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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bush in Iraq? Not according to the HuffPo

The HuffPo couldn't bring themselves to report that Bush had jetted off to Iraq to meet with the newly formed government and American soldiers.

Instead, they reported that the PRESS SECRETARY was in Iraq.
This is just too funny. Reality has no bearing on the libtards at the HuffPo. Predictably, the moonbats at the HuffPo were not happy to hear such news. Some comments from their readers:

Yes, let us stand with the new Iraqi government. Let us shed more blood and torture more citizens as we help them establish a thugocracy that supports are construction of permanent bases.

Snow looks stupid... I guess he's not the "manly, macho" type to me.

Doesn't Tony look like a little boy playing toy soldiers...well, I hate to tell you, Tony, it ain't play time...what a joke.

Finally the Nazi-style helmet looks right on somebody.

It's interesting that the President of Iraq was not informed that Bush was on his way until he had already arrived. This is a major breach of international protocol and would be normally be considered a grave insult to the host country. It just shows you the type of relationship that Bush wants with Iraq - colonial.


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