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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Comfortably Numb

I love it when liberal entertainers try to play the role of political heavies. Pink Floyd thought it would be really awesome to have a floating pig with "VOTE DEMOCRAT ON NOV 2" plastered all over it.

Dude, that was so gnarly.
We republicans plan to vote on election day, not Nov 2, but you guys go ahead and knock yourselves out.


Blogger joe said...

lol, eating at the Drudge trough again I see.

Two points about the pig and one extra:

1. Pink Floyd always uses flying pigs at its concerts, this was obviously just spray painted on the pig. Care to bet it's the Same pig they used during the 2004 election season when we did vote on the 2nd?

2. Pink Floyd is a British rock band, do you think they automatically know our election changes dates each year? Do you know theirs do not?

1 extra :P .... The danger of regurgitating somebody elses smear tactics is if they are an idiot then you look like one too. just a thought.

7:34 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

I look like a fool? Give me a break. Is there any action of libtards you wont defend?

Maybe since PF is a British rock band who knows nothing about our electoral process they should just shut the hell up and play their songs.

By the way, this didnt come from Drudge. Its on about a million sites.

7:02 AM  
Blogger joe said...

I havent defended anything, I simply pointed out a few facts about the issue in question. Why is it that when I mention any facts you think I'm defending someone or attacking someone else? Sometimes facts are just facts. I realize you have little in the way of a personal relationship with the facts, but certainly you can still recognize them when you see them, cant you?

Maybe you didnt get it from drudge, though you make the same idiotic points he does, so where did you get it? administration approved talking points?

1:44 PM  
Blogger joe said...

What part of the American Ideal of freedom of speech (not to mention that it is codified into the constitution itself)is it that says:

Maybe since PF is a British rock band who knows nothing about our electoral process they should just shut the hell up and play their songs.

What makes us a better nation than others is that our freedoms extend to every human, not just the ones lucky enough to be born here, or of any particular ethnic background, religion or place of birth. Or at lesast we did before the evangelicals took power.

Still, I dont see anyone complaining that the other side of the pig said "Habeus Corpus Matters", or even reporting it much, as apparently a wrong date by someone who cannot be expected to know our system in the first place is far more newsworthy than retaining the right to challenge evidence and your accuser in court. Sure this is just applied to "terrorists" for now, but this administration has continually broken laws regarding human rights, citizens rights, detainee rights... the list goes on and on, and that doesnt even count the war profiteering in a conflict involving invading a soveriegn nation that posed no threat on manipulated evidence and outright lies...

How exactly are we expected to trust these folks?

Our international policies effect everyone in the world, that means everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I've got to hand it to you, the hypocracy you folks ignore in yourselves would drive me insane, its mind boggling, have no problem calling the clintons fascists for objecting to well documented lies in a fake abc documentary simultaneously broadcast around the world as the "real truth" of 9-11, but get all pissy over a rock band giving their opinion. (an opinion I might add, that is held by most of the world).

If nothing else it's entertaining watching you perform cartwheels trying to rationalize your often conflicting opinions. no wonder right wingers are overwhelmingly religious, without blind unquestioning faith, you folks would collapse under the weight of your own deceit.

2:36 PM  

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