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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Moonbats React As Predicted

It should come as no surprise that word of the safe release of 2 kidnappedFox News journalists was met with disdain by readers over at the HuffPo.

Reactions ranged from disappointment that the journalists weren't beheaded, to claims that they were never kidnapped and it was all a Fox conspiracy to generate ratings. There is an epidemic of unwarranted self regard over at the HuffPost. I think that's why they call them the 'Loony Left'

Bush Derangement Syndrome knows no bounds. Here are some of the reactions from the HuffPo libtards:

America is celebrating the safe return of innocent men. Oh, wait, they work for Fox News. Cancel that celebration.
By: jacksnead on August 27, 2006 at 09:32am

They had to promise to report the real news.
By: nowar on August 27, 2006 at 09:48am Allah forgives them for doing the work of the Great Satan's lying tongue.
By: Heretic on August 27, 2006 at 09:57am

How do we actually know they really kidnapped. Remember we are dealing With Fox. It could all be just a bunch of b.s. for ratings and sensationalism. I really have my doubts that they were ever kidnapped.
By: nosraf2008 on August 27, 2006 at 10:40am

Are any of you sure this event was even real? Let's see, Fox News - doesn't anybody smell something fishy here? Do we really know that this story wasn't all made up and the two jounalists were being filmed on a soundstage somewhere. C-mon people, this is why the repugs pull this shit anyway, because they know we are just so damned gullible!!

By: artboi on August 27, 2006 at 10:49am

Although it will never be reported, ESPECIALLY on Faux-News, I suspect his wife spoke with the Palestinians and let them know she, her husband, and much of the American public support Palestine in their plight (ie: victims of Israel's brutality).

By: PuffAndStuff on August 27, 2006 at 10:53am

Fox journalists?
Can you spell oxymoron?
By: LeftODmiddle on August 27, 2006 at 11:00am
(Ed Note: the names the posters use say so much about them)

The whole thing sort of smells like B.S. to me. On that note - it is sad how distrustful I have become of any news that comes out of that region. Thanks a lot, Rove.
By: marbotty on August 27, 2006 at 11:09am

I am glad to see them free even if they have such low morals as to work for faux propaganda network.Maybe the islamo fascists thought the American people needed to be lied to some more. Never trust republiscum!!
By: project on August 27, 2006 at 11:14am


Blogger CJ said...

Isn't that nice. You got caught being intolerant in your rant on intolerance so you changed the blog. You're still a hypocrite. It's just that you are now a hypocrite too chickenshit to own up to it.

7:55 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

What on earth are you talking about, moonbat?

7:11 AM  

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