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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Random Tidbits From The HuffPo Readers

The Left is definitely unhinged. Their hate for Bush has totally consumed them. They can no longer rationally think or debate issues. If somebody stood on a soapbox in Times Square and said "Bush eats babies", they would all run with it. "Did you hear? Bush eats babies, pass it on...."

Here's a few gems that I plucked today:
The fact is that the USA is fucked. The truth hurts you, but it's the truth nevertheless.

What do Americans have (besides having themselves to blame)? The Rethuglicans - the most odious collection of vermin since the time of Hitler and Stalin, and The Repuglican Lites.

Good Christ, we have TORTURE!!! We have a DICTATOR, a fascist maniac!!

Anyone who does NOT criticize the President, especially during the already lost and tragically misconceived war which he started WITHOUT JUST CAUSE is a traitor to the Constitution.

We need to take George W. Bush down and take Diebold down along with him. Bush and his thugs are still trying to conceal their Diebold crimes.

What he's got left is the Religious Wrong. Snake handling bible bumping holy rollin Jaysus Jumpers. These whack jobs would support Dubya if he fucked a horse on the White House lawn. They're not Americans. We oughta tie them up and send them to Dubai.

He steals one election and fixes another,... he invades another country that has done nothing to us and starts a war that he can't win and for the next three years covers it with lies and is SOLELY responsible for over 25,000 casualties,.... I can't believe this spineless, mostly right wing, country embraces him OR his lying, cheating, crooked ass politics !!

As long as this country lets fuck-ups like this jack-off steal elections and act as they do,.... this country deserves EVERYTHING that happens to them !!
The only people who still support this clown in the White House are either pure evil or they have a job or stock in HALLIBURTON!!!

He does not know what the f8ck he is doing but he sure is making a lot of money for himself and his skanks of daughters, who to this day, have not held a legitimate job.

He just wanted to be President to show his daddy he wasn't a total failure.

Bush doesn't want us to deal with Diebold either. But we're going to. Jeb Bush and his thugs are still trying to conceal their Diebold crimes.

I'm ready to pull a Cindy Sheehan, but even she hasn't made any significant difference. Any other suggestions? I thought storming the WH was a pretty good idea.

The Moonbats are Alive and Well. But they have some issues....


Blogger joe said...

Responses to posts can hardly be characterized as "debate" no matter where you get it. Forums tend to be better for debate. But was there something in here you wanted to debate? I dont see any evidence of it.

10:17 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

No, this isnt a post about debate. This just shows the mindset of much of the late. Nothing but hate, no debate. I challenge anybody to find a right wing political site where the readers spew this sort of hateful venom. You cant.

5:48 AM  
Blogger moonbat said...

I liked the comments. The really vile ones with lots of gut wrenching anti-Bush swear words are even better. Hateful venom can be a healthy outlet.

6:35 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

Then you democrats must be extremely healthy......

8:19 AM  

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