentioned, but I'll bet he won't sleep a wink tonight. No doubt, all of Vermont can feel good about the fact that the whackjobs in Middlebury have spoken for all.

Why does the HuffPost make up headlines?....it's all about mouse clicks to make them look more attractive to advertisers. The more clicks, the more leverage you have with advertising rates.
Arianna knows that when her little digital brownshirts see a headline like this, they'll dig into it like a monkey into a cupcake.

That's her gameplan; make up ludicrous headlines to con readers into clicking on a story.
Any story.

Pretty sad, Arianna.

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