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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Our Protesters Are Better Than Theirs

French youths are up in arms over the prospect of a new law that says employers can fire them at will if they are under 27. It used to be like working at the post office. You had to kill some people (go postal as it were) before they could fire you. Otherwise its just like a Supreme Court gig: for life. Going To Be Late For Work Tomw
I'm guessing the guy getting the crap kicked out of him in the above picture is over 27. This new law throws a wet towel all over Pierre's propensity to roll into work about an hour late four times a week (in other words, everyday), unshaven and unbathed. OK, I stepped over the line there...I doubt they would fire Pierre for not bathing.

No matter how you look at it, our protesters are better than theirs. We had 500,000 idiots in the streets of LA and there werent any serious problems. Sure there were a bunch of illegals waving Mexican and Honduran flags but there was no notable violence. Just people exercising their right to peaceably assemble.

Contrast that with the French protesters. Its anarchy. Burning cars, attacking the police, busting out store windows, molotov cocktails and more. Its worse than what happens in Portland when a new Starbucks or WalMart comes to town. (Why has Arianna made no mention of the civil war in France? ) The police are using water cannons, tear gas, and paintball guns on protestors. They actually shoot the troublemakers with paintballs so they can I.D. them later. Awesome idea, props to the Frogs!

Get a clue, French protesters! You dont have to destroy everything. At the end of the day you would pretty much accomplish the same thing (i.e. looking stupid) as if you had simply marched around with a bunch of signs bearing tired bumper sticker slogans. Try some of these on for size: "YOU CANT FIRE ME, I .....I SURRENDER!" , or "OUI OUI, HO HO, CHIRAC HAS GOT TO GO", or "WHO WILL MAKE YOUR CROISSANTS AND PICK YOUR GRAPES NOW?", or "BUSH IS HITLER".
Any of these will have the same effect as burning down your city: Little To None.
I thought the French considered themselves the 'enlightened elite' of the world.

Compared to our protesters they are just a bunch of foul smelling, anarchist amateurs.


Blogger Jason Ward said...

He looked more like an Ahmed or Ramsey than a Pierre

12:02 AM  
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