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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Poll Questions That Arent Making The News

An ABC News/Washington Post poll, released late Monday afternoon. Most networks ignored these questions from the poll and chose instead to focus on the finding that 80% of Americans think Iraq is heading towards civil war.

Some of the questions skipped by ABC's World News Tonight, Good Morning America and the Washington Post article:

# 13. Do you think the war with Iraq has or has not contributed to the long-term security of the United States?

Contributed 50%,
Has not: 48%

# 19. (HALF SAMPLE) Do you think the United States is or is not making significant progress in establishing a democratic government in Iraq?

Is making significant progress: 49%
Is not making significant progress: 48%

# 22. As you may know, starting in 2001 the FBI was given additional authority in areas like surveillance, wiretaps and obtaining records in terrorism investigations. Supporters said this was necessary to fight terrorism. Opponents said it went too far in compromising privacy rights. Do you think this additional FBI authority should or should not be continued?

Yes, should: 62%
No, should not: 37%

# 23. On another subject: as you may know, the National Security Agency has been investigating people suspected of involvement with terrorism by secretly listening in on telephone calls and reading e-mails between some people in the United States and other countries, without first getting court approval to do so. Would you consider this wiretapping of telephone calls and e-mails without court approval as an acceptable or unacceptable way for the federal government to investigate terrorism? Do you feel that way strongly or somewhat?

Acceptable: 54%
Unacceptable: 46%

These are pretty important questions dont you think? These subjects dominate our current headlines so why ignore them? Simply put, these questions dont fit the mainstream medias template or agenda.


Anonymous pekka said...

In the final analysis, what difference does it make if the public at large thinks that there will or will not be a civil war? I for one can't say for sure, and I have kept myself informed as much as possible. There are gazillions of polls done all over the world and the most of them serve no other purpose than multitude of different propagandas.

10:50 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

It doesnt make a difference what the public thinks, you are right.

Its like asking "do you think the sun will burn out soon"

8:58 PM  

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