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Monday, March 06, 2006

Tolerance....Diversity....Theyre Just Catch Phrases From The Left

...In Hiding After Being Caught In GOP Scandal...

reads the headline from the HuffPo with the accompanying photo. Originally they were using a more recent photograph but then decided to swap it out for this one taken seven years ago.
Remember, with The Left, its all about perception. I think you know why.

So apparently, defense contractor MZM founder Mitchell Wade admitted to bribing one member of Congress and giving Katherine Harris illegal contributions in March 2004.

He allegedly gave $2000 each to 16 employees and they in turn made campaign contributions to Harris' campaign.
Federal investigators have said that Wade never told Harris that the 16 checks of $2,000 each in the name of MZM employees and their spouses were obtained illegally.

If Harris is investigated, charged, and convicted of a crime, then I say throw the book at her. She's already been tried and convicted over at the HuffPo, but what I found to be especially entertaining was what the goons over at the HuffPo have been spouting about Harris.

As usual, they focus on image rather than substance. They also made a point of using a picture taken seven years ago. They are preoccupied with insulting her looks rather than her actions or ideas. And this is why the democrats will continue to lose elections.
They dont have ideas, they only have anger, hate, and venom.
Here are some of their comments on Katherine Harris:
She has broken most of the commandments, including coveting a younger woman's face.

I should think Katherine would become the head boss in any block in any female prison. If that lady isn't a big butch, then I'll go watch brokeback mountain alone.

o NO. Please take her face off the homepage of the HuffPo. I cannot bear to look at the witch.

With a scary face like that I think she should not be in public view.

Well, she can always fall back on her other job.....selling Mary Kay cosmetics out of her garage!

She is one scary looking skank.

Great pic of Katharina DeVille.

She'd better be wearing a big bag over that face if she hopes to hide successfully.

Good thing she's going into hiding with that fright-mask of a mug.

maybe she can audition for the lead in the Transamerica sequel if Felicity Huffman turns it down.

No one is criticizing her god-given physical appearance. It's her caked-on whore makup.

Did she used to be a man?

This bitch should have rotted in prison for throwing the election.

My God...with that makeup I think she is hiding in some whore house outside of Vegas.


Thanks to this bitch, Bush stole the presidency. She deserves the worst.

Anne Coulter and this skank should set up a haunted house on halloween. With looks like that, they would even scare a blind kid

Let me guess, she is hiding in a halloween costume store.

Hey Katherine, I hear they need a dogcatcher in Ave Maria City. You can use your face as bait.

Fuck these idiot Republicans and their imaginary Jesus. Fuck them in the ass with an imaginary hockey stick. I wouldn't piss on a single one of them if their rodent-sized brains were on fire.

Why doesn't Katherine Harris realize that her style of make-up makes her look positively evil?
Because it makes her feel in harmony with her inner self?

Is she gonna stand sideways at the podium so she can show off her fake titties like she did on Fux News?

A tasteless, lying, thieving and criminal bitch who works closely with the Bush crime family.

And it goes on and on like that for quite some time. Can you feel the love from the 'mainstream'?


Blogger joe said...

As usual, you pose a few obviously stupid remarks and then attribute it to all liberals/dems/commies...blah blah. Dont you have an opinion on Harris? Is your entire blog based on disagreeing with the liberals at Huffington Post? almost makes one think you dont have any ideas of your own. odd that.

2:44 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

As far as attributing remarks to 'all' libs, I dont believe I've done any such thing. I am speaking in generalities. In fact I stated, "here are what 'some' had to say at the HuffPo."

I also stated an opinion on Harris, I said if she is guilty of a crime, then throw the book at her.

Regarding my blog based on disagreeing with the libs at the HuffPo, yes, that is the ENTIRE intent of it, to counteract the daily distortions and drivel from The HuffPo. I thought that was clear to all.

Finally, regarding the hateful comments posted on the HuffPo by its readers, I would challenge anybody to show me a conservative site that touts itself as mainstream, and then denigrates all opponents in a manner as obscene and hateful as these hypocrites. I chose to lampoon the HuffPo mainly because it isnt a site run by crazy loons. These are people who think they represent mainstream ideas. They bash the Right as racist, greedy, hateful people and then they turn right around and exhibit those same traits.

In psychology they call it Projection.

I have plenty of ideas of my own. One was to start this blog. Im glad it captivates you enough that you keep stopping by. I appreciate that. Thanks,

4:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You get the same from both sides. Get over it.

5:02 PM  

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