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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Secret Service Motorcade Accident, Bush Daughter Victim of Crime

I am so happy to see that the liberals are reaching across the aisle to break the partisan divide, something they claim that only they are capable of doing.

You would think than when a Secret Service agent lies crumpled on the ground in critical condition after a motorcade crash,
Americans wouldn't rejoice.

You would think than when the President's daughter is visiting a foreign country and becomes the vicitim of a crime,
Americans wouldn't applaud.

You would think that when a Secret Service agent is severely beaten by thugs,
Americans wouldn't react with unbridled glee.

But then again, I'm not so sure we are talking about 'Americans'. We are talking about hateful subhumans.

Here's how HuffPo readers reacted to this read meat story from Arianna's Hate-America staff:
(It goes on for about 30 pages, but I topped it off after 7)

“A pox on the Bush family and all of their enablers.”

“that old bitch barbara looks like a washed up tranny. good riddance to the whole stinking lot of them. cry away, fuckers!”

“ It's a good thing Jenna didn't tell Grandpa she's been fucking O.J.”

“Daddy's just upset because he knows the best part of his son W ran down the crack of Barb's ass”


“"Jenna and Barb are the Uday and Kusay of the USA."”

“They deserve what they get.”

“they both look like walking butt plugs. A true spawn of the clingon (not the Start Trek Klingon but what's left over after you wipe your ass)”

“When you are or work for a bunch of murderin'
lyin' cocksuckers things are gonna go

Glad to see the libtards are making such a valiant effort to part the divide. It doesn't matter to them if you are a fellow American.
You aren't one of THEM, therefore you deserve what you get.


Blogger joe said...

While I agree that many of these posts are not politically correct, since when did someone willing to equate liberalism with a dibilitating mental illness care about political correctness?

Most of these responses simply speak to the karmic and altogether poetic justice inherent in the incomepetence of the security detail protecting the incompetent president and his family. Motorcycle accidents are a daily occurance and often tragic, but the train wreck of a day this administration had is remarkable to say the least.

2:59 AM  
Blogger Senor said...

LOL. You consider their remarks to not be 'politically correct'?

It is unadulterated hate speech.

9:33 AM  
Blogger joe said...

I think true hate speech is indicated by the victim of said speech. I seem to recall that republicans loved to attack the innocent daughter of the Clintons, and that it was in the news constantly. In that case, Chelsea was daily lambasted often for things as shallow as her appearance or dress. Nothing had to happen to evoke these attacks, Chelsea simply had to exist to be attacked. How often do we hear of the Bush Twins and their actual reported drug and alcohol abuse? Never, the stories ran locally and died, it isnt the liberal way to attack the innocent or even a criminally incompetent president's children. But if you give 30 percent of our population a little ammo and they will go nuts.

While I'd like to think that more of those 30 percent are conservative rather than liberal, the existance of radical leftists is as visible as the radical right. And we could all do with less of them.

2:21 AM  
Anonymous prying1 said...

quote "I seem to recall that republicans loved to attack the innocent daughter of the Clintons, and that it was in the news constantly."

I remember that Bill and Hillary's daughter was pretty much off limits in the American press and ALL the Republicans I personally knew agreed with it.

You Joe live in a lala land of your imagination.

Go to Huffpo, Read the comments on ANY article and stand tall and proud that those people are on your side as you are on theirs!

Bunch of pigs!

1:34 AM  
Anonymous prying1 said...

Oh, By the way Senor. Once again you have shown the "liberal Progressives" be be the kind of people I would not want as friends.

Lying, backbiting rectal apertures is all they are!

I don't know what you did in a previous life to deserve Joe as a commentor but it must have been pretty horrendous.

I did love his line, "...it isnt the liberal way to attack the innocent or even a criminally incompetent president's children."


1:42 AM  
Blogger joe said...

I dont have to read them again, they were offensive enough the first time.

Nobody is arguing anything different.

Perhaps all the attacks on the Clintons was all in my head, perhaps all of my experiences are simply figments of my imagination, but if they are I must be one sick freak to dream up a world run by incompetent fundamentalists and populated by subhuman murderers and rapists. On the bright side I might also have dreamed up you. You're welcome.

3:39 AM  
Blogger Senor said...

This is from Wikipedia :

The mainstream media generally saw her as "off limits," with one notable exception. On a 1992 post-election Saturday Night Live, the characters Wayne and Garth listed her in a "babe countdown" where — after raving about the Gore daughters — they referred to her as a "babe in development" [4]. SNL producer Lorne Michaels apologized to the Clinton family, as did Wayne actor Mike Myers [5], and subsequent rebroadcasts were edited to remove that part of the dialogue.

Clinton's critics have strayed from the rule on multiple occasions.

* On November 6, 1992, three days after her father won the elections, in a reference to who is moving in and out of White House, Rush Limbaugh made a reference on his television show to Chelsea and Millie, the dog of outgoing President George H. W. Bush. At the moment where Limbaugh said "cute kid," the picture of Millie appeared onscreen. Limbaugh apologized during that show and gave a lengthier apology a few days later. [6]

* Senator John McCain circulated a joke that Chelsea's "real father" was Janet Reno, for which he later apologized personally to the President. [7]

Thats all I could find that made fun of her looks.
Keeping in mind, the internet was infant at the time and nobody had blogs.

The VENOM coming from the left for all things Bush has become sadistic.

Go check out the comments at the HuffPo. All you have to do is click on any story that mentions a Bush family member and you will be instantly swallowed up in a sea of hatred the likes of which you have never seen. I am serious.
It's scary.

8:24 AM  

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