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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mainstream Who?

Majority Of Americans Agree With Statement: “God Created Man Exactly How Bible Describes It”...

The Left will tell you over and over again, that they represent mainstream views and that the majority agrees with their agenda.

Not true.

Thats why Kerry Lost. The mainstream majority voted for the other guy.

Now along comes a new Gallup Poll that says the majority of Americans not only believe in God, they believe God created man exactly as stated in the bible. This doesnt sit well with the left. I've profiled comments made by the HuffPo readers in the past regarding Christianity. There are exceptions to the rule, but the hard left (The Bush Haters) regard religion as mythology. They mock and insult those who believe in God and they exhibit an irrational fear of them.

When the Jehova Witnesses knock on my door, I answer the door and say, "Thanks, but not interested". If they start to go into their spiel I say, "Thanks anyway, have a nice day" and I close the door. End of story. They dont bother me, I dont fear them.
I believe in God, but not religion. Thats my choice. If you believe in something different, then thats your choice.

So why does the left in America have this irrational hatred for Christians? I dont know. My guess is that they arent really as compassionate or tolerant as they make themselves out to be.

Lets go to the replay and see how some of the HuffPo readers responded to this terrible news from the Gallup Poll:

When those bible-thumpers wearing the ties come on my front porch, i just constantly blow cigar smoke in their face until they can't take it anymore. Then I tell them that I wish I had a hammer and a few nails so I could put them up on one of the crosses I have that I regularly burn.

No wonder America is world renowned as a 'Nation of Idiots' anyone who believes this right wing crap is a fool.

There is no way more than half of americans agree with that statement.

Bullshit. Gallup is a Christian organization

A nation of idiots. Except for NY and LA.

Oh no, it's true. We're all the products of incestuous sex between Adam and Eve's kids.

A majority of Americans vote republican. A mjority of Americans are fucking morons.

Have these poll companies got nothing better to do? Judging by the results they were attending a Christian convention at the time!

This is prove of evolution (sic). We here is this geographic land mass called the United States are de-evolving. Man, this ignorance is truly staggering.

Your heard it here today, "Hi, I'm a Christian. Please excuse me while I turn off my brain."

Ladies and gentlemen, ignorance doesn't get any lower than this.

How freakin' ignorant can people be - the acceptance as a fact, a belief, without the evidence of any substantial proof - Morons!
(Editors Note: Kind of like those fake CBS memos, huh?)

The Bible is fiction, but its easier to belive in than science, which requires a little mental effort to understand

when more than half of the country thinks that a book written by man 2000 years ago is literal truth, how are these people expected to make decisions according to FACTS?

The bible should be burned and banned. Only science can be trusted.

What's the difference between jesus and an oil painting?
It only takes one nail to hang an oil painting! See, no lightning, no smiting. I'm still here.

Is this from the Bible that was created and endorsed by King James, who was knowingly gay?

Scary -- the most powerful nation in the world is overwhelmingly populated by unreasoning bipeds. No wonder George Bush is President ...

Yes, no wonder George Bush is President....indeed.
Remember, they think
their views are the mainstream.


Blogger joe said...

From the article at Editor and Publisher:
Support for this Bible view rises steadily with age: from 43% for those 18 to 29, to 59% for those 65 and older. It declines steadily with education, dropping from 58% for those with high school degrees to a still-substantial 25% with postgraduate degrees.
Newport wraps it up: "Several characteristics correlate with belief in the biblical explanation for the origin of humans. Those with lower levels of education, those who attend church regularly, those who are 65 and older, and those who identify with the Republican Party are more likely to believe that God created humans 'as is,' than are those who do not share these characteristics."

So lets break down the obvious. Those who go to church and are told at least once a week that its true, tend to believe that its true, while the decline in this belief rests almost solely in education. I dont know that anything else needs to be said about that, except the obvious conclusion of the numbers in this poll is that young people are less likely to believe (a function of daily thinking due to forced shcooling?). Older folks tend to believe more, and it seems clear its because they fear death. Cant hold that against them, death is scary unless you know what will happen next... So no real suprise that those in fear latch onto anyone who claims to have the answer.

As for mainstream, I couldnt care less if my ideas are mainstream, its easy to follow the crowd, but I'd rather have my own views than latching onto somebody elses.

As to irrational hatred for Christians, I think saying that is disgusting, almost everyone I know considers themselves Christian, and at least half of them are democrat, libertarian or unaffiliated. Republicans and those on the "right" dont have a monopoly on Christainity, they just happen to have the most rabid of the Christian sects.

Okay so, I happen to be an Odhinist, we have no churches, we arent recognized by any government, yet the way of life we espouse is centuries older than Christianity.

In the Mythology, and I do view the creation myth as mythology, Odhinn created man from two slender twigs. better than spitting in a handful of dust to make people if you ask me, but its all just mythology. Its people with no idea of what really happened trying to make sense of a world full of unknowns. ITs mythology, all of it, and none of it makes a bit of difference except for this one thing: Christians are the only ones who force their beliefs into your face. They beleive they are right and everyone else will burn in hell. They believe that its their duty to spread the word, mostly to insure the second coming. I dont see anything wrong with that belief, I only reject everything about it, and preffer not to have to listen to their spiel.

Many happen to think that Bush is in power due to voter fraud, and fear based knee jerk reactions to terrorism. I dont know what the truth is, but I do know that in my area democrats outnumber republicans by 3 to 1, with another third unnafiliated, yet bush overwhelmingly won here, even though EVERY SINGLE local election went to a democrat. As I said I dont know the truth, I just know that nobody I have talked to voted for bush, yet he certainly won. Maybe it was the diebold machines, (probably was) this year we get to vote on paper ballots becuase the diebold machines were proven faulty, indeed in some precincts the diebold machines just dumped thousands of votes rather than recording them. I dont hate bush, indeed I rather liked both GW and Jeb, whom I met in the hamptons at an ex girlfreinds family's summerhome. Actually I got to shake hands with GW long before when he was VP to Reagan (every eagle scout gets that). I do however think that georgie boy is an idiot, but that's a personal thing, more a gut feeling from having seen him falling down drunk long after he claims to have been sober, than an objective view of him in office. My biggest problem with him is something I noticed the day I met him, his first response to anything is to lie first, then get information, then explain why the facts are what he meant in the first place even though its obviously not what he meant. I dont trust people like that, and the fact that his hand floats above the button frightens me to no end.

5:13 PM  
Anonymous pekka said...

I guess those figures, if not totally same, follow generally the same patterns in the most parts of the Western Europe. There are nations, like Poland, that seem to be very religious and propably educational levels do buck the trend elsewhere. Attitudes toward religion seem to be also different in the US where it is so openly excercised with your daily endevors. To me it always comes as a kind of shock when I see cabinet or city council meeting opened with a prayer. Those of us who are religious tend to do such thing either in a church or more increasingly at home. Please, don't think I am making any value judgement here for those are the things that you decide by yourselves.

I am not a religious person myself, but I detest those who poke fun of those who are, as I do those who think it's wrong for me not to have their calling. There should be room enough for all the different kinds of philosophies as long they are not the ones that try to limit other pursuing theirs. However, I do have a little difficulty with the extreme forms of religions because they want to destroy secularism which is of vital importance to me. I also would be lying if I didn't admitt that the literal intrepitation of the Bible leaves me buzzled, although if that's what you belive, knock yourself out.

I wonder if anybody is reading this drivel of mine and thus I better conclude with thanks, to you both Southern gents, for luminating and intresting insides of your thoughts! I have never had a pleasure to visit the South-East of the USA, but I will do my utmost to get there one day.

12:47 AM  
Blogger C R Mountjoy - GDF said...

I worked with a Gallup-Type organization years ago to develop selection surveys for employment with my firm. (I was hard pressed to find anyone who was friendly to the first Bush Admin). As much as I hate the press, I found the folks I worked with from this organzation to live on a higher plane of arrogance and condecension(sp) since they felt that creating these surveys gave their work more meaning and more of a contribution to the social consciousness of the nation. I did a bit on my site about hating polls - I got that way by working with these gits.

Great piece!

9:18 AM  

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