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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

'Redeployment' - Solid Marketing, Wrong Demographic

The word 'redeployment' , coined by The Great Oz Murtha. Get use to hearing it from the Dems for the rest of this year. Their focus groups have shown that 'redeployment' is viewed more favorably than 'cut and run'.

Trey Ellis used the phrase extensively in his blog entry at the HuffPo today. One of my favorite quotes from a previous blog entry by Trey's is "I remember how heartbroken I was watching the recount of the Bush/Gore election. I knew we had more votes than they did but I also knew that they wanted to win more than Gore's team did."

You see, Trey is psychic. He 'knew' they had more votes. So, for our benefit Trey has summoned his psychic powers once more and focused them on solving the problems in Iraq.

His blog today is titled:

"You're Not Protecting This Nation Competently, Mr. President. Here's How We Will."

Tactic #1 is for the Dems to "hold a National Security Summit, acting as if they were already in power, so that when we take back the House and Senate in November we will hit the ground running."
Translation: Lets play pretend. The summit is pointless, nothing more than a photo-op and more blustering. If the Dems have a plan they should present it. No doubt their summit will find that everything in the nation has gone to hell in a handbasket. Harry Reid has already pulled this stunt a dozen times.

Tactic #2 is to develop "A Democratic Plan for Honoring and Protecting Our Troops." "No permanent U.S. bases in Iraq. If we're not occupying Iraq to steal their oil then there is no excuse for those permanent bases. That declaration will be one step in getting the bull's eye off our soldiers' backs."
Translation: The U.S. is only in Iraq to steal their oil. We must promise that when we cut and run we wont leave behind any protection for the new Iraqi government.

Tactic #3 "Calls for the Wes Clark/John Kerry call for an aggressive regional diplomatic initiative incorporated into some compromise between Murtha's immediate redeployment plan and the Center for American Progress's one-year "strategic redeployment." Those of us who would favor Murtha's plan need to realize that even if we started pulling out today it would still take months to compete." (sic)
Translation: "Its only going to take a few months to surrender and get out of there. " 'Strategic redeployment' and "redeployment" are nothing more than new buzzwords for 'surrender'.

Tactic #4 "We will also be forcing Iraqis to come together to form a new government. Behind the scenes we would tell both sides that we will not allow Iraq to turn into either part of Greater Iran or re-Baathified. Beyond that they have to work it out for themselves."

Translation: "They are on their own, baby". Trey, They already have a new government in place. Exactly how will you enforce your 'behind the scenes' mandate that you will not allow Iraq to be re-Baathified? Remember, you dont plan to have any U.S. bases or presence in the country anymore. See Tactic #2. Are you saying that if all out civil war breaks out once we cut and run, we are going back in?

Tactic #5 "At the Democratic summit the Dems need to invite the slate of new Iraq war veterans and position them front and center. Kerry, Gore, Murtha, General Clark, Max Cleland and the other Democrats who are also decorated veterans need to be there too, all in a long, straight line. They need to point out that every single one of the several dozen men and women standing in the picture have more combat experience than Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld combined."

Translation: Sooo, it IS a photo-op. Didnt this Wiley Coyote strategy already blow up in your faces once before in the last election? Will John Kerry step up to the mic, give a dopey salute, and say "John Kerry, reporting for duty"? For a party that accuses every move by Bush as a photo-op, well let me just say, "Kettle.....Pot", you fill in the blanks.

Conclusion: I gotta say I like it, Trey. You guys should run this one up the flagpole and see how many Americans salute it. I'm guessing youre just going to get the finger.

It certainly spells out a clear vision for Iraq. We pull out, tens of thousands of innocent men, women, and children get slaughtered in the worst way imaginable, an Islamo-facist regime takes control and things are ten times worse than before Saddam. Meanwhile, the terrorists prove that they were right, that the Americans are a bunch of pussies who cant go the distance once they get their nose bloodied. And the world has newfound respect for America after this, right?

I should point out that every one of these tactics is why John Kerry is not in the White House. We knew this is what they would do if given the chance. We cant let that happen, we wont let that happen. Not just for our standing in the world, but for the citizens of Iraq who have been given a chance to embrace freedom and have a prosperous nation.

Now is no time to surrender. Now is no time to cut and run. To even suggest that our troops have lost, that they cant win, that they are broken and beaten, is the same as spitting in their faces.

"Strategic Redeployment".....great marketing, wrong demographic.


Blogger Aurelius said...

Hey! I finally found a conservative on Mad Blog!

First, I got to say I love the huge table on Clinton's long list of pardons. I knew that fella signed more than a few, but that list makes a statement.

Bill Clinton, not the world's most respectable man.

But G.W.B has to be worse on every single level. He's like the personification of the card game 'Hearts' - and he's been shooting the moon every night for the last four and a half years.

I thought that now that his approval rating was down around 35% the only folks still running his D also believe that the antichrist is currently walking the earth. . .

I just finished Kevin Phillips' 'American Theocracy' this morning. Might I suggest a book by a fellow republican.

12:31 AM  
Blogger Senor said...

His approval is at 45% now.

6:24 AM  
Blogger Jason Ward said...

The only statistic leftists ever use is Bush's approval rating... Otherwise, it's the Emotion Express

4:20 AM  
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