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Friday, September 22, 2006

The Comedians Keep Us Laughing

"Until we win World War III and crush the evildoers in what our president calls a "struggle for civilization" - all law enforcement people have to work on THAT, and not on busting Willie Nelson." =Bill Maher

Despite Willie Nelson being busted with a pound and a half of weed and a fifth of a pound of shrooms, Bill Maher reasons that we should let Willie go because we have a war on terror to fight and ALL law enforcement bandwidth should therefor be dedicated to that task.

Never mind the murderers, rapists, child molesters, bank robbers, and muggers....we have a war to fight. You see, Bill and his ilk don't believe that we are engaged in a 'struggle for civilization'. They think the terrorists would like us just fine if Bush weren't president. You know, the way they liked us so much before Bush became president.

Of course, you should keep in mind that Maher is really referring to celebrities like himself. There is a different set of rules that gets applied to the rest of us who get caught rollin' in the Benzo with an LB of the chronic.

This is kind of interesting:
When Bill Maher and other celeb bloggers pen something for the Huffington Post, nobody is allowed to respond in the comments section unless they are on an approved list of friendly commenters. This is to keep riff-raff like me from offending the sensibilities of the 'talent'.


Blogger joe said...

heh, join the club, they dont let me post either.

As for Maher's blog entry, I think he should stick to doing his show, he's really not that funny on his own, his timing is good, on video. But that doesnt follow through to writing apparently.

With the context in mind, he's got a point about our drug laws, anyone with any historical persective on the issue knows the marijuana and hemp laws were passed primarily to allow DOW to replace hemp fiber with petroleum based fibers, giving them a virtual monopoly on available fiber production.

You make a good point about the duality of our prosecution, but I think you make one small error, it's not celebrity so much as it is influence, and money is infinitely more influential than an HBO talk show. Yes celebrities do have plenty of money, but they arent the only ones getting slaps on the wrist.

I do take exception to your characterization of "they" as thinking terrorists would like us if Bush werent president... That is a huge distortion of the truth, which is that Bush has created far more terrorists than he has killed, and that without his cowboy kill em all diplomacy and his refusal to even negotiate with other heads of states that he disagrees with, we would not be the main target of those who use terror to make themselves heard.

Without bush there would still be plenty of folks who dislike our policies, plenty of folks who think we are evil, and many more who question our sincerity and actions.
However, also without bush, we would not have the constant anti-muslim rhetoric, the continual lies about everything that is going on, and the distortion of the true state of the world we live in. While the loss of these things would not end the use of terrorist tactics, it would reduce our image as the great satan, and lessen our attraction as a target for their hate. Without actually talking to these folks and finding out what their specific issues are, we will never make any progress towards eliminating the threat of terrorism.

So long as our only contact with them is battle, battle will continue to be their only method of communicating their objections to our actions around the world.

2:08 PM  
Blogger kickedKerrysAss said...

I think it speaks volumes about Zsa Zsa that her new book (according to Drudge it has sold less that 5000 copies) is titled FEARLESS... Yet she is not fearless enough to not censor the posts to her designer guest bloggers like John(_!_)Kerry, Big Bertha Murtha and as you point out Bill Maher.

8:40 AM  

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