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Sunday, April 02, 2006

The New Rude

The HuffPo is thrilled to announce that Sec. of State Rice was treated rudely on a recent visit to our friends across the pond, Great Britian . The visit was declared a "PR Nightmare" by Agence France-Presse, a French news source that never has anything nice to say about America. But thats why the HuffPo loves 'em: If it makes America look bad, it leads.

But the real disaster here is Great Britain. For a country ruled by a class system, they showed a complete lack of class during her 2-day visit to Blackburn.
Rice came to Lancashire on what was supposed to be a feel-good visit to Straw's constituency to repay his October trip to her home state of Alabama.

First she was greeted by the usual gaggle of war protesters, replete with offensive signs and banners. Some of the signs read: "Hey Condi, how many lives to the gallon do you get?"

...a sign held by a 10 year old girl outside Blackburn Rovers' stadium
"My Mum and Dad think you're a monkey-boy bitch, but I think you and all Yanks are toss-pots."

"She kills here and there and every-fuckin' where, Condi-Bitch, Condi-Bitch.."

The she visited a school in Blackburn that is 25 percent Muslim, but many of the children were kept home for the day by protesting parents.

She was ridiculed by many papers for not knowing the reference to "4,000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire" in the Beatles song "A Day in the Life". Turns out it's a reference to potholes. That was news to me, I thought it was about a guy named Blackburn that got shot up, so I guess I'm an idiot too.

The papers made numerous crude remarks that suggested a sexual relationship between Condi and her host, Jack Straw, British Foreign Secretary, with the The Sunday Telegraph's Elizabeth Day writing: "The normally buttoned-up Mr Straw alternated between looking like a proud father bringing his daughter into the office for work experience and an adolescent schoolboy with a hopeless crush on the head girl."

"Jack 4 Condi", read the Sunday Mirror's headline. "He tried diplomacy, but wants special relationship.

The British are accustomed to having a woman in a position of power, but apparently a black American woman is not going to get the same respect as a Margaret Thatcher or Madeline Albright would.

The HuffPo, once again using a misleading headline, would have you believe that Condi's trip was a disaster because she is a disaster. But upon further investigation you realize what a nightmare it must have been for Condi. She had to waste her time visiting allies who exist only because we have stood by them steadfastly through thick and thin, and she had to endure taunts, jeers, and racial epithets. Way to go, U.K.

Jack Straw must have been thoroughly embarrassed.

But the readers over at the HuffPo were loving it. Here's a sampling of what the moonbats were howling:
Even the average Joe now knows that Bush/Blair and all their cronies are liars and murderers.

She is a consummate LIAR, and we must conclude that she is ILL EQUIPPED to be Secretary of State or...anything else.

Nailing nazi's is always a good thing.

The world thinks we stink !! And, we do.

Looking at the picture of Condi, one sees a creature whining, no one loves me... She's right, at least no one loves here, from the human race.

Condi looks like she's apologizing for her lack of breast implants.

What else would be expected, when you send a liar on deplomatic (sic) missions.

Ya fucking Nazi Americunt!!

I bet Stanford was fun when Condi ran that place. You could probably get away with anyting; cheating on tests, skipping classes, getting drunk with profs, banging the librarians.

Maybe condi got laid on this trip. it would take a drunk brit to fuck this ugly bitch

In that picture it appears she's just discovered the blood on her hands.

These libtards think their views are mainstream. They claim to be the party of tolerance and diversity but if you look just beneath the surface of the mud, guess what you find? Only more mud....


Blogger marie b. said...

I'm a liberal, and I find those remarks offensive.

There is ignorance and intolerance on both sides of the spectrum -- Liberal and Conservative.

11:21 AM  
Blogger Senor said...

Yes, but the hatred is spewing from the left at an unprecedented velocity.

7:09 PM  
Blogger joe said...

And the same crap coming from the right?

Apparently only liberals notice it. odd that, that two groups with opposing veiwpoints would fail to see their own vitrol while accusing the opposing party of the same thing.

Partisanship at its best.

Partisanship is a basic level of social engineering, keep the sects warring with each other and they wont notice who's really screwing with them, its as bad as the worst religion, with none of the benefits.

3:29 PM  

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