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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Those Whacky HuffPo Racists

I have to grab screenshots so you won't think I am just making this shit up.

Picture of Gonzales standing in front of a bank of microphones with the headline, " I AM the law!".

Would you believe he is talking about his kids? His kids, for crissakes. Says he does not allow them to download music illegally, he is the law in his house. Pretty disengenuous on the part of the HuffPo, don't you think? He made the comment after a speech when he was talking with a reporter.

What's even worse is the racist comments from the HuffPo readers. I guess when liberals talk about tolerance and diversity, it only applies to those that agree with them.

NO, Alberto "SPEEDY" Gonzales you are NOT the law.

I'm from Texas & we do have many respectable hard-working Mexicans down here.
But what in the hell is this liberty-depriving SOB Alberto Gonzales doing as Attorney General.
You would expect someone like that to be working under Hitler.

It was all a misunderstanding - Torturto Gonzales really said - "I want cole slaw"

That picture shows some strong simian characteristics.

I know Gonzales is married with kids...but WOW does he sound gay or what?

"I don't gotta show you no stinkin' badges".

Is he hear legally. Deport him!


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