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Friday, March 10, 2006

It Must Suck To Be A Democrat

The Left was giddy over the Dubai port deal. Finally, here was an instance where the president wasnt going to get his way. There was much rejoicing in their camp. Then something happened on the way to the forum: the republicans stole their thunder. You see, this was the dems shining moment, this was them sticking it to Ol' Bushie. But it turns out that republicans were even more against this deal than they were.

So they made headlines by claiming the GOP was in disarray. 'Mutiny' was the word used by the HuffPo. Harry Reid was upset, complaining that the GOP was stealing their thunder and that "Schumer was way out front on this one and he deserves the credit."

As usual, the dems didnt have a plan. They were against the port deal but offered no alternative solution other than saying it should be American owned. The only problem is: which American company can do it? Which company has the corporate infrastructure required to take on such a monumental job? There arent many and you have to hope that one of them is even interested.

One of the very few companies capable of tackling this job is Haliburton. Nobody saw this coming? Now over at the HuffPo they are frothing like rabid dogs and the conspiracy theories are alive and well.

This Dubai Company thing is just another Karl Rove distraction from Bush braking the law with his legal spying. (Ed. Note: another victim of public education. Cant spell and complains about Bush's 'legal' spying. Well, he got part of it right anyway)

Don't get too excited about this, folks. As Dick Cheney was the one pushing this deal all along, it's obvious that it was planned all along for DPW to "pull out" of the deal, making way for none other than Cheney's Halliburton. Are these criminals predictable or what?

This may sound far-fetched, but this whole imbroglio could be one finely sculpted Rovian political gimmick. It's got all the essential elements, and the end "winner" would appear to be the GOP.

This reeks of another Neo-Con bait and switch. While they are having us focus on the "left hand", what is the "right hand" doing behind their backs?

It must suck to be a democrat. Outwitted at every turn by a man you claim is a complete moron. Whenever this happens they claim it was the work of evil genius, Karl Rove.
The Miers nomination? Just a plot by Rove to get an even more conservative justice on the bench.
The faked CBS memos? Leaked by Rove to CBS, he set them up.
Democrats. What are you gonna do?

Faked memos and hysteria arent enough to topple the GOP.

Anybody notice that Bush's approval ratings are up 7% this week to 41%? No, of course not, the media didnt report it. The HuffPo sure didnt.


Anonymous pekka said...

Just when I start getting the big picture of the American politics, it falls off the wall again.

Usually I find myself being in a disagreement with the policies of the Bush administration, except now. To me he is, in this instance, showing courage of not being hysterical just because the Arabs are in volved.

To dump oll the Arabs in the same sewer is, in my opinion, like saying that all the Europeans are like Hitler. There is more than just a little whiff of racisism involved.

4:31 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

Whats amazing is that the democrats scream bloody murder at the thought of us racially profiling aiport passengers who are of arab descent. Then they showed their true colors. They are all talk.

5:45 PM  

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