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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Jessica Loves President Bush

You would never know it from the Reuters story over at the HuffPo:

"Concerned about politicizing her favorite charity, singer-actress Jessica Simpson on Wednesday turned down a invitation to meet with U.S. President George W. Bush, a snub that left Republicans dismayed.

The apparent final word that Simpson would be a no-show at a major Republican fund-raiser with Bush and congressional leaders on Thursday night came after a day of conflicting reports from her camp and organizers of the event." - Reuters

But just as we learned with the George Clooney scandal, this isnt quite the 'snub' as reported.

The Huffpo prefers to run headers that will excite their uninformed readers. Most of them dont even read the article, they just start in with the Bush bashing. To be fair, they didnt know as they read this article that it was essentially misleading to give the impression that Jessica is anti-Bush. She is far from it.

But read some of the comments from the misinformed HuffPo readers regarding this story. Then note the followup from Jessica Simpson's dad.

Good on ya, Jessica. You had some of us fooled. Keep on doing whatever you're doing, your brain cells seem to be stirring.

How would Chimpy react if she showed wearing a "BUCK FUSH" t-shirt?

one small fuckyou for man, one giant fuckyou for humanity... keep it real, jess.

I'm rather impressed with her -- guess there is a first time for everything afterall.
Good for you Jess!

Use to think she was dumb as dirt. Not anymore. Ya done good, girl.

Anyone with any brains would distance themselves from Bush. He's a loser. Only an asshole would support him!

Well I finally got -some- respect for Jessica Simpson..GOOD FOR HER - AND "FUCK BUSH AND HIS FUCKING REPUGS FASCISTS!"

Clearly, she's way smarter than Britney Spears.

Just confirms that the dumb broad routine was just that...just wish the dumb preppie routine of Bush wasn't an act. YOU GO, JESS!


"We went back and forth and we could never get the details worked out," said her father and manager Joe Simpson. "When it became obvious that it was not just a state dinner, it was more of a fundraising event, that is the wrong purpose of why we are here."

Still, he said of the president, "We are huge fans of him and of his family, his girls. Jessica loves the heck out of him."

In fact, he said they were still trying to squeeze in a meeting with the chief executive. "We are trying to get in and out," he said.

Looks like the readers over at the HuffPo got Clooney'd again!!!!!

heres the link AP


Blogger moonbat said...

Poor Jessica loves anyone who will pay attention to her.

6:37 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

...Just like Arianna. Only much much hotter and apparently smarter.

7:43 AM  

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