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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Keith Olbermann - 'Barbara Bush, Worst Person In World'

Worst 'Journalist' In The World
Its no wonder that MSNBC's Keith Olbermann has the worst ratings of just about any 'news' show. They were better off with Phil Donahue and he was a miserable failure.

Olbermann charged on Monday night that the White House was responsible for leaking the embarrassing e-mail from ABC News producer John Green, that opined how Bush made him "want to puke".

Keith Olbermann: "The war against the media, it's not something from our imagination, and it certainly got a little personal today. There was an e-mail that a producer at ABC News had written in the fall of 2004 during the presidential campaign that was leaked to the infamous, deplorable Matt Drudge. The e-mail read, as a posting today: 'Are you watching this? Bush makes be sick. If he uses the "mixed messages" line one more time, I'm going to puke.' I'm not even going to put the 'if that came from the White House somehow' thing in there because the timing's too good."

This loser is such a waste of airtime. MSNBC could easily have hired some hot set of legs for this show, but instead they go with this tired King of Low Ratings All-Star.

ut this is just the appetizer. Olbermman goes on to label Barbara Bush as the Worst Person In The World because she gave a bunch of money to the Katrina fund and asked that it be earmarked for educational software from a company her son worked for.
You'd think if a woman has reached her 80th birthday she'd understand that if you make a donation to charity, then make the charity give the donation to your son, it's not a damned donation anymore! Barbara Bush, today's 'Worst Person in the World'!" - Keith Olbermann

He fails to mention that the Bush family also gave a boatload of money to the fund without designating how it be spent.

Olbermann has always shown disdain for the Bush family, but to attack the mother of the President of the United States and label her as the Worst Person In the World is both irresponsible and vicious. What kind of person gives an award out like this anyway? Worst Person in The World? Worse that Osama? Worse than Sadamm? Worse than W? To even have such a "worst person" award displays a complete lack of class and integrity.


Blogger joe said...

I actually like watching Olbermann, he is often funny, even if sometimes a little, oh I dont know, smarmy.

As far as this issue goes, I'm in agreement with Olbermann, with the exception that I do get that she donated more than was earmarked. The problem is that its tax evasion, She managed to donate an undisclosed sum which she gets a tax break for, to then enrich her son, without paying any of the taxes one would normally pay to give a monetary gift. This gives a facade of ligitamacy but its really just tax evasion.
Worst in the world? maybe not. Probably illegal? I think so.

Its obvious you watch Orielly, even if you hadnt already mentioned you do, this is almost word for word what he thinks of olbermann, right down to the donahue remark.

Bill O's real problem with Olbermann is that as his ratings go down Olbermann's go up. Sure Bill's still got better ratings, but if the trend continues he wont for long. and lets just be a bit real about this, ORielly talks as if he's worried about msnbc's rating in that slot, but please, Donahue had much higher ratings than Olbermann, do you really think Bill wants Donahue in that time slot? Its HIS time slot! if MSNBC gets better ratings, his get worse. And frankly your remarks are as sexist and objectionable as bill's interview with (I dont know her name, one of the blonde ladies on fox) where he said so fox looks at you and says hey she's hot lets give her a go! I switched stations the moment I saw that, you could see she wanted to punch him in the nose right there, and even stumbled trying to say it wasnt her looks but her work that got her the job. I wish I had a transcript but I dont.

It is true he didnt mention that the bush's gave a lot of money that wasnt earmarked for that, but that just means a bigger tax break for folks who frankly dont need to evade more of our taxation. This should anger you too, those taxes they arent paying has to be made up by someone, and it will be our children and grandchildren.

3:04 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

The Bush's cant win. If they dont donate they are selfish rich pricks. If they do donate, they are doing it for tax break only.

6:20 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

She actually hasnt done ANYTHING illegal. What she has done is perfectly legitimate. No one has indicated she has done anything illegal. This is a common practice. I earmarked my donation to Katrina for the local humane shelters. And yes, I am claiming it on taxes. Now, you might not like that a mother tried to help her son, but it was legal.

Point 2: You dont know that she has claimed it on her taxes.

6:59 AM  
Blogger EAPrez said...

Just what homeless people need - software!

9:54 AM  
Blogger joe said...

I think you might possibly be right that it is entirely legal, and posted such on my own blog, But I still think it is tax evasion.

I have to disagree with you, The Bushes probably could do right if they wanted to. They just dont give a crap about laws or anything but their money and their power. I am sure I've said this before, I liked BushI, I think he was if not a great president, at least not a horrible one like this moron. I disagreed with much that he did, just as I disagreed with many of Clinton's actions as president. Reagan was a much better president than either of the Bushes, and I disagreed with a lot of what he did as well.

Its not really a matter of if they can or can't do things right, its a matter of I dont think they are right. I could be wrong too, I'm only human, and not all that human at that. The rug growing on my back makes me think ape, or at least some hairy backed gorrilla.

6:54 PM  

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