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Saturday, September 23, 2006

NYT Does It Again

Yet another classified assessment leaked and printed by the New York Times. All the report says is that the threat from radical islam terrorists has grown since 9-11 and the Iraq war.
Of course it has. When we were bombing the shit out of Berlin and Tokyo, do you think the Germans and Japanese were loving us more?

For some reason, the libtards over at the Huffington Post don't get it. The FBI, CIA, and NSA are national security agencies. They work in the best interests of the nation. They are not Bush's 'own spy agencies'. They are doing their jobs. It seems that anytime somebody in the govt doesn't agree with the President 100%, it's the moonbats who make all the noise, not the conservatives who might disagree with some policies.

You see, the libtards demand that their minions march in lockstep at all times and that anybody who deviates from the game plan is a traitor and marked for banishment, ala Joe Lieberman and Hillary. Conservatives disagree with each other all the time.
It's allowed.

That's the reason conservative talk radio flourishes while liberal radio flounders. Here is a phrase you'll never hear on Air America:
"...and that's what I think. If you disagree, I want to hear from you, call 555-1010..."

I've called Air America talk show hosts dozens of times. You can't get on the air unless you have BDS. Nobody wants to hear one side of the argument all the time. Thats also why FOX NEWS and conservative formats flourish.

I guess the original photos posted with the story weren't omnious enough because the HuffPo just updated the site with this new pic for the headline:


Blogger joe said...

Doing your best to distort the facts arent you?

The reason this is a story at all is this "assessment" flies directly in the face of everything the current administration has been telling you, we are not more safe from terrorsim becuase of iraq, we are less safe, we are not fighting existing terrorists in iraq, we are creating new ones around the world becuase of iraq.
The story here is not that the letter acencies disagree with the administration, the story here is the exposure of the administrations lies about iraq.

I dont know a single liberal that agrees completely with other liberals, I only know conservatives that do any marching in lockstep, wonder why that particular phrase came to mind?

I listen to air america pretty often and I always hear dissenting calls, which are few and far between when I listen to hannity or savage, (which I almost have to ,since our liberal station doesnt broadcast after dark.

The main difference I've seen in call-ins, is that the liberal hosts dont shout down most who disagree, though they often ridicule them. while the conservative hosts do nothing but shout them down, cut them off and generally behave like spoiled 4 year olds.

I firmly believe half of fox news veiwers are like myself, watching to see what kind of ridiculous crap they come up with next. I could be wrong, but I hope I'm not.

10:36 PM  
Blogger joe said...

You might want to check out this piece on talk show accessability Think Progress

While it is hardly authoritative, as they only made 15 calls to each show, it does do a good job of debunking your idea of right wing radio being more inclusive.

Of course anyone who actually listened to both already knew that, but very few of you seem to pay much attention to anything you dont already agree with. That is a shame too, the greatest discoveries and ideas of our time have come not from one ideology or another, but from those who integrate all the available data, and grant each methodology equal weight.

Unfortunately the neo-cons have hijacked the decent conservative ideology and turned it into talking points 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and in the meantime they have completely abandoned not only true conservatives, but the rest of america as well, not in the least by refusing to actually govern this nation in favor of all campaigning all the time.

They continue to do so each day, how many times must we hear "the democrats dont have a plan..." only an idiot would buy that, the elections are the times for dueling ideas, between elections you are supposed to actually do some of the things you proposed, but neo-cons only know how to campaign, so that's all they do, power is their only objective, and our freedoms and ideals, even our country itself is the price we pay.

2:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you understand how leaks work? Things are leaked from the government because government officials are worried that the public needs to know them. If the New York Times deems it good enough to print, then it goes along.

It is not the NYT muck-raking, it is government officials going to the Times. Maybe if Bush actually ADDRESSED problems instead of campaigning against them, leaks wouldn't happen because there would be no horrible intel to leak.

2:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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