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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Honestly, I don't think the Dems or the MSM would give Obama the time of day if he was white. And you know I am right.
Everybody seems eager to provide him a verbal blowjob, but I'm not aware of anything he's accomplished that merits such attention.
Here's a prediction: Americans will never elect to the Oval Office anybody named 'Obama'.
President Obama? Barack?
Nope, don't think so....

Doesn't matter what color they are, it ain't gonna happen.
Here's another prediction: no matter how far you think we've come, we're not going to elect a woman either. Sorry to burst your PC bubble, but that's reality. Aint gonna happen.

Not yet.


Blogger joe said...

Your prediction and this entire post seems pretty racist to me, not to mention sexist, and oddly enough, name-ist.

So long as folks of like minds with you and the other neo-con troglodytes push your bigoted opinions in the public media without allowing equal time to humans with decent morals and ideas... you may have a point, corrupt though it is. It's certainly time to re institute the fairness doctrine, and enforce equal time for opposing viewpoints, otherwise we will continue to be a nation of racist bigots forcing their corrupt morals on decent people worldwide.

You certainly have a right to your bigoted viewpoint, but decent people shouldn't have to suffer because of it, and I don't think its going too far to say that bigots have no business raising or teaching children, no place in public office in a democratic republic, and no place pushing their views unopposed on public airwaves.

As for not electing a woman as president either, that is completely absurd, though I'd venture to say we would never elect someone like Hillary Clinton or Geraldine Ferraro. Though if Clinton would run as Vice for any of the other candidates, we may indeed get a woman executive, if not President.

I'd vote for the mayor of Asheville for president,she's a black woman who won in a landslide over the rich white guys who hugely outspent her in the election. If we had national Candidates like Mayor Bellamy, even the bigots wouldn't be enough to keep her out of office. Just like happened here.

5:33 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

Joe, I knew some liberal would throw the race card at me.
His middle name is HUSSEIN.

I'm so sorry that the average American voter is completely ignorant when they go to the polls, but the fact is, most of them are. They pull the lever down for the name that is most familiar to them. Thats why Kennedy's who run for office do so well, even the ones who arent related to the Kennedy Clan. Thats why those with the most campaign money usually win. It sucks and it shows the naivety of the American public but its true.
You know and I know they arent going to elect HUSSEIN to the oval office.

Liberals who argue for the Fairness Doctrine show their true colors.

Their ideas cant compete in the private and public marketplace so they want to force their views on others. They cant stand it that Rush and Hannity have huge audiences which generate huge revenues for their advertisers.

So they want to FORCE you to listen to their viewpoint instead of competing fairly in the marketplace of ideas.

That's Stalinist if you ask me. If people are so in love with the liberal viewpoint, then why do liberals consistently FAIL with talk radio?

Why would you want to FORCE me to hear your viewpoints, Joe? What's next, re-education camps?

5:53 PM  
Blogger prying1 said...

Re-education camps! great idea Senor! Except I think those on the right should start them. The left would have rotten re-education camps that would be no fun at all.

All the lefties would do is tell the kids it is their fault that the world is going to end through global warming because too much electricity was used in their birth process. That and blame the little kiddies that some butterfly is now extinct because all God's Chillun' is breathing too much air.

It would be best to catch the kids right out of the public pre-schools. Better yet. Before public pre-schools. Let's pass a law that ALL pregnant women have to strap cassette players on their bellys with tapes of Rush and Sean (and Dennis and Hugh) playing nonstop.

Let's show the liberals we can be more Stalinist than they are. Make 'em really suffer. How about a law that nativity scenes must be on public property all year 'round.

That'll drive them to Denmark...

P.S. YOU ARE RIGHT RE: "...the Dems or the MSM would give Obama the time of day if he was white. - Joe just won't admit it because he 'feeeeels' guilty over it.

He did not even catch that you were talking about Obama Hussein Barack's name and not his skin color. THEY (Dems and MSM) are the ones judging him by the color of his skin and not the content of his character.

What jerks!

1:22 AM  

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