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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Book Deal and Speaking Tour on Horizon

Said Wilson: "We are under no illusions about how tough this fight will be. But we believe the time has come to hold those who use their official positions to exact personal revenge accountable and responsible for their actions."

Then that should apply equally to you, Joey. You used your wife's official position to exact revenge on the Bush Administration by traveling to Niger and then coming back with a bogus report that every intelligence agency said was just that. You used nepotism to get the job and then lied by stating in your book and in interviews that Cheney was the one who sent you on the mission.
A big fat lie from a big fat liar.

You were working for the Kerry campaign as an advisor and your sole intent was to discredit the president and the war on terror.

If thats not using your official position to exact revenge, I don't know what is.

Plame-Wilson (I put her name first because it's obvious who wears the pants in that mansion) are merely trying to keep their names in the headlines because they have a pending book deal and very profitable speaking tour in the works. Talk about using your official position - to enrich your bank account AND exact revenge at the same time.


Blogger Awake said...

So let me get this straight -

You are accusing the Wilsons of:

A) Creating and disseminating bogus intelligence.
B) Nepotistm.
C) Revenge-motivated politics.
D) Trying to profit.

Let's nevermind the fact that there is a STILL ongoing criminal investigation over this incident.

Name the intelligence agencies that debunked the report?

And I suppose the testimony of Robert Novak is also fabricated?
We all know he's such a huge moonbat.

So let's do what the GOP has done for years! Blame the victims!
Forget the indictments and those investigaitons and public admissions, it's ALL the Wilson's fault.

PS The President does not need anyone's help to discredit himself in the War on Terror. They can discredit themselves plenty well on their own - see his approval ratings and the recent FOX News poll that shows 3 to 1 folks are tired of the GOP Congress.
"Conservatives believe what they are told. Everyone else believes what they see, and what it means."

11:01 AM  
Blogger Senor said...

"Forget the indictments and those investigaitons and public admissions, it's ALL the Wilson's fault."

What indictments? Nobody has been indicted for LEAKING HER NAME.
Novak testified he got her name from the latest edition of Who's Who.

A)Creating Bogus Intelligence

From the Washington Times:
The British government yesterday bolstered President Bush's assertion that Iraq sought uranium from Niger, casting further doubt on former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV's claims to the contrary.
The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence reached a similar conclusion in its report.
"It is accepted by all parties that Iraqi officials visited Niger in 1999," the British report said. "The British government had intelligence from several different sources indicating that this visit was for the purpose of acquiring uranium.
"Since uranium constitutes almost three-quarters of Niger's exports, the intelligence was credible," the report added.

B) Nepotism
Wilson claimed Cheney sent him on this little trip when in fact his wife pulled some strings to get hubby the gig

C) Revenge motivated politics
The Wilsons wanted to embarrass the president and garner votes for Kerry, whom Wilson was a campaign advisor to;
this also from the Washington Times:

The State of the Union assertion rankled Mr. Wilson, who said he found no evidence of such an attempted purchase during a CIA-sponsored trip to Niger. Mr. Wilson arrived in the African nation in late February 2002.
"I spent the next eight days drinking sweet mint tea and meeting with dozens of people," he wrote in the New York Times 18 months later. "Niger formally denied the charges."
Mr. Wilson, who opposed Operation Iraqi Freedom and works as an adviser to Democratic Sen. John Kerry's presidential campaign, accused Mr. Bush of twisting the facts "to exaggerate the Iraqi threat."

D) Trying to Profit
Pending book deal, speaking tour being lined up.

11:52 AM  

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