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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Robin Williams Living In Glass House

Former coke-head Robin Williams was on the Leno show last Thursday and he commented on Rush Limbaugh, "Where did he stay during his Carribean vacation, Club Medicated?"

Wasn't that cute? Mork sure is a funny guy.

Robin Williams checked himself into rehab in a desperate bid to win a three-year battle with booze that's threatening to destroy his marriage. To save himself and his 17-year marriage, Williams entered a 30-day program at the Hazelden Springbrook alcohol rehab facility in Newberg, Ore., on July 11.

Who is medicated now, Mr. Hypocrite?

Rush Limbaugh didn't do drugs for recreational purposes. He was addicted to painkillers after undergoing several medical operations. Funny how the Left had so much compassion for the drunk-driving self-medicated Patrick Kennedy and for Williams, who used to be one of the biggest recreational coke-heads in the entertainment industry.


Blogger joe said...

I didnt see the bit about his marriage, or the three year thing, but I do know he was sober for 20 years prior to his relapse.

I guess you could call him a hypocrite for making fun of Limbaugh's drug problems, though I too wonder what he was doing going to a place known for its child sex trade with a bottle of viagra in someone elses name, seems a bit odd to me.

But then Williams checked himself into rehab on his own without getting a dui or breaking any laws,he was drinking alcohaol, not doing coke(that was so many years ago I can hardly imagine hanging it one him after all those years of sobriety). Rush on the other hand was buying illeagal narcotics from his housekeeper, and was arrested for it, then denied it the whole time until finally signing a plea agreement which would drop all charges if he gets help. All this after years of attacking those who used drugs without a prescription.

One of my freind's sister was in an accident years ago and shattered her left leg and got pretty beaten up otherwise, she got hooked on the painkillers and ended up getting arrested for doctor shopping, she is currently serving 5 years in state prison for obtaining multiple prescriptions, she didnt even buy them in a parking lot from her maid.

Yeah I do see hypocracy here. But its ingrained in society, not in one of Mork's less funny jokes.

3:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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