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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Very Bad Month For The Left

I'm back from vacation and what a month is has been:
- Zarqawi killed
- Dems lose bellweather Congressional election in California to underdog
- Rep.Jefferson videotaped stuffing $90K into freezer
- Sen.Reid videotaped in $2k seats given as bribes by boxing lobbyists
- Rep.Kennedy pleads guilty to DUI
- Rep.Mollohan under investigation
- Al Gore propaganda film harshly ridiculed by peer scientists
- Dixie Chick concert tour tanking
- Bush poll numbers rising
- 2009 Dem prez candidates cannibalizing each other
- No Rove indictment
(thanks, bradgates2)

And the left is not happy about any of it. Especially the looneytoons moonbats at the HuffPo.

How did they respond to news that Zarqawi was dead? Read on:
Doesn't this make that mental image of Marines going house to house in Iraq killing innocent men, women, and children at 7:00 a.m. go far, far away? That's what it's supposed to do. And the notion that the Marines tried to "help" Zarqawi - Oh, puhleeze!

Killing a punk like Zarqawi would be a great accomplishment for the Peoria Police Department - not for the mightiest military in the history of mankind. I am sure that serious military commanders are embarassed by this continuing brouhaha about Zarqawi.

Why couldn't they just arrested the group instead of the overkill bombing...making Zarqawi more of a martyr? They were being judge, jury and procecutioner...BAMMM, in one fell swoop! Is this any way to run a war??? I think not!

Oh yeah, and how is it he mangage to stay in one piece so that we could view his deadness as proof. Is anyone buying this shit??

Who's to say they hadn't captured him, tortured him to death, dropped bombs and then flown him to the sight. Why is everyone else unrecognizeable but Zarqawi looks like he feel choked on a pretzel.

How about Rove not being indicted? How did the moonbats react to that? Read on:
"All the time , money and fake investigation and "The Fitz" caves in to the White House pressure.

Just because they couldn't catch him this time does not mean he is not a dangerous man to the entire United States.

He was cleared, but he's still guilty.

There is no God

This is great news for the white trash assholes who still think this government is doing a helluva job. Dance your victory dance today. Keep up your white trash adulation of Rush and Ann Coulter. Enjoy the party.

"Let me guess....he let the fat, gay republican off the hook at the insistence of the drunk republican."


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