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Friday, October 13, 2006

A> 6.6 million jobs since August 2003
B> unemployment is down to 4.6 percent
C> wages are up
D> the stock market is at an all time high
E> oil prices are dramatically down
F> the deficit has been cut in half three years earlier than predicted.

G> No terrorist attacks on US soil
H> Tax cuts are working for the American people

Yeah, things are just terrible, aren't they?


Blogger citizen shelly said...

Our national debt is 8.5 trillion dollars, mainly funded by China and Saudi Arabia.

A draft is coming because we are going to war with Iran.

We'll have perpetual war under Republicans and eventually bankrupt the country because he keeps lowering taxes.

Most new jobs are in the service sector or the government. Most dead-end jobs, because the U.S. doesn't manufacture anything anymore and this administration is anti-science so the only research we do is on drugs and things that can profit already-rich Republicans.

New Orleans is still not rebuilt.

Mostly, yeah, things suck if you think about it.

8:57 AM  
Blogger Senor said...

1. The US has ALWAYS had a national debt. We finally paid off the debt from WWII under the Carter administration.

2. This is delusional moonbat-speak. There is no draft pending and we are not at war with Iran. This is just doom and gloom left wing claptrap.

3. Quite the contrary, the economy is booming BECAUSE of the tax cuts. There is no danger of going bankrupt. The terrorists brought the war to us, we didnt start it. We've had perpetual war for the last 15 yrs, we just havent hit back until now. Dems would rather we didnt hit back

4. Bogus claim. There is no basis in fact to any of your claims that these are dead-end jobs. Millions of jobs have been created. There is an expensive war going on and yet the economy continues to grow and unemployment claims continue to decline.

5. New Orleans is full of victicrats waiting for a handout. Mississippi, Florida, and Alabama have rebuilt. What is NO's problem?
It is not the govt's responsibility to completely rebuild cities struck by natural disaster. It never has been but the lefties expect it now.

Things suck for the Left because they are not in power. That's what it all boils down to.

10:24 AM  
Blogger joe said...

1. Almost all of our debt is owned by a communist government, one with the sheer manpower to take over our country weilding cotton balls. Is that really okay with you?

2. Nobody wants a draft, however, the alternative is to keep lowering intake restrictions, ensuring more outrages like the Abu Gharib debacle. General Franks has stated that the army cannot continue at this pace without a new influx of troops...

3. As the rich get richer the middle class becomes non-existant. Tax cuts that benefit only the wealthiest 2 % only help that 2%. They dont invest in the betterment of society or new technologies, they invest it in making themselves more money, which is why we tax them in the first place. No terrorists brought war to us, Terrorists performed a single act of terrorism, which we then, like base simians, attack the weakest guy available to make ourselves look tough. Nice huh? America, World Bully. So, if we've been under attack by terrorists for over 15 years, why is it that when Clinton tried to do something about it, the Republicans kept shouting about "wag the dog" and trying to distract america from his marital and extra-marital affairs? Could it be that politics is your only real worry, and that american safety means nothing?

4. The clear majority of jobs created under this president have been low wage, service sector jobs, while at the same time we have lost high wage manufacturing, IT and engineering jobs. unemployment numbers are declining, but if they decline due to engineers taking burger flipping jobs, the net is a loss, for everyone.

Victicrats? why is it tearing people down and demonizing them is your only method of argument? aside from the blatant lies I mean.

Mississippis, Alabama, and Florida are not below sea level and surrounded by a government maintained levy system, New Orleans is. Nobody expects the government to repair everything, or even most of it, It is expected that they get basic services up after failing to maintain the levy system that caused this tradgedy. Had basic maintenence been followed. Thousands would still live and billions in property damage may have been avoided. Nobody expects the government to fix everything, just the things they were responsible for maintaining and that which was destroyed due to their lack of basic maintenance. That has nothing to do with being a lefty, and everything to do with responsibility and competence.

Things suck for many now becuase the neo-cons have even the decent conservatives believing their crap. Thankfully that tide is turning.

2:54 PM  
Anonymous greywulf said...

655,000 Iraq dead.

No other statistic matters when men, women and children have died.

9:41 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

greywulf, you, like so many liberals, consume and regurgitate anything the MSM feeds you.

The numbers of 655,000 are being heavily disputed by nearly every count. You take the word of one group

Their count represents quadruple the highest monthly rate as tracked by the UN and is 13 times larger than the total compiled by the Iraq Body Count group.

And you are wrong, there is one other statistic that matters:
3,000 dead on 9-11.

10:21 PM  
Blogger joe said...

Then again, the 655,000 number uses the exact same methodology as nearly every UN mortality count, it includes all deaths, not just those dead by ied and mortar attack like our military does, or by type of wound as the iraqi ministry does, it includes death by waterborne illness and walking in front of a bus, it is meant to be all inclusive. By that same token it is completely useless unless standing next to the same type of study done pre-iraq invasion.

The only reason it is news is that the numbers are so hideuos.

1:24 AM  
Blogger usafsarge87 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:27 PM  
Blogger usafsarge87 said...

hey snoooooore, how about the fact that all three states you mention as easily rebuilt have repug governors? and fl's is lil bro jeb'hide me in the broom closet' bush?

8:30 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

Well, Sarge, I would say that shows that Republican governors know how to get things done and they dont sit around like Democrat governors, playing the victim card and waiting for a handout.

6:40 AM  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Oh WOW! I just thought I would stop on by and it looks like you have been taken over by Liberalville!

Sometimes I wonder what glass the Liberals are looking at, it sure isnt the one half full. Then again it never is if they arent in power.

We are almost at an all time high in our economy, well one of many that DO affect the middle class of course if you arent IN the middle class you wouldnt know that. Or if you are, and your a Democrat, you chose to ignore it. And that's fighting 2 fronts in the war on terror, natural disasters, and the creation of an entirely new branch of Government "Homeland Security". Tax cuts DO work.

There are more people working than EVER before, they decided to give up the Welfare kool-aid and go out and get a job so they could go get a computer and get on the internet isnt that special?

The only way a draft is coming is if you elect Charlie Rangel who will make that his first mission. There are 2.5 MILLION NON DRAFTED Service Members in our ALL VOLUNTEER FORCES. We dont even need a draft. We can walk and chew gum at the same time.

Perpetual war under the Republicans what rubbish! We could make the same arguement that we will have perpetual terrorist attacks under Democrats because they dont believe in going after the those THAT WANT US ALL DEAD!

Most jobs are dead end jobs where? Company's have been paying over minimum wage for years, unless of course the extent of your job expertise consists of including the phrase "You want fries with that"?! And if that's the case and you didnt educate yourself better than that it's YOUR fault, not the Government's!

New Orleans isnt rebuilt because of Democrats like Nagin and Blanco, funny how Mississippi and Florida go through this all the time and they are rebuilt!

Gee I guess if your a Democrat things do suck now that you mention it.

You Liberals either need to put the pipe or the kool-aid down.

11:10 PM  
Anonymous prying1 said...

Moonbats are flying about! Maybe because it is nearing Halloween?

Good post. I had to link to it re: Joe's "No terrorists brought war to us, Terrorists performed a single act of terrorism..."

What an idiot.

Oh! Is it alright to call other commentors 'idiots' on your blog? If not perhaps you can modify this comment to say, 'What a person of lesser than average intelligence'...

3:06 PM  
Blogger joe said...

hehe, I wouldnt answer something like that generally, but but it's painfully obvious that only those who feel on the weaker side of the argument feel the need to belittle the other.

As to what I said, it was perhaps phrased badly, but the point, I think, is valid. one terrorist act killed almost 3,000 americans. this upset me equally as much as it did you, and I was all for going into afganistan to fight a government enabling al-qaida, and remove the threat. instead we did a sloppy job of that and ran off to invade a country which did not declare war on us, did not harbor al qaida, did not have weapons of mass destruction, (not even the kind that creates that mushroom cloud) but we have already contributed to the deaths in iraq of 655,000 people, how much blood of innocents do you need? These pathetic neo-cons havent bothered to try to catch bin laden, havent bothered to come up with any plan for iraq, and are really just in power to steal from everyone they can. wake up and stop being cowed by fear.

12:49 AM  

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