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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Libtards Reaching Across The Aisle Again

The HuffPo is really proud of this guy. His quote says it all. It's the Dems philosophy:
NOTHING this president can say or do would alter their prejudices against him. The headline should have read, "THIS IS THE KIND OF JUROR WHO LYNCHES PEOPLE IF GIVEN THE CHANCE".

The President could end the war tomorrow, do exactly as the libtards demand, and they would still hate him.
He could cure cancer and AIDS, eliminate world povertry, singlehandedly stop global warming, make the muslims love us, and the moonbats would STILL hate him.

And they proudly admit it.

Oh, and here comes another glorious scandal that will go nowhere. Thank the Wilsons for wasting our taxpayer dollars with their egregious attention whore antics.


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