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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Slimfast Katie

Why does this whole deal about Couric taking over the anchor job have to be made into an event bigger than the Second Coming? Ted Baxter read the news. That's all you have to do, honey, read the news off the teleprompter, you are not curing cancer.

And I for one, have about had it with the constant fake-outs the driveby media trys to foist upon us daily, with the staged photos, the re-touched photos, and fabricated stories.

I will guarantee you that the driveby media is bummed out that Ernesto fizzled out as a potential hurricane. Weren't we supposed to have a record number of hurricanes this year because of (gasp) Global Warming? Weren't gas prices supposed to be $4 per gallon by now?

And what the hell is all this hype over Mark Karr when we already knew Patsy did it? The media, like the leftists that they are, are consistently wrong.


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