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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Slow Day At The HuffPo

Slow day at the HuffPo. Theres more important stuff to worry about, like how will "Brokeback" do at the Oscars tonight.

GOP Worried About Losing Control of House In November teases the headling at the HuffPo. To the Left, wording is more important than Truthiness. When you have a constituency that isnt much for books and all, its easier to indoctrinate them with soundbites, misleading headlines, and falsehoods.

But, as usual, when you click on the link to the story, it takes you to an article titled "Trust Me? Yeah Right", which should give some indication of the reporter, Gloria Borger's political bias. Gloria once said,
For most folks, no news is good news; for the press, good news is not news.

Anyway, she does claim in her story that the GOP is worried about losing seats in the house. But then she leaves it at that. No quotes from named or unnamed sources to validate her claims. What she does manage to do is scare up a couple GOP members saying they disagree with Bush on the Dubai Port deal and Harriet Miers. GASP! To the Left, this constitutes disharmony in the ranks and is an indication that its all over for the Republicans.

News Flash: We arent lemmings. We dont agree with the president on everything. He is human and makes mistakes just as every other president in the history of our nation has. Disagreeing with the president on a few issues does not mean we wish we had John "Reporting For Duty" Kerry in the White House.

Then The Borg says,
The president's "trust me" argument wore thin again with libertarian Republicans objecting to the warrantless wiretaps conducted by the National Security Agency. While it was Democrats who led the charge, some Republicans joined in.

Libertarian Republicans? Another News Flash for this 'journalist': OF COURSE it was the democrats who led the charge in attempting to scare the nation with this bogus 'spy' story. Thats what they do. We now know that ALL presidents in the last century have done this same thing. We also now know that it was a LIE to refer to it as 'domestic spying'. The hypocrisy of the left is clear on this one. Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Feinstein....they all KNEW about this program a long long time ago and now they feign disgust when it is leaked to the press. But they are coming around now that polls show a vast majority of Americans are in favor of these wiretaps that monitor known terrorists and their associates.

What the DNC and its minions cannot seem to fathom is how short the American Lefts' attention span is.

By the time November rolls around the Left is going to be very disappointed to discover that the President and his low approval ratings dont matter much, because the man isnt running for office. Neither is Cheney or anybody else in the Bush Administration.
So its back to the drawing board for the Dems because running with a "Hate Bush" theme this year will be even less effective than the last time they tried it. They are actually going to need some 'ideas' this time around.


Anonymous pekka said...

To this observer "he says she says" is well and alive in the good old US of A. I am not saying, by any means, that you don't have a valid point in this subject but, funny thing is, so do the the other guys on the other side of the fence. I must conclude that there is a unbridgeable disconnect that could perhaps be fixed if you only would recognize that the both of you want the same thing, a better America. The only difference is that both of you have a different way achieving it. This being the case, why don't you guys stop slinging the shit at each other, because it is the way that neither one of you will be smelling like roses?

8:41 PM  
Blogger joe said...

pekka slinging is all some folks know how to do. And despite the complaints of no links to any of the facts in the original post it is strange that this post also contains no links to the stated facts.

I'd like to point out that it hasnt been proven that Domestic spying is an improper moniker for the spying program, becuase no one has done an investigation into it. Of course there are plenty of morons who parrot anything they hear on some news channels, no matter what the actual evidence shows. Just like with the whole valerie plame investigation by Fitzgerald, there are plenty of republicans who say its proven that there was no crime since libby is just up for lying, but the fact is he's up for lying and obstructing the investigation, in other words without him telling the truth, the investigation is stopped in its tracks. That doesnt mean no crime has occured it means the truth cant be found until libby stops lying about it.

Although I would hope that we all want a better america, its what would be better that we really disagree on. I think we need to stop forcing a certain morality on everyone, and learn to accept that our neighbors have as much right to live the way they want as we do.

It wont happen though, too many americans still live in the dark ages, and the rest of us have to keep fighting for humanity as they kill in the names of their gods.

3:41 PM  

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