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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

HuffPo Readers Share Their Mainstream Views

Indians Protest Bush's Visit

So like all grateful countries that we have exported jobs to, the good people of India burn President Bush in effigy during his visit. Not that I am surprised or would expect anything less from people living in mud huts and shacks.

What also doesnt surprise me is the reaction to this from the HuffPo Goons.

This is how some responded upon hearing that people in another country are burning our flag and president in effigy (I cant wait until these compassionate people are in power):

hey India.. we're protesting the whoreboy piece of shit Bush ourselves..

Who makes all these burnable American flags?...
And where can I buy into this hugely expanding market.

look just take him off our hands for a little while.. listen to his bullshit lies and throw some eggs at the worthless fuck..

Wow,we liberals have friends everywhere.Ha ha Ha Ha !

India, can you please keep the son of a bitch? Keep him and we won't eat any more cows.

bOY oH bOY! the popularity and respect this American Asshole of a President gets around the world is mind boggling isnt it?

I saw the effigy of Bush being burned... I thought a burning Bush was appropriate... it's Biblical.

Bush is a disturbed man who is responsible for the killing of thousands of Iraqi's for unnecessary reasons.

Well, Chimpy McFlightsuit has certainly secured his place in history...as possibly the most hated man on Earth since Hitler. I'll bet his mom's proud!

Who are the haters? The tire-slashing Left. These hypocrites cant wait to tell you how hateful and racist conservatives are. Thank god we have the internet and now everybody can see what we are really up against.


Anonymous Pekka said...

It is one thing to disagree with Bush administration, but this kind of obscene fervor starts to look, for outsider anyways, a bit sick.

It is strange, in deed, that the USA gets so much wrath of the world, just like Israel. When one thinks of Israel which is the only civilized and democratic country in the region, it becomes even more puzzling. When thinking of the USA and comparing her behavior to that of ex superpower such as the Soviet Union, I think most of us can agree, that despite the war in Iraq, we are darn lucky to have you Yanks at the helm.

5:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why did we export our jobs? It is our fault, finally.

6:28 PM  

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