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Friday, March 10, 2006

Living In Fantasy Land

Tom DeLay, already tried and found guilty by The Left and the media (same thing), was expected to fare poorly in the Texas primaries this week. There were three other challengers and The Left had its fingers crossed that the others would do well enough to force a runoff leading to the End Of Tom DeLay.

But DeLay aint no Daschle. He trounced them with 62% of the vote. He didnt just trounce them, he ripped their eyeballs out and stuffed them down the backs of their pants so they could watch him kicking the crap out of them. Laughably, a CQ Politics story linked at the HuffPo stated:

The primary result in Texas’ 22nd District — 62 percent for DeLay, 38 percent combined for his three little-known GOP challengers — should give him and his supporters pause. DeLay, who has been very popular in his home base in and near Houston through most of his 12-term career, lost nearly two-fifths of the partisan Republican vote: Tom Campbell, a lawyer who had never run for office before, pulled down 30 percent alone.

But Tom Campbell didnt get the nomination did he? And DeLay got TWICE the votes Campbell did. There is no party registration in Texas, which means that Democrats can vote in the Republican primary and vice versa.
And we all know how democrats have trouble punching out the correct chad....

Unless you are truly naive you would also understand that PLENTY of Dems went to the polls that day to take DeLay DOWN.

Dammit. Another defeat for The Left. Much weeping and gnashing of teeth. As one of the HuffPo readers enumerated before the primary:
God, I hope one of the challenger's win. That would just make my day!!!!

Yes, it would, wouldnt it? Too bad, so sad, kool-aid drinker. If Ronnie Earle has such an airtight case against DeLay then why has it taken THREE grand juries to come up with two measly indictments? Not only that, but all of this drama served as the backdrop for a documentary being filmed about.....Ronnie Earle, the tough bulldog.
Can anybody say, "Tape is rolling..... ACTION!"?
Usually a decent prosecutor can nail just about anybody they go after in front of a Grand Jury. No so in this case.
And to add to his misery, Earle is going to have a very tough time of it when he has to bring this to trial with a REAL jury. Jurors will want facts, not innuendo. And there will be lots of questions.

On a side note, I dont like Tom DeLay. Never have. I think he is a career politician and the likes of them make me sick with their back room deals and cronyism. I know thats the game of politics, and believe me, there are plenty of them in both parties that make me want to wretch.

That being said, I dont like witch hunts, and you and I both now that if you dig real deep, you will find this crap on both sides of the aisle. If DeLay is guilty, I want him OUT.

If he isnt found guilty, its just one more strike out for those who are living in Fantasy Land. But hey, they gotta be getting used to it by now.


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