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Friday, August 11, 2006

THE GOP: Not the Party of Appeasement

Another hilarious assertion from the libtards.
The GOP was 'caught'? In order to be 'caught' at something you need to be doing something you don't wish others to find out about. This was a GOP fundraising email and letter that went out to tens of thousands of people.
"In the middle of a war on terror, we need to remain focused on furthering Republican ideas more than ever before," former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani said in a letter that asked for donations to the Republican National Committee.

He's right.

And why shouldn't they? Part of the GOP platform is that they are willing to fight the war on terror. SO, of course it's going to be a part of their campaign fundraising efforts.

The Dems raise campaign funds based on an anti-war agenda. Did Ned Lamont 'get caught' using the war to raise funds? What a ludicrous assertion. He used the anti-war agenda to defeat Lieberman.

Make no mistake, if the election was held today instead of last week, Lieberman would have beat Ned. This is another wakeup call for the world.


Blogger joe said...

The only reason this is slated as news by Huffpo is becuase the republicans keep blaming the democrats for politicizing the war, Ever watch fox news? I know you do, all they want is to keep you scared so you keep giving away your freedoms. Of course the democrats use Iraq as a main issue, having no power in congress they couldnt have stopped the iraq invasion if they had wanted to, so of course it's their main issue. The war on Terror, rediculous as it is to pretend you can declare war on a tactic is another issue entirely which most people understand.

Still, while you cheerlead for the Republicans hard line terrorism bent that started the 2 days before the primary in CT (when Blair notified bush of an upcoming arrest) and followed quite pathetically with Cheney, Snow and countless other administration and republican fearmongers equating CT primary voters as "Al-Qaida types" and terrorsit sympathizers, and of course a raised terror alert which they waited 3 days after they knew the arrest was coming to do, tying nicely together for a good scary package. all I can say is baaa. so long as you continue to act like the sheep they think you are they will continue to erode our constitutional protections against tyranny. but dont worry, while you may pretend to be patriots the rest of us will actually do the necessary work.

(cough) While you are cheerleading their transparent hypocracy and obvious fearmongering, the RNC, from that same article (did you even read it?) replied thusly:

The RNC blamed a low-level staffer for distributing the fundraising appeal, which the party said had been scheduled for release before news of the plot broke.

"Once the RNC learned of this error we ceased distribution of the e-mail," said Tracey Schmitt, a party spokeswoman.

Even they know they were wrong to do it, so they pretended it was scheduled differently, amazing how whenever a poll shows Bush is dropping in ratings there are more terrorist plots, or al qaida messages or threats. Only someone that lives in constant fear could fall for these pathetic tactics, but that's how Hitler managed to gain power too, scare them continually until they give up their rights, impose a police state and viola! I'm just ashamed that so many of my fellow americans are so blind to the obvious. It is true though, if you do not heed the lessons of history you are doomed to repeat it.

2:46 AM  
Blogger Senor said...

Joe, Cheney said the Lamont victory might encourage al qaeda types. And it certainly does.

But it was a CNN Anchor, Chuck Roberts, who said “Might Some Argue That Lamont...Is The al Qaeda Candidate?”...

7:55 AM  
Blogger joe said...

and your point is?

talking heads, republican leaders and propagandists continue to spread dangerous and outrageuos lies, equating denocratic voters as al-qaida types, carefully managing news releases to increase the scare factor, and the "liberal press" just goes on reporting this crap uncritically as if it was well known that connecticut voters were al qaida sypathizers.


12:09 PM  
Blogger prying1 said...

Gosh Joe - You are right - Let's keep all our rights and let the terrorists run free.

Let's make sure the govt. can't check their phone calls, search them at airports or NY subways, Search through financial records to look for them. keep them in prison or be mean to them.

Then the terrorists will know we are really nice people and they won't want to kill us anymore.

You are so right Joe!

11:43 AM  

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