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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What Can He Do?

Is there anything President Bush can do that wouldnt be criticized by The Left? The short answer is 'no'. Its simply not possible. Their hatred of him blinds them to any kind of logic. There are legitimate reasons to criticize the president; no vetoes of spending bills, trying to ram through the Dubai Port deal, but must the left criticize every single breath the man takes?

He lands on an aircraft carrier to congratulate the crew on accomplishing their mission and he is criticized for wearing a flight suit. He is criticized for a banner that was in place to honor those on the carrier. They had accomplished their mission and were coming home.

He goes to Iraq during Thanksgiving and they howl that the turkey in the picture isnt real and that the president 'snuck' into Iraq under tight security.

He goes to Normandy during V-Day celebrations and is roundly accused of being there for photo-ops.

We interrogate terrorists and Bush is labled a torturer and traitor.

He goes to the Vietnam memorial to honor our dead and he is falsey slandered as an AWOL and accused of creating a photo op.

He attends a Martin Luther Kings day ceremony and is criticized because he is a republican and republicans are racist.

He says he believes in God and is criticized for 'talking to God'. "Oh my, he believes in God!"

He attends the funeral of Coretta Scott King and is criticized at the funeral and afterwards.

He attends the funeral of Rosa Parks and is denounced as a racist and that the republicans were the party of 'lynchings' and therefor Bush was just after another photo-op.

He flies over the devastation caused by Katrina and is criticized for flying over.

He goes to Florida to help authorities hand out rations of food, ice, and water to hurricane victims and is criticized as being there for a photo op.

AND NOW, he goes to India, and as the leader of one nation visiting another, as a sign of respect he goes to the Gandhi Memorial to lay a wreath and he is criticized. This is what any world leader visiting India would do. I really think that The Left is so filled with hate that they can no longer contain themselves. They are like rabid dogs frothing at the mouth.

Heres what the Tolerant and Diverse readership at the HuffPo had to say about Bush visiting the Gandhi Memorial this week. I dont make this stuff up, and this is just what is at the HuffPo, its more of the same and worse at dozens of other sites. I challenge anybody to name a prominent right wing site that espouses the kind of hatred these readers display.

Here we go, lets see what we've got and remember, this is about Bush visiting Gandhi's Memorial:

Indifference towards suffering (victims of Katrina) doesn't even satisfy the appetite for vileness of these very capable incompetents.

Now they go abroad and desecrate the grave of a man whose life was dedicated to all that is opposite of this gang.

It is beyond a lack of decency. They are single-handedly creating another form of obscenity.

Bush is a thug and a murderer. I'd love to see him arrested and thrown into a nice tribal jail for five years or so.

If MSM does its job Bush will come out looking so bad in any discussion about Ghandi.

these disingenious,shamless moron-cons will always try to foil their critics by cloaking themselves with the critics cloth... peace, flag,faith etc. they are transparent. their lies show through...they belong on the dock in the hague for war crimes!!!

Bush is using Ghandi's grave as a new media stunt. It will outrage Muslims and Indians throughout Asia.

It outrages me. Bush insults the memory of every peacemaker. There is not enough profit in peace, for BushCo. His audacity has no bounds.

you know it's more like "Ok, I just played my +10 strength PR card like Karl told me to. Where can I get a drink around here? Damn, I hope these Indians aren't Moslems!"

It would be one thing if he was thinking "Have a wreath, Gandhi. You're dead and I put the final nails in your coffin".

It is a shame that India of Mahatma Gandhi is entertaining this warmonger.

Look for that bolt of lightning to strike Bush dead the moment he lays a wreath on Ghandi's tomb. Even God, with His infinite compassion, will not tolerate the mockery of Bush trying to score political points off a dead man who, if he were alive today, would be rounded up and tortured by the CIA as a terrorist.

Bush is not fit to stand at Ghandi's grave. It is blasphemy.

Wow! If Ghandi was anywhere near his dead body, he'd be "turning over in his grave."

Bush has no business going anywhere near any monuments to any champions of peace. His presence there is an insult to all that those great ones stood for.

What wonderful hypocrasy. The warrior who treats his army as if it was made up of toy soldiers paying homage to a man of peace. Laying wreaths will not wash the bloodied hands nor will it change the drastic course which America finds itsels in brought to you by an ignorant and stubborn man.

It is one of the most nauseating photo ops yet. This man, this self proclaimed "war president" after he lied to invade, occupy, destroy and murder, has the utter arrogance to pay homage (for a photo op) to a man of Ghandi's character

It is as nauseating as his trollops through the fields of Normandy, pretending to be as clever as Roosevelt and as intelligent as Churchill when his own miliatry service is dishonorable and very much in doubt

Does anybody besides me find these remarks to be offensive and hate-filled? Its one thing to disagree with the president and debate issues in an intelligent manner. They sound about as intelligent as those KKK idiots you see on Jerry Springer.


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