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Friday, October 06, 2006

Well, it didn't take long for the bottom feeders over at the DNC to have their hands out asking for money over the Foley matter.
I'm guessing the ad was probably made a couple of weeks before the story broke... ahem.

This is how liberals react. They really believe this is the bombshell that will deliver to them the house and senate. We don't even know the full story yet, but that hasn't stopped the moonbats from going over the edge, ala Plame-RoveGate style.

Patrick Kennedy, William Jefferson, Cynthia McKinney....just a few Dem names in the spotlight of late. I don't see anybody blaming Reid and Pelosi for the actions of those idiots. Did Reid and Pelosi fail the nation by letting the Capitol Hill Police drive an intoxicated Kennedy home? Did Reid and Pelosi know about the 90 grand in bribes that Jefferson had stuffed in his freezer? WHY NOT?

Democrat operatives have had these alledged InstantMessages of Foley's since June. Why have they held them until now? They knowingly let a suspected pedophile continue in his ways so they could keep this a secret and then spring it on the public 4 weeks before an election? Don't bust the pedophile yet! We smell scandal and scandal means votes for us, since we have NO IDEAS? Didn't they roll the dice with this strategy once before with the forged MemoGate fiasco?

Democrats are sleazy suckerpunch fighters. They don't have the cajones to clearly enunciate what they stand for so instead their gameplan is to dig up dirt and pretend that one bad apple represents the whole bunch.
A litmus test they themselves could never pass.
Right now they have to ask you for money. Once they are in control they will just take it from you.
I do find it interesting that they already have an ad designed and placed on multiple left wing web sites and this story just broke. Leave it to the Dems to capitalize on this with a partisan witch hunt.


Blogger joe said...

Your questions and assumptions are completely off base.

Did Reid and Pelosi fail the nation by letting the Capitol Hill Police drive an intoxicated Kennedy home? Did Reid and Pelosi know about the 90 grand in bribes that Jefferson had stuffed in his freezer? WHY NOT?

Did Reid and Pelosi even know of these incidents? There is no proof or even allegations that they did. On the other hand, Rep. Tom Reynolds, a prominent republican said he brought it to the attention of Hastert, Kirk Fordham, who resigned earlier in the week, told the FBI that as Foley's chief of staff in 2003, he told Hastert aide Scott Palmer that Foley had a page issue.

The problem is Hastert knew about Foley's "issues" (what a nice way to put sexual predator) and kept it quiet for years See the difference yet?

Democrat operatives have had these alledged InstantMessages of Foley's since June. Why have they held them until now?

Do you have any proof of this? Show me. ABC says its sources are republicans.

The rest of your post is just mindless partisan drivel, The democrats dont run around shouting about how they are the only ones that can protect you, that only they are the party of morality. No, its the republicans who do every bit of that. Just like its the republicans who are wholly to blame in this disgusting display. It was a republican who acted innapropriately and it was republicans that didnt do anything about it for years. All they want is power and it doesnt matter who gets killed, smeared or molested along the way.

If anything the democrats are far too passive in this, while they wait to see what the spin machine comes up with, they should be everywhere demanding immeadiate action be taken, at the very least have Foley locked up until the investigation is concluded, that's what would happen to you or me.

1:00 AM  
Anonymous kickstand said...

I seem to remember similar GOP ads right after the monica scandal broke. Still, why worry about the Dems until they can find their way out of a paper bag.

8:20 AM  
Blogger Senor said...

No, Joe. Hastert knew only that suggestive emails were sent. There was nothing criminal in Foleys actions with those emails, they were just a little creepy.

His IMs were the problem and Hastert did NOT know about those.

You completely ignore the similar situations involving democrat sex offenders and how democrat leaders defended, admired, and pardoned them.

You dont think that democrats knew Pat Kennedy had major problems? You dont think that democrats knew McKinney was a loose cannon or that Jefferson was a crooked pol?

Of course they did.

8:51 AM  
Blogger Brad said...

Don't worry, Joe. It's too easy to point out how far off-base these Repblican retards on on everything, but it doesn't mean they'll learn anything. Prime example right here. They're trying to protect people who shield PEDOPHILES. I mean, really, could the Republican party really sink any lower?

10:03 AM  
Blogger joe said...

hehe Brad, I dont worry about folks like Senor here, he wont change until the source of his paychecks do, but there are others who read this blog who are open to the truth, despite years of conditioning.

You are mistaken though, Foley was not and is not a pedophile, he is a sexual predator. The distinction is important becuase he quite obvioulsy does not go after pre-pubescent children, unless there is more to hear about, his actions were still completely innapropriate, and violate laws he helped to push through. Which thanks to legal precedent he cannot be tried under unles some new evidence surfaces.

You completely ignore the similar situations involving democrat sex offenders and how democrat leaders defended, admired, and pardoned them. I am not ignoring anything of the type, I am simply discussing the issue at hand rather than dredging up other poeples crimes to say ooh they do it too. Give me a break, there are only 2 issues here,

1. Criminal sexual deviancy by the republican in charge of protecting children from criminal sexual devients.

2. The cover-up of criminal sexual deviancy against a group of children hidden by Hastert and other senior republicans for years.

Why do you refuse to prove any of your assertions? Is it becuase like most of your ranting it comes from talking points rather than any actual proof?

2:43 PM  
Blogger joe said...

ehh, I should've done a better job of parsing that last post, it looks like I'm after Brad. Sorry about that.

Anybody watch Wolf Blitzer go after Patrick McHenry (R-NC) ? I think Wolf's been reading Huff Compost. But if so he needs to give me credit for that :P

12:12 AM  
Blogger Senor said...

Like I said, Dems are sleazy suckerpunch fighters. Brad has all but convicted Foley of being a predatory pedophile and asserts that all republicans have protected him.

Since when has 'sexual deviancy' ever bothered a liberal? Teenagers fucking pies was hilarious in American Pie wasnt it?

None of the facts have shown that Foley had sex w underage pages so far. Im sure most on capitol hill (including Marks gay friends on the Dem side of the aisle) knew of Foleys affection for men.

Brad shows his partisan hypocrisy. When Dems stray down this same road, they never say anything.

Lets say Barney Franks was a Repub. His gay lover ran a gay escort service out of Barneys own home.

What do you think would have happened if Barney were GOP?

Did the dems ask Barney to resign? Do you think ANY dems knew what was going on? If you answer NO to that, then you are delusional.

7:42 AM  
Blogger Brad said...

Wow, now you're accusing American Pie of being some sort of liberal conspiracy? That's amazing, no wonder no one takes conservative bloggers seriously. This is already destroying your part, and it's tearing your little soul apart, isn't it?

I gotta say, though, these little psychotic breaks you Republicans are going through (more and more frequently, I might add) are so amazing to watch. Keep it up!

9:56 AM  
Blogger Brad said...

I especially LOVE that "it happened 23 years ago, where you were?" nonsense. Um, I was 4. Unlike some, we liberals live in what's called the "present" in a place called "reality." I would invite you to join us, but I fear that's very unlikely.

9:57 AM  
Blogger joe said...

Hehe, I really love this discussion, the moral equivelency of our pal Senor equaltes a 50 year old man stalking underage teenagers with a teenager using a rather odd masturbation aid. No wonder folks like him are so screwed up eh? gad... were I so offended by such a natural thing as masturbation to be capable of equating it with the deviant sexuality of a sexual predator, (of whatever orientation) I'd seek emergency psychiatric help and hope for high dosages of lithium and possible shock treatment.

As it is normal for those with no valid argument to seek past misdeed's to point at and say ooh you do it too, I cant be suprised about the dredging up of history that were it furniture would be antique, but everyone agrees that the democratic cabal of 20 years ago was corrupt in its handling of governnance. The fact is, these Neo-conservatives have become just as corrupt, and in half the time. Quick enough that us old grey-beards recognise the scandals immeadiately.

Please vote out all incumbants, we may have an innefectual government for a few years, but look at what we get with effective government!

12:59 AM  

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