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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

HuffPo Readers React To Soldiers Deaths

Two Missing Soldiers Found Dead In Iraq
I knew what the reaction from the HuffPo readers would be before I even clicked on the link.
Here is a sampling of comments from the lefty moonbat libtards who think they should be running this country:

This administration has dissed the Geneva Convention and applauded torture so they have NO moral highground to express outrage at what is a horrific outrageous act.

Let's give a big kiss for this to Rummy and 'No-Genevas' Gonzalez and the rest of the NaziCon pro-torture Cabal.

The right is all for the slaughter of anyone who isn't exactly like themselves.

Shame on BUSH,,,,Shame on Cheney,,,,Shame on Rummy,,,,,,Shame on the Republican leaders who sit in Air-Conditioned offices and say "No Cut and Run"====It's easy to say when your not on the Front lines.....

Who invaded Iraq? A country that was SECULAR? A country already on its knees due to you sanctions. Its called Naked Aggression and war is hell, get used to it you motherfuckers who suppport BushCo.

You sorry bastards who think that cutting someones throat or beheading them is somehow crueller are sadly fucked up. What is more cruel and bullyish is bombing someone with your fancy weapons that you think are so cool and them not being able to see their killer.

Killed, mutilated, tortured on the behalf of Bush and his murderous cabal. This was done with the consent of the cowardly, paranoids that voted them in still support them.

At this point anyone who endorses this senseless illegal war for oil is a fucking traitor and deserves absolutely no respect, whatsoever.

We are the INVADERS! Thats a fact. The U.N. did not authorize our invasion. It voted against it!

Fuck off!! Thats what happens when you try and push your bullshit on other people. Invading countries. You are no better than Nazi Germany invading Poland.....worse in fact.

I bet you cons are proud of all the Weapons of Mass Torture and destruction you have like DU shells, White phosphorous, Cluster bombs etc etc. You even brag about how 'cool' they are. And you use them on people who cannot fight back with much. What do you expect? You would do the same thing if a bunch of Nazi fucks invaded your country. You KNOW you would.

Kind of makes me wish it was already November.
But I can wait.


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